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Easy Sudoku for 26/January/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people.
26/Jan/18 12:00 AM
Welcome, Plum and may all who enter Sudoku land have a good day!
26/Jan/18 12:01 AM
Thank you, Wolf. Medium, once again, bounces back here to Easy.
26/Jan/18 12:05 AM
all. Thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday.
26/Jan/18 12:20 AM
Why aren't you in bed today, Hal? One would think you would be exhausted after blowing out all of those candles!
26/Jan/18 1:05 AM
26/Jan/18 2:55 AM
26/Jan/18 3:21 AM
26/Jan/18 3:22 AM
I am trying a new recipe for spare ribs in the crock pot. It cooks in root beer. Then I am to remove the ribs, dump the RB, and add barbeque sauce to finish cooking. I am also using a crock pot liner for the first time. I HATE cleaning the crock pot after use, so, hopefully, this will alleviate that chore. We shall see.....
26/Jan/18 3:32 AM
Let us know how it works out, Batty! It sounds good!
26/Jan/18 3:55 AM
26/Jan/18 4:26 AM
Happy Thursday1
Kathy: hope you'll post that yummy sounding recipe (after your hopefully good results)
26/Jan/18 5:29 AM
Good afternoon to all! Eat hardy Kathy!
26/Jan/18 6:10 AM
26/Jan/18 6:13 AM
2:04, not a good puzzle to do 1->9. Good morning everyone.
26/Jan/18 6:18 AM
Still no medium Are you out there Gath?
26/Jan/18 6:19 AM
Kathy - I think I have seen that recipe - it should be GOOD!
HalT - happy birthday a day late. I hope it was a good one.
All - good mAen from Texas where it has decided to get warm again. Sick people all over the place - this weather pattern has not helped at all.
26/Jan/18 6:30 AM
Morning all .
Sounds yummy ,Kathy, I'm afraid I've lost all interest in cooking . Don't worry Bill still gets fed !
26/Jan/18 6:36 AM
It IS good 9 - > 1...
26/Jan/18 7:19 AM
Well, what do we have here......
26/Jan/18 8:02 AM
A naked twenty two.....
26/Jan/18 8:03 AM
26/Jan/18 8:04 AM
Kate for the photo.
26/Jan/18 8:22 AM
Morning everyone! I hope you are all well? More...
26/Jan/18 8:56 AM
I realize it is now tomorrow on this page, but the Medium for 26 Jan is working.
27/Jan/18 12:38 PM
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