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Easy Sudoku for 25/August/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
n. The egg's way of making more eggs.
25/Aug/11 12:00 AM
25/Aug/11 12:00 AM
25/Aug/11 12:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
25/Aug/11 12:01 AM
National Waffle Day.
25/Aug/11 12:01 AM
Good morning fellow sudokuists.
25/Aug/11 12:03 AM
Another beautiful day here in SE Michigan.
Had a SE Michigan mini-Sudoku meet yesterday:
and baby Izabella!!!
25/Aug/11 12:04 AM
I 'waffle' one way or another everyday, it seems!
25/Aug/11 12:06 AM
Heading off to Atlanta momentarily, as soon as the g/f puts on her face.
Have a great day!
25/Aug/11 12:07 AM
25/Aug/11 12:11 AM
Karen's waffle day is making me hungry. Up early again. I need to mow. Will try to do it before it gets too hot.
25/Aug/11 12:12 AM
Sierra had a close encounter with a striped kitty last night. I see a tomato juice bath in her future.
25/Aug/11 12:13 AM
There is a better solution for skunk visits than tomato juice. I can't remember the ingredients, but I bet you could find it on the Internet. I'll look and get back.
25/Aug/11 12:16 AM
Here's what I found... it seems to be what I remembered.

1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide
1/4 cup baking soda
1 teaspoon of strong liquid soap such as dishwashing detergent.

Mix the ingredients in an open bucket or bowl. The mixture will fizz. Wet your More...
25/Aug/11 12:21 AM
Last night something came over me, I was hopping this morning it was just a bad dream. Nope got up this morning and want to prepare cupcakes/fairy cakes. And for some reason, I am in the mood for waffles.
25/Aug/11 12:22 AM
Heard more than once that if you use tomato juice, you just have a red dog that smells like a skunk!
25/Aug/11 12:23 AM
Here is quite a comprehensive de-skunking site:

25/Aug/11 12:26 AM
Man has come home early all week. I was hoping he would come home and make us some waffles today. Darn man, is not coming home early today.
25/Aug/11 12:33 AM
Though the image of waffles and skunk smell is putting a damper on the imagination of waffle smell.
25/Aug/11 12:34 AM
1:52 Good night one and all.
I had a great two hours of badminton this evening so hopefully I sleep well tonight.
Thank you to those who checked out my latest photos.
25/Aug/11 12:35 AM
No Max, seemed to instictively go wallow in the mud when he got sprayed. If I sprayed him down with the hose, he seemed to go right back to the mud.
25/Aug/11 12:36 AM
One more.
25/Aug/11 12:36 AM
Those are beautiful pictures Anne.
25/Aug/11 12:38 AM
from Sunny So. Oregon - will be hot today w/thunder storms this afternoon. Ugh - humidity & heat.

It's now time to celebrate national waffle day.

Sarah Beth - good luck - it can take months to get rid of the smell - with Tomato Juice and other remedies. Even the dog "stylist" couldn't get rid of the odor.
25/Aug/11 12:43 AM
Thank you, Karen. It's a beautiful place.
25/Aug/11 12:43 AM
Weather people say it will be hot again today, over 100.
25/Aug/11 12:51 AM
Time to get dressed have an appointment in an hour.
25/Aug/11 12:52 AM
A good recipe for Waffles can be found under Forum [off topic - recipes (page 3 - 5th post)].
25/Aug/11 12:53 AM
25/Aug/11 1:00 AM
Hmmmm.... What about adding the de-skunking 'recipe' to our recipe folder?
25/Aug/11 1:02 AM
Eve's waffle recipe is also on page 18 of the Sudokudos Cookbook.
25/Aug/11 1:11 AM
I can verify that the tomato juice de-skunking will leave you with a red dog. In my case, a red and black husky.
25/Aug/11 1:16 AM
The answer to yesterday's puzzle: 3 (If you cut the 8 in half down the middle vertically)

I have arranged for winners, lonewoof, Greg, HalT, Grumblebum, Sue, CP, Peter, and poetic Mr. Cee (The Cee says 3) to attend a lecture by the world famous mathematician, Professor Al Gebraugh More...
25/Aug/11 1:23 AM
In honor of Waffle Day, I have added a yummy recipe for Gingerbread Waffles to the Recipes page. It will be added to the cookbook at the time of the next update.
25/Aug/11 1:27 AM
Good Maen, good people. I was without electricity several times yesterday. Have to go back and read about the earthquake's effects. Did Rayray weigh in?
25/Aug/11 1:36 AM
No. As a matter of fact, Kathy (MD) fired him. hehehe
25/Aug/11 1:37 AM
How are the wedding plans coming along, Plum?
25/Aug/11 1:37 AM
Now I'm really hungry! Before I head to the kitchen to make lunch (waffles sound good for some reason)....

For today:

Which of the following word does not belong and why?


Answers to the "It's a two-part question, people!"
inbox, please.
25/Aug/11 1:37 AM
Good morning, puzzlers!
25/Aug/11 1:42 AM
Oh, in time to get a morning thrill.
25/Aug/11 1:45 AM
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