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Easy Sudoku for 25/June/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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How 'bout now... LPotD.

25/Jun/19 12:00 AM
Good Maen, all!
25/Jun/19 12:00 AM
25/Jun/19 12:00 AM
guys & everyone!
Not sunny.
Hope your day is!
25/Jun/19 12:02 AM
I'm waiting for a call from my insurance adjuster for when the SUV lady backed into my car on Friday. The only photo I saw when I looked up her name on the Internet was a mug shot!!!
25/Jun/19 12:07 AM
Yup, as I suspected.

Morning all.
25/Jun/19 12:12 AM
1:55 (should have been faster - it's an easy easy). Good Morning all!
25/Jun/19 12:29 AM
25/Jun/19 12:34 AM
Hal, you are WAY Too Early for LPOD...
25/Jun/19 1:09 AM
25/Jun/19 1:16 AM
25/Jun/19 1:21 AM
I tripped today while running. Nothing bruised except my ego and now a a sore shoulder. Was so embarrassed because I could see a car slowing down to see if I was alright that I let out an expletive and quickly jumped to my feet.
25/Jun/19 1:21 AM
Not quite noon so another good Maen, good people.
25/Jun/19 1:34 AM
Shosho! You feisty old lady!
25/Jun/19 1:35 AM
Starting with 3, odds up, evens down then 1 to finish.
25/Jun/19 1:35 AM
Hi, Judy.
Wombat, Tyranids, Sarah - I have a lot to do today. I’ve got your poozle started but not finished. Not sure if I can get it in on time. If not, I’ll finish and send when I can without peeking at any answers posted. Thank you for your fine work.
25/Jun/19 1:38 AM
Keith may get TWO 22s in one morning? He still has 3+ hours, California time.
25/Jun/19 1:40 AM
Oh, Judy
25/Jun/19 1:41 AM
Hello & happy day to all! Hope you are having less & less pain with your healing hip joint, Denny; hope your ego is back in line with your attitude, Shosho; … and maybe someone will find the sun today - but none here either, Shiela!
25/Jun/19 1:46 AM
Saw an awesome concert Saturday night, and the songs are still reverberating in my head! Sir Paul McCartney put on an amazing show! From the review ... ''Playing 38 songs, and with no intermission and with consistent verve and emotional commitment, is virtually something no other More...
25/Jun/19 1:47 AM
Howdy, Plum!
25/Jun/19 1:50 AM
25/Jun/19 4:25 AM
Beautiful flower plant and green background
Lovely photo
25/Jun/19 4:48 AM
Checking back. Keith didn’t make it. Oh, well.
25/Jun/19 5:10 AM

Well, you can look up or down when you're running, Shosho. You can't do both at the same time. My last graceful tumble was on a walking path. I was looking up, not down. Wrong choice. A tree root got me. Glad you just have soreness and nothing broken!
25/Jun/19 5:11 AM
Judy doesn't fit the ''teenybopper'' at a concert description. ''Oldbittybopper'' might be more accurate.
25/Jun/19 5:20 AM
Wendy for the lovely photo of those pin k flowers!
25/Jun/19 5:21 AM
DOA - I actually wrote/sent it yesterday (Oz time).
That's the reason for the ''And''.
25/Jun/19 5:53 AM
I LOVE IT, Keith.
25/Jun/19 5:54 AM
Good mAen
Having difficulties with my iPad. My game just disappears- dropping it may of done something I do believe
25/Jun/19 6:24 AM
Morning all,another great photo from Wendy.
Shiela,not a good start finding a mug shot.
25/Jun/19 7:21 AM
25/Jun/19 7:32 AM
Should I wait for Peter or stomp on his number...

stomping looks good

You can get it Walking
You can get it looking up
you will defiantly get not looking down Kathy
A hard earned thirst needs a Ice Cold Beer
Victoria Bitter, you got it
Money in the till enjoy
25/Jun/19 7:36 AM
When 22 came and went, I was off at a pot luck with friends. Oh well.
25/Jun/19 10:24 AM
1:43 Good morning all. That's why we're called the Wildflower State in W.A.
25/Jun/19 10:54 AM
I fell at badminton the other week. My leg gave way as I was running to hit the shuttlecock and I just went down. Thank goodness I didn't fall flat on the floor. I've never moved so quickly as I did getting up. I've still got a scar on my knee.
25/Jun/19 10:58 AM
Oops. Should have given credit for the ''oldbiddy bopper'' comment to the right person.
Thanks for the grins, Kathy.
25/Jun/19 12:32 PM
Ya, Hal, I Know... GOTCHA !!!
25/Jun/19 3:01 PM
This weeks puzzle created under the aegis of Tyranids brought a good response from our puzzlers, though a few commented that it was harder than usual. To date there have been 9 puzzlers and Plum might arrive a bit late. I have put the names of the puzzle setters first, followed by others in the More...
25/Jun/19 3:44 PM
25/Jun/19 4:09 PM
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