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Easy Sudoku for 25/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Finally sunny without wind
Good mAen
Be Happy!!!
i was so excited to be first that I forgot the timer....RATS...it seemed so fast too
2:12 Hi!
1:45 easy today Maen
3:02 Give me a little kiss, will ya, huh...
Cheers, everyone!
have a great day!!!:)
1:53 Big smooch
3:34 Young lovers! It's 9:11 a.m. CDT here in sunny Alabama. Good Maen everyone.
3:12 pretty straight forward
Good Maen all. Beautiful sunny day here, with warm afternoon temps. Just 5 more days until my eldest graduates from high school.
No beehive, I haven't blown my puter up. After work yesterday I did an hour of tutoring, followed by 2 hours of ceiling painting with hubby. My very considerate 17 yo son cooked dinner for the family (which was pretty difficult when the stove repairman turned up at 5.30 pm to fix the stove) and More...
FOR DAVE - See my life story and answer to your question on the last page of yesterday's comments.
Is that MAMACITA on the hard puzzle??
For Dave. Managed to forward yesterday's comment to today so you need not search for it.

We will leave for Seattle sometime the first week in June. I assume that you have read that our fire season has begun. We can see a large wildfire in the Catalina Mts. from our house in the desert More...
Thanks Thad, Scott, beehive and Jay for your responses to my malware problem. I didn't get to the computer until just now, and with computer savvy 17 yo son in bed, and the very scary thoughts of what I could do if I stuffed up, I decided to paste all of your advice into a Word doc and show him More...

Good Maen to all.
I'm coming to Australia in a few weeks to Study!! Melbourne here I come!!
HEATHER: NO ONE goes to Australia JUST to study! It is too much fun!
beehive, my first post was to explain why I hadn't got to the computer yet.
T-Rex Kristin - Didn't you tell us months ago that you are 13? You're employed now?
Col, I thought that your post about the boy being beaten by everyone in his family was serious until I read the last paragraph! I'd More...
Heather, what and at which uni will you be studying? How long will you be here for?
Hi, new here, can someone please tell me what Maen means? Thank you :)
TJH from Tucson/Seattle - Your travels & hobbies sound wonderful. I read every word with great interest. Will you be able to send us reports along the way this summer?
Goog Morning Afternoon Evening Night all! (MAEN) Welcome Joe! Wish I could study in Australia!!!!
Hey Jude! - Read Archives from yesterday. Now we know why you enjoy going up to your cabin in the mountains so much!! tee hee. Don't worry, your secrets are safe with us! Do any of your UM friends like Sudoku as much as you do?
Joe, Welcome! You captitalize the time in wherever you are writing from. Where in Ohio do you live? I was born & raised in Cleveland, then went to U of Mich. & became a traveling Navy wife.
Heather, Thank you! I appreciate that. It was driving me nuts. HAGD
Kathy, I'm in the Cleveland area. East side suburb. Where in Cleve. did you live?
Good Morning, Kath! I'll find out if my old (oops ... wrong word) cronies are sudoku fanatics at our Reunion in three weeks. I wonder if North Carolina is prepared for the advent of four vibrant, healthy, adventurous, fun-loving women!
Judy, if they're all as much fun as you are, it's going to be a wild time in Asheville! Are any of them in the Ensian pictures? I mailed those out to you yesterday. Were you ever able to pull them up on your computer?
gross lady
Question 2 for Thad, Greg, Scott and Jay (plus any other computer masters out there): I know exactly what time the malware was put on my pc, and am fairly sure it was while my daughter was going to one of those 'free offer' sites that I've warned her about. Is there any way to find out which More...
Welcome back, Glenn! We missed you. I'm off to bed now, with another big day coming up.
Welcome Joe! We hope you enjoy our little family here
Those of you who take longer than 2 minutes to solve the EASY really need to check today's TOUGH. You'd be surprised how fast you'll be able to do it!
2:16 today!

Good Mean, world!!!!
Joe, we lived in Cleveland Heights, but I went to Shaw High School in East Cleveland, not such a great area now I understand. What suburb are you in? Growth was headed further & further east when I left in 1967. Downtown has been nicely restored - we visited briefly around 1990?
I opened the photos, Kathy, but I couldn't even find myself, so I have no idea who else is present! I will be standing outside by my mailbox until the real things arrive! I started UofM in January, so it depends upon which of my 'freshman' years is pictured.

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