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Easy Sudoku for 26/December/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Happy Boxing Fay to those that do it!
26/Dec/18 12:00 AM
I assume that's the day you box up the presents you are going to return?
26/Dec/18 12:01 AM
'Day' that is
26/Dec/18 12:17 AM
1:59 Merry Christmas to those celebrating today.

Good night one and all!
26/Dec/18 12:19 AM
2:06. Merry Christmas, all. Wolf, it's the day after Christmas when you let your servants, who served you Christmas dinner and throughout the year, go home to visit their families. You're supposed to give them a 'Christmas box' of presents to take along with them. In the US, you probably do similar things for your manor staff at other times of the year.
26/Dec/18 12:36 AM
I show my appreciation of my manner staff by feeding him dinner every night. I throw in lunch now and then.
To all celebrating today....
26/Dec/18 1:03 AM
My little (and big) elves aren't showing up until this afternoon, so, I'm having a rather relaxed morning. I have to start cooking in a bit, but, for now, it's coffee and computer.
Have a wonderful day, everyone!
26/Dec/18 1:08 AM
Merry Christmas!
26/Dec/18 1:35 AM

Thanks to the internet when you say, 'Joy to the world' the joy literally goes to the world.
26/Dec/18 2:11 AM
...probably only if his manner is up to par, Kathy!
26/Dec/18 3:41 AM
26/Dec/18 3:50 AM
Merry Christmas to all
26/Dec/18 4:30 AM
Hope you all take the opportunity to read Peter's Summer-version of A Visit from St, Nick; it was near the end of yesterday's comments!
26/Dec/18 4:46 AM
Merry Christmas, everyone!
26/Dec/18 4:47 AM
26/Dec/18 5:34 AM
Merry Christmas everyone!
26/Dec/18 6:27 AM
Nice Christmas trees, Keith!
26/Dec/18 6:29 AM
26/Dec/18 6:40 AM
Merry Christmas topsiders !

My grandson in law decided I needed something to get me through the day, gave me a a drink of his homemade apple cider with something added. It wasn't too bad but I had a two hour sleep when we got home. lol
26/Dec/18 6:48 AM
1:36. Merry Christmas to some, happy Boxing day to others, welcome to Tuesday or Wednesday to the rest .

I'll be setting off for my morning run in an hour or so - being in Australia all my runs are measured in kilometres but I just did a quick calculation and about 1km into today's run I'll reach exactly 2018 miles for 2018. Way down on 2017 but still not a bad tally.
26/Dec/18 6:52 AM
Merry Christmas!!!
26/Dec/18 7:03 AM
Yoo Hoo - Keith...
26/Dec/18 7:08 AM
LOL, Kathy, quite literally. I did in fact laugh out loud.
26/Dec/18 7:16 AM
Merry Christmas to all. Hope you have a wonderful time and a happy and healthy 2019!
26/Dec/18 10:52 AM
one and all!

Well done, Chris! A great achievement.
26/Dec/18 11:34 AM
26/Dec/18 1:25 PM
Wow, Chris! I run a bit less than half of your distance! Yikes!
26/Dec/18 1:28 PM
Merry Christmas or Boxing Day, everyone!
What a gift! The sun showed itself here on Christmas day!
26/Dec/18 2:05 PM
Knock knock.
Who's there?
Mary who?
Merry Christmas.
26/Dec/18 4:57 PM
Looks around...

26/Dec/18 4:58 PM
Knock knock.
Who's there?
Snow who?
Snow use - I've forgotten my name!

Stomp stomp
26/Dec/18 5:00 PM
Knock knock.
Who's there?
Hannah who?
Hannah partridge in a pear tree!

Stomp stomp stomp
26/Dec/18 5:01 PM
You can get it digging a hole
You can get it knocking on doors
Matter of fact I got it now
Ahhh an ice cold VB and a round for everyone
26/Dec/18 5:05 PM
Rage, it's lovely reading your jokes as it's been a long time since we used to submit lots of jokes daily.
26/Dec/18 5:22 PM
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