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Easy Sudoku for 25/June/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning.
25/Jun/07 12:00 AM
Good photograph!
25/Jun/07 12:04 AM
3:10 and I thought I was going fast.
Good evening everyone. We've seen this photo a lot on kid's sudoku, I think.
25/Jun/07 12:06 AM
should taste good in a salad
25/Jun/07 12:08 AM
cheerfulful morn colorful noon joyful evening peaceful night be happy HAVE A FANTASTIC DAY .... GUD MORNING.
25/Jun/07 12:08 AM
Next Sunday, July 1, is Canada Day. So for the next week I'm going to have Canadian entertainers on my You Tube. Starting with a well-known native of Ottawa - a very young Paul Anka singing 'Diana'.
25/Jun/07 12:14 AM
'Saving money,Get it fresh,Enjoy You meal'
25/Jun/07 12:16 AM
overcast day this Sunday - big race for women downtown in Naperville - mini tri is going on - I've always thought about doing it - I know I can swim, and bike but I'm not a runner - it's a 3K so I could walk - some do. Have a good day. Mary
25/Jun/07 12:17 AM
Good morning to all! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend or sleeping soundly whereever you are.
25/Jun/07 12:17 AM

Cat Stevens performing ''Morning has Broken.''
25/Jun/07 12:18 AM
Those look so much nicer than the ones in the store! Yummy! Have a great day everyone! Blessings!
25/Jun/07 12:26 AM
I actually love the simplicity of this photo. To take something as boring as radishes and make them look great in a photo is fantastic. I don't know who took the photo but IMHO well done.
25/Jun/07 12:29 AM
nal, the grinning and crying faces said a lot. My mum is becoming more forgetful and starting to have some problems with everyday tasks. She is so lucky to have you.
25/Jun/07 12:31 AM
2:36 Those radishes sure look tasty!! I like mine with salt sprinkled on them
25/Jun/07 12:50 AM
In Canada, there is a lot of rivallry between the provinces, smiliar to the rivallry between states in other conutries.....

The Globe and Mail newspaper reported that after having dug to a depth of 10 meters in the area of the Royal Ontario Museum last year, scientists found traces of More...
25/Jun/07 12:57 AM
I love a good radish
25/Jun/07 1:12 AM
1:41 Ravishing radishes!
25/Jun/07 1:45 AM
another beautiful morning in So. Oregon
Go for it Mary...you would be surpised how much fun it is and how much you get out of it. Yesterday, I took the motorcycle and helped escort a 10/27/62/100 More...
25/Jun/07 1:49 AM
I forgot to hit 'Update Details'.
Now it's Paul Anka on my You Tube.
25/Jun/07 1:57 AM
good looking radishes! pass the salt please! its a must with my radishes. hot here in salt lake,will spend the day in and out of the pool, after i pick up this cluttered house. hope you all have a splendid day/night
25/Jun/07 2:06 AM
Good afternoon all! Another beautiful day here, sunny and cool! Nice picture! Off to son's soccer game. Have a good day!
25/Jun/07 2:13 AM
a good one Greg
25/Jun/07 2:27 AM
Janice Joplin singing 'Me and Bobby Mcgee' if you can dig it.
25/Jun/07 2:39 AM
4.24 good Maen to those in the easy world.
25/Jun/07 2:39 AM
What a great photo! Looks very inviting.

Beautful day here today. Will be enjoying the NJ Symphony at an outdoor concert this afternoon, at an old estate turned corporate park. The grounds are beautiful! A nice glass of wine, picnic basket of goodies and great music.

Enjoy your day!
25/Jun/07 3:34 AM
everyone! It sounds like a good time was had by all at Rose's party. I know I enjoyed talking with everyone, their Australian accent is soooo cool! I am glad you liked your labels Rosemary, you are a terrific lady!

I had better get to work on my church mouse merlot labels, hope to bottle soon.

25/Jun/07 3:56 AM
Libby - Got my picks made finally? Golfing today? We had a great time last night, and washed a few bugs out of my hair last night
25/Jun/07 3:57 AM
Linda---cough---I---cough---just ate a bug! No golf today, Cotter Tournament tomorrow. Just going on the river again today to have a few more adult malted beverages. Talk to you tomorrow. Be very careful of the mud!
25/Jun/07 4:02 AM
New youtube - Bobby Sherman, 'Easy Come, Easy Go'

25/Jun/07 4:08 AM
I enjoyed all of the latest photos, LINDA ... but I was hoping to see images of Rose's labels! Or are they too XXXX??
25/Jun/07 4:09 AM
Judy - sorry, didn't even think about posting Rose's labels. I should still have them, I will check and will post if I do. How's things in the mountains?
25/Jun/07 4:11 AM
Hey Judy! How's things up in the mountains? Are you getting that Rocky Mountain high?
25/Jun/07 4:14 AM
Linda. Scary. You posted the same question to Judy while I was two finger typing. I need a drink!
25/Jun/07 4:16 AM
Thanks, Linda! A little cool and windy here in the mountains today, so we're relaxing indoors, watching a parade of critters through the windows ... birds, chipmunks, squirrels, a coyote, and a young bear ... so far today ... XO
25/Jun/07 4:18 AM
OMG ... CG and Linda, you two are like twins or something! Up here, CG, we get a ''Mammoth Mountain High''! Our buddy, Keith, is up in your lovely country getting his own Rocky Mountain High! How are you, CG?
25/Jun/07 4:21 AM
I am very, very scared
25/Jun/07 4:28 AM
Hanging in there Judy, wishing I was in the Rockies right now. Glad you're enjoying yourself. I'm sure your cabin is an ideal retreat. Hoping Keith is enjoying too, and hope he spends some time in the Jasper area. Beautiful there, and not as commercial as Banff. Cheers!
25/Jun/07 4:29 AM
Linda, scared????
25/Jun/07 4:30 AM
Why wouldn't you two begin to think alike ... living in Minney-sota, Linda is almost a Canadian anyway, CG!
25/Jun/07 4:38 AM
I prefer to think of it as 'gret minds think alike'
25/Jun/07 4:49 AM
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