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Easy Sudoku for 25/August/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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and g'day all.
25/Aug/15 12:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
25/Aug/15 12:17 AM
Working on getting the first layer of Summer fun out the door. It is so quiet here and I hate to disturb it by running machines, but only 6 hours till my darlings return.
25/Aug/15 12:18 AM
Whose handsome little man is that?
25/Aug/15 12:19 AM
Though it seems I may spend the majority of the day hunting an escape kitty. Since their snip-snip, they are enjoying the great outdoors more and more, which is great. But I do not want to be the one that has to tell one of the girls I lost their kitty while they were at school. So back outside with treat container, soon. It is really humid out there. Strange for this time of the year.
25/Aug/15 12:21 AM

Don - IRS agent
Mark - accountant
Alex - radio announcer
Matthew - programmer
Darryl – salesman

In the today we have Silvergal, Judy, Cake Lady, DotCom, and Chalkboard. You can never have too many ribbons, right?
25/Aug/15 12:23 AM
, y'all! Quick check in before getting to work. Actually I need to nab one of our Sudoku smilies for an e-mail . You don't find the 'starry-eyed' smiley on most emoticon pages.
25/Aug/15 12:28 AM

Al and Sally buy a small and a medium pizza. The small pizza has 5 slices. The medium pepperoni pizza has 8 slices. If Sally eats 4 times as many slices as Al, and is a vegetarian, how many slices of pizza did she eat?

Answers to my ''pizza'' inbox please.

Hi shosho!
25/Aug/15 12:35 AM
Who would cut a pizza into FIVE slices??? And WHY???
25/Aug/15 12:45 AM

Good question, Hal. Maybe there is a teeny tiny pizza eater in the family.
25/Aug/15 1:01 AM
what a beautiful day in OK
25/Aug/15 1:02 AM
... first, you draw a 5 sided star on the pizza (to get the corners in the right places), ...
25/Aug/15 1:02 AM
25/Aug/15 1:02 AM
Sue is making my day again.
25/Aug/15 1:05 AM
I am saved.
Kitty was taking a snooze in a tree. Probably got worn out chasing the birds. Being a calico she blended in very well.
25/Aug/15 1:07 AM
My, what big eyes you have.
25/Aug/15 1:08 AM
Maybe I should stick around ...
25/Aug/15 1:09 AM
instead of wandering off.
25/Aug/15 1:09 AM
Karen? ...
25/Aug/15 1:09 AM
Going to help me?
25/Aug/15 1:10 AM
We shall see ...
25/Aug/15 1:10 AM
25/Aug/15 1:10 AM
25/Aug/15 1:10 AM
She must have wandered away herself.
25/Aug/15 1:11 AM
Nice try, DoA.
25/Aug/15 1:11 AM
Well, I thought the time was right. Just a 'nano second' or two too slow............
25/Aug/15 1:12 AM
Lizzy G.
25/Aug/15 1:19 AM

DoA - Your yellow side was trying to come out and foil Keith's claim. He thought it was Karen that was going to steal it, not you!
25/Aug/15 2:21 AM
25/Aug/15 2:21 AM
Lizzy G.!!!
25/Aug/15 2:22 AM
Lizzy - I hope you have a fantastic birthday and get spoiled by your family and friends.
25/Aug/15 2:22 AM
25/Aug/15 2:24 AM
Good morning.
25/Aug/15 2:50 AM
Happy Birthday, Lizzy G.
25/Aug/15 2:51 AM
Happy Birthday, Mariana.
25/Aug/15 2:53 AM
Jan, Skip and sonph5011
25/Aug/15 2:55 AM
And from me.
25/Aug/15 2:56 AM
rcvd via email from Colo Jim.........

A man was granted 2 wishes by God. He asked for the best drink and the best woman ever.

Wait for it.

He got mineral water and Mother Teresa.
25/Aug/15 3:09 AM
Well the thumb was supposed to be behind Jim's name.
25/Aug/15 3:10 AM
OK, I'll 'set it up'
25/Aug/15 3:11 AM
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