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Easy Sudoku for 25/March/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Nothing like waking up to sunshine & a good cup of coffee!
25/Mar/15 12:00 AM
moring all
25/Mar/15 12:00 AM
25/Mar/15 12:03 AM
I don't think my sunrise quite beats this one! Wow!
25/Mar/15 12:13 AM
All sunrises that you see are nice.
25/Mar/15 1:11 AM
Good morning to all! Yes, a nice sunrise, but obviously some folks aren't up and about yet given the number of posts.
25/Mar/15 2:29 AM
This was filmed in Utah, but I'm sure this is a common occurrence in the south-west and western USA and in other countries around the world.

25/Mar/15 2:31 AM
Snagged your for you Shosho!
25/Mar/15 2:54 AM
Late one night after the saloon closed, Jake was headed back to the ranch when he hit a bridge abutment, spun out his pick-up and wound up in a field. Bloodied and messy he hoofed it over to the nearest ranch house where he hammered on the front door until he roused his neighbors out of bed. The More...
25/Mar/15 3:02 AM
Agreed, Neil. It is a good sign to be able to see the sunrise.
25/Mar/15 3:13 AM
Morning all,you have that right, Neil.
25/Mar/15 3:16 AM
Lovely sunrise.
25/Mar/15 3:52 AM
Where is everyone?
25/Mar/15 3:52 AM

Slow day for Sudoku! I'm heading out for a hair cut this afternoon and then to try a new Chinese buffet restaurant. I should clarify the restaurant is new to us, not new to the area.
25/Mar/15 4:14 AM
It really IS slow!
25/Mar/15 4:24 AM
25/Mar/15 4:33 AM
25/Mar/15 4:33 AM
I was trying an experiment to see if every other post could be identical.
25/Mar/15 4:34 AM
Wouldn't let me do it.
25/Mar/15 4:34 AM
How about this far away ...
25/Mar/15 4:35 AM
25/Mar/15 4:35 AM
25/Mar/15 4:35 AM
So......needing some help?
25/Mar/15 4:35 AM
Guess not - Good afternoon all!
25/Mar/15 4:36 AM
Where I put nope, I tried to put gallump again, and it wouldn't let me.
25/Mar/15 4:37 AM
Hehe, almost, Joyce.
25/Mar/15 4:38 AM
Good afternoon people of the world.
25/Mar/15 5:09 AM
Keith you could have...
25/Mar/15 5:10 AM
25/Mar/15 5:11 AM
25/Mar/15 5:11 AM
25/Mar/15 5:12 AM
25/Mar/15 5:12 AM
Or anything else that changes from the first gallump.
25/Mar/15 5:13 AM
There were too many bumps in the night, so I opted to return to my pillows, after shoving my girls out the door this morning. I have been behind and off balance ever since.
25/Mar/15 5:14 AM
Oh, Karen, So devious! Ya know it's not nice to fool the 'anti - duplicate post' thingy.
25/Mar/15 5:15 AM
, y'all. NICE photo, Sue!
25/Mar/15 5:25 AM
Greg, we witnessed a flash flood in a wash while traveling in the western US. I was much more violent than these, not something you would've wanted to stand close to. The water was really churning before going under a bridge. Even locals who'd seen such flash floods before were stopping to watch.
25/Mar/15 5:31 AM
Got Silverteen out driving as the sun set yesterday and moved into some night driving. She's so much more confident than she was even a month ago, and part of it IS the driving academy.
25/Mar/15 5:34 AM
She admitted to being a little annoyed with her first instructor, though part of it is trying to get her to watch the details for the drivers' test. One thing which annoyed her was the emphasis on hand-over-hand turning....
25/Mar/15 5:35 AM
...to be continued on P 2!
25/Mar/15 5:35 AM
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