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Easy Sudoku for 25/September/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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25/Sep/13 12:00 AM
Good Maen
25/Sep/13 12:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
25/Sep/13 12:02 AM
National Woman Road Warrior Day
25/Sep/13 12:03 AM
25/Sep/13 12:05 AM
A caption, just not the kind we usually get.
25/Sep/13 12:07 AM

Fred added 50 ml of milk to her coffee.

In the today we have HalT, Wolf, Keith, Canuk Greg, Mads, and Peter. Hope this will get you through your day.
25/Sep/13 12:10 AM
This is how I did it:

Since the final product is 20% milk it is also 80% coffee. The final product also 1 part milk and 4 parts coffee since 80/20 = 4. If we divide the 200ml of coffee by 4 we get 50ml which is the one part that is milk.

Good Morning shosho.
25/Sep/13 12:20 AM
For Today:

Unscramble each item to come up with a country and its capital.

1. aabccddegiiiilmmnnnnooooprstu
2. aaaaabbddehiiiopst
3. aaabeeegiinnnorrsstu
4. aaacceijnoorssst
5. aaabeeegimnnooppprrstuuwy
6. aaaaabbbddeeehiiimnrrsttuu
7. aackkiiitttuuwwy
8. More...
25/Sep/13 12:21 AM
I did
25/Sep/13 12:38 AM
That'll work too.
25/Sep/13 12:42 AM
.8x=200 or 80% of the whole cup is 200ml coffee
x=250 or coffee + milk is 250ml
25/Sep/13 12:44 AM
25/Sep/13 2:08 AM
Ooooh, that last post number is dedicated to Queen Anne!
25/Sep/13 2:08 AM
Well both kittens have gone to the Animal Clinic to get spayed and neutered. Ouch I'll get them at 1 or so. With pain killers for them!
25/Sep/13 2:10 AM
Then it's off to the neurologist for grandie to get the results of the MRI.
25/Sep/13 2:10 AM
And after that help him with his homework! Of all three activities, that one will be the hardest on my poor nerves!
25/Sep/13 2:11 AM
A CP and off I go!
25/Sep/13 2:11 AM
Keith, Keith, I'll let you get your number without any competition from me! But hurry!
25/Sep/13 2:12 AM
It's been an hour, Keith. Where are you?
25/Sep/13 3:20 AM
This ''Road Warrior'' is back from my trip to northern Wisconsin in my motor home. We saw a LOT of relatives and friends and had a great time. Gil is delighted that I don't let him drive. He just puts his feet up and savors his bourbon on the rocks while I drive.
25/Sep/13 3:42 AM
I'm crossing my fingers for good results, Shosho.
25/Sep/13 3:44 AM
Aren't there any 'open container' laws in those states you drove thru, Heidi?
25/Sep/13 3:48 AM
HalT. When we moved here 12 years ago, they didn't have open container laws yet. Hubby didn't know that yet. A neighbor asked hubby to drive him to the store to get more beer and was drinking on the way. As they they drove past a police officer the neighbor held his open can out and toasted the police officer with it. Hubby about died on the spot.
25/Sep/13 3:59 AM
I wasn't drinking, HalT.
25/Sep/13 4:40 AM
25/Sep/13 4:58 AM
Heidi, in SC you can be ticketed and/or arrested if there is an open container in the vehicle. It's allowed to be in the trunk, away from driver AND passengers.
25/Sep/13 5:25 AM
Morning all, well they have finally found out what is wrong with me...I have a lung infection and not the flu as they first thought.
I have been in agony with coughing so much and I am allergic to Ventolin that would ease it so have to try another one. Fingers crossed.
25/Sep/13 5:56 AM
Good morning all. The same laws apply here, Heidi and HalT.
25/Sep/13 5:59 AM
That's no good, Amelia. At least they've found the cause, now to find the cure! I hope its quick and effective.
25/Sep/13 6:02 AM
We had the mother of a thunderstorm here last night! It's made my ear sore, just like when you've got a cold and the plane you're in drops altitude. I hope the pandadol works soon.
25/Sep/13 6:06 AM
A question out there to iPad users. Have you done the latest big upgrade? I can't get mine to remember pass words now. Every time I want to come onto sudoku I've got to login.
25/Sep/13 6:10 AM
It's a pain n the bum!
25/Sep/13 6:10 AM
I've now discovered if I want to comment on the jigsaw page I've got to log in separately! There must be a way around this problem.
25/Sep/13 6:14 AM
1:29. Good morning everyone.
25/Sep/13 6:39 AM
Hello everyone!
Quieter today than yesterday!
25/Sep/13 7:09 AM
That's no fun, Sacky, but I'm afraid I can't help!! Don't have one of those gadgets!!
25/Sep/13 7:10 AM
Woman Road Warrior Day - I like that Karen!!
Glad you had a great time, Heidi.
Hi Halt.
Hi shosho - hope the news is good & the homework is easy!
Keith & Serena, I do like your puzzles, but I never seem to have enough time. I'm more hooked on jigsaws...... where I'm off to now!
25/Sep/13 7:15 AM
Amelia - sorry about the pneumonia. Hope you get some relief ASAP!!
25/Sep/13 7:16 AM
Did I pop in at right time?
25/Sep/13 7:22 AM
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