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Easy Sudoku for 26/January/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen
26/Jan/10 12:00 AM
Happy Australia Day

26/Jan/10 12:00 AM
1.52 Yes please!
26/Jan/10 12:07 AM
Hello John!
26/Jan/10 12:08 AM
Hi Shiela mised you last couple of days
26/Jan/10 12:10 AM
Good Morning John, Gail & Shiela.
26/Jan/10 12:17 AM
Ah! You caught me, John!
I went back to bed after shooting the cat on Saturday!
Sunday went to church.
26/Jan/10 12:17 AM
Good morning, John,, Gail, Shiela, and Nancy!!!
26/Jan/10 12:23 AM
to you,
to you,
dear AngusCS!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !
26/Jan/10 12:24 AM
Happy Australia Day!
26/Jan/10 12:25 AM
My mother is now a great-great-grandmother!
But ...How is this for real life??? My niece-in-law (my oldest sister's son's wife - getting complicated here!) had her first grandchild and a heart attack in the same week! She's doing fine, thankfully. She had just started a new job as a physician's assistant. A little stress, maybe?
26/Jan/10 12:26 AM
Shiela you must be a GREAT grandmother
26/Jan/10 12:29 AM
I am!
BUT MY grandchildren are only aged 1 and 4!
(There is a bit of an age difference between myself and my sister who is REALLY the great-grandmother.)
Wow! I hadn't thought about my sister being the GREAT-grandmother!!! Scary!
26/Jan/10 12:40 AM
Good Maen and Happy Australia Day!
Shiela - all I can imagine is that you have a big family. Keeping good thoughts for your niece-in-law. How does your mum feel about her new status??
26/Jan/10 1:01 AM
Australian Holiday! Perfect picture for today!
26/Jan/10 1:05 AM
She is thrilled, Vici! At aged 94, it was one of her goals!
She now has 1 great-great-grandchild, 23 great-grandchildren (with 3 more on the way), 17 grandchildren and 6 children. That's a lot!
26/Jan/10 1:20 AM
WOW!!! Amazing, Shiela! Congrats to your mum!
26/Jan/10 1:48 AM
Mmmmm. Nice vacation spot, but how far to the grocery and wifi?
26/Jan/10 1:57 AM
Shiela, congrats and blessings to the new, the established and the soon-to-be-born members of your family. What a wonderful family story.
26/Jan/10 1:59 AM

Weather alert radio woke us up early this morning with a tornado warning. Thankfully it was located about ten miles East of our home, so we only had a lot of rain.

I go to the surgeon this afternoon where I hope he will remove the 42 staples from my abdomen. They are More...
26/Jan/10 2:01 AM
What a family, Shiela! Something in the water?
26/Jan/10 2:01 AM
Those dunes look so interesting from a botanical point of view, that it would be no 'holiday' for me there!
26/Jan/10 2:05 AM
I hope you are OK Glenn - and continue to recover.
Beat you on staple number - I had 57
26/Jan/10 2:08 AM
Here's a real toe-tapper:

26/Jan/10 2:09 AM
Those following my Gramma: she is doing well. Recovered from the last illness (surprised the doctor!). Her spirits are better too.
26/Jan/10 2:10 AM
Warm (60°) and rainy here today.
Happy Australia Day!
26/Jan/10 2:26 AM
That's good news, Angie.
Glenn, I hope everything comes out okay for you!
Sounds as if you guys had zippers put in!
26/Jan/10 2:43 AM
HI all! Shiela, that is one big family tree you have growing in your yard! Kathy, have you got your hula hula skirt ready for your hols? Hope you've been practising the wiggle wiggle dance because it's nearly time...
26/Jan/10 2:53 AM
Here's today's riddle - answers to the "can you imagine Kathy in a hula hula skirt?" inbox please!

Which of the following words does not belong in the list, and why?

26/Jan/10 2:56 AM
Well, I guess I better do the other pages and get on with my day. Hope the Australia Day celebrations go well for everyone.
Fiona, sent an answer. Kathy - I imagine a tasteful floor length that your cats can pleasurably shred at leisure.
26/Jan/10 3:13 AM
26/Jan/10 3:34 AM
I want to be there on that beach, or in the boat!
26/Jan/10 3:35 AM
Happy Monday!
At 1st glance, I thought I had Fiona's puzzle worked out, but another idea occurred since, and now I'm confused (maybe my brain doesn't do Mondays well) ...back to the drawing board...
26/Jan/10 3:48 AM
OK I asked this question the other day and didn't see any feedback from it - is anyone else having trouble clicking between pages on the site? I find it's taking up to a minute just to open my inbox, then the same again to reply to people. No other site I use is taking as long, but before pestering the boss I'd like to know if anyone else is having the same problem. Thank you.
26/Jan/10 4:09 AM
No problems here, Fiona.
26/Jan/10 4:11 AM
why me?!!
26/Jan/10 4:29 AM
It always takes a long time for the inbox page and then individual messages to come up -- no matter how many messages I have saved in my inbox. It must be tiresome for you if it's taking long.
26/Jan/10 4:35 AM
Why not you, Fiona?
26/Jan/10 4:49 AM
Coffee filters ..... Who knew!
And you can buy 1,000 at the Dollar Store for almost nothing, even the large ones.

1. Cover bowls or dishes when cooking in the microwave. Coffee filters make excellent covers.

2. Clean windows, mirrors, and chrome... Coffee filters are More...
26/Jan/10 4:53 AM
26/Jan/10 4:54 AM
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