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Easy Sudoku for 25/August/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen fellow Sudokuists!
25/Aug/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen, good people.
25/Aug/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen
25/Aug/10 12:00 AM
Who YOU lookin' at????! Very cute baby.
25/Aug/10 12:03 AM
Good morning people of the world.
25/Aug/10 12:03 AM
25/Aug/10 12:04 AM
Thing II and I are preparing to go do some major grocery shopping. Don't think we have been in over a month. So you are spared for just a little while.
25/Aug/10 12:05 AM
Happy Tuesday!
Cute baby bird peering at us!
25/Aug/10 12:05 AM
Hi all! Yesterday's riddle answers as follows:

Thanks to Jane, Plum, Mo, Jim, June, Phantom, Rolanda, Bluey, CP and Shannon for their correct replies. Thanks to no-one for managing to draw me an Egyptian pyramid - a few good tries but all a bit on the wonky side!
25/Aug/10 12:07 AM
Here's today's one; I would also like the names of the countries and if anyone can draw a map...no, forget it! Answers to the geography lesson inbox please!
The following clues give definitions for world capitals. These definitions describe what the capitals (just the city) sound like they More...
25/Aug/10 12:11 AM
But before you go, I would like to give you a groan and prove that I have totally lost my mind.
Thing I, is a highly independent child, who insists on dressing herself. No problem, I just lay her clothes out for her. I should have checked, but of course I did not. So, as I pulling to a stop in More...
25/Aug/10 12:12 AM
Ten minutes late and the page is almost full.
25/Aug/10 12:13 AM
What a sweet baby Cardinal!!!!
25/Aug/10 12:16 AM
(getting up on my soap box) Of all the idiotic (I did not say stupid) things for a person not to do. I lied yesterday and said our tempts were 106 F--41.1C, sorry about that, it was 107F--41.6C. This is not the time to lock your children in the car,even if you crack the windows, while you go into a More...
25/Aug/10 12:18 AM
Karen. ROTFL I can imagine every day from now on: "Did you remember to put on clean underwear?" Now we know why parents ask that question. I always thought it was in case of a car accident.
25/Aug/10 12:19 AM
Good Maen, everyone!
25/Aug/10 12:19 AM
Does anyone know where the expressing "going commando" came from? (Too lazy to google.)
25/Aug/10 12:20 AM
"expression" - not expressing. tsk tsk
25/Aug/10 12:20 AM
anything to do with kilts Jane?!!
25/Aug/10 12:22 AM
Ok, I've held back long enough. The mystery triathlete I mentioned a few days ago is none other than our own Judy from San Diego! And not only did she complete the triathlon (on mountainous terrain and in a 58-degree lake), she came in first for all women over 35!!! YOU GO, GIRL!!!
25/Aug/10 12:23 AM
Could be, Fiona!
25/Aug/10 12:23 AM
25/Aug/10 12:23 AM
I state my case - that woman is a bear!! Well done Judy!!
25/Aug/10 12:26 AM
Way to go Judy. Congratulations.
25/Aug/10 12:27 AM
You too, Jane, for 22.
25/Aug/10 12:28 AM
I know I said I was going shopping, but that is another task I do not care to do. So, I will tell you another story, that Thing I's teacher just sent me. She beat my story, at least my girl had on shorts.
Ms. K and her daughter went to church one Sunday. They believe in dressing for church. Ms. More...
25/Aug/10 12:31 AM
A beautiful day - atually a beautiful week - ahead!
Sunny and highs of 74°F (23°C) to 84°F (28°C) for the rest of the week.
Ahhhhh! Sure beats heat!
25/Aug/10 12:33 AM
Thanks, Karen. I had to fight my way through cold mountain passes and frigid lakes to get there!
25/Aug/10 12:33 AM
OK, last post, promise, until I return.

Today's topic, could be undie stories. If you remember from yesterday Dorthea, talked about pink things on her bush, so she really started it.
25/Aug/10 12:42 AM
Thanks, girls. Aw, gee, t'weren't nuthin'!
25/Aug/10 12:49 AM
I'd have to find a way to post anonymously, Karen!
25/Aug/10 12:50 AM
Post those pictures, Judy! I want to see the ones where you're shovin' those young whippersnappers off the trail!!
25/Aug/10 12:53 AM
I was about to say "shovin' those young whippersnappers off the trail and into the bushes", but I didn't want to offend Dorthea.
25/Aug/10 12:54 AM
JUDY!!! You're a true Wonder Woman!
25/Aug/10 1:02 AM

This August has

5 Sundays,

5 Mondays,

5 Tuesdays,

All in one month. It happens once in 823 years.
I probably will miss it next time

25/Aug/10 1:29 AM
25/Aug/10 1:52 AM
to you,
to you,
to you, dear Mariana!!!
to you!
May your day be special with a and lots of
25/Aug/10 1:53 AM
Wonderful achievement Judy.
I think I will see if I get time for your quiz later Fiona. Not thinking that well at this time of the morning!
25/Aug/10 2:20 AM
I just read an article on ingredients in sunscreen that can actually cause or facilitate the development of skin cancer. Make sure the sunblock you use does NOT contain oxybenzone or vitamin A and its derivatives, retinol and retinyl palmitate. I did a little online research, and the following More...
25/Aug/10 3:09 AM
Correction: I just tossed ALL of our sunscreen products. Now I'm off to the store to see if I can find a safe one.
25/Aug/10 3:12 AM
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