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Easy Sudoku for 26/February/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's medical daffynition:
Pelvis - Elvis Presley's cousin

...and here's today's factoid:
Long live the king: 13 countries around the world have issued Elvis Presley postage stamps.
26/Feb/13 12:00 AM
Good Maen all!
26/Feb/13 12:00 AM
Well that gave the old inbox a workout. Many have never heard of the Technicolor yawn it seems but I will bet many have experienced it. Hehe. Or 'Praying to the porcelain god'.

1 valley-alley

2 vomit - omit

3 vending - ending

4 vindicate - indicate

5 More...
26/Feb/13 12:00 AM
Welcome back, Kayo...good ones, today!
26/Feb/13 12:00 AM
26/Feb/13 12:01 AM
Mr. Cee - looks like the poozle gang did well with the VVVVs!
26/Feb/13 12:02 AM
Beautiful Goldens...Mother and daughter? Father and son?
26/Feb/13 12:05 AM
I wish I could get my kids to pose that well for a picture.
26/Feb/13 12:06 AM

They certainly did VV.
26/Feb/13 12:06 AM

Good morning all
Now Ive seen the answers to Mr Cees poozle I can head off to bed (he had me worried with #2!)

Have a good day/night all....
26/Feb/13 12:10 AM

Kathy it's over to you now. I will return on the weekend. TTFN.
26/Feb/13 12:14 AM
Hello, friends!
Yes!!!! I'll need today!
Almost needed them in the night ...bright, full moon on the snow!
Tomorrow snow, I hear!
26/Feb/13 12:30 AM
It is a drizzly, dreary morning in Texas. Hopefully this will help the wildflowers for HalT's visit!
26/Feb/13 12:45 AM
Happy Monday!
26/Feb/13 12:50 AM
We are without a dog until our major traveling is over. When it's time, we'll get a shelter dog, but those beauties are on the top of my list for breed choice.
26/Feb/13 1:02 AM
It's only fair to the pets, Keith. After our dear old cat goes, we won't get another for awhile since it'll probably co-incide with hubby retiring.
26/Feb/13 1:07 AM
'coincide' - Where'd the hyphen come from?
26/Feb/13 1:12 AM
Question: Do you then choose an animal based on our expected longevity minus length of travel years?
26/Feb/13 1:12 AM
Did Keith really walk away when he was this clost to 22?
26/Feb/13 1:15 AM
He is probably lurking!
26/Feb/13 1:17 AM
We'll see.
26/Feb/13 1:17 AM
26/Feb/13 1:17 AM
Okay - he wasn't lurking closely enough. Now time for me to start shuffling papers. We just finished the fourth grading period, and I have a lot of grades to finalize.
26/Feb/13 1:18 AM
jamie, you stole it.
26/Feb/13 1:18 AM
26/Feb/13 1:18 AM
One more for a CP before I go?
26/Feb/13 1:18 AM
Off doing other puzzles, and look what happens. Well done jamie.
26/Feb/13 1:18 AM
Whoa!! Okay - I am off.
26/Feb/13 1:19 AM
My sort of unwritten rule to myself is to not ''make a run for it'' until it gets to 18.
26/Feb/13 1:32 AM
Good morning people of the world.
26/Feb/13 1:46 AM
Telecomuter's Appriecation Day
26/Feb/13 1:47 AM
What are better communicators than a cat.

Though, when leaving this morning, Busy ran inside and Shelby had this look on her face that said, 'You are not going to leave me in this house with that cat, are you?' Then on my return, she had the look, 'Oh, thank you for returning, that cat is in here.'
26/Feb/13 1:53 AM
In my Texas, it is slightly overcast, with bright sun peaking through. We are getting blown around. Last night, I thought we would wake up in Kansas this morning. Hope this is not a prelude to what March is going to be like.
26/Feb/13 1:55 AM

What gorgeous dogs! Keith, we don't have pets now for that reason. We travel quite a bit and for fairly long periods. I don't think it's fair to the animals to leave them all the time. I'm with you, when the traveling times are over, I'll head to the pound.
26/Feb/13 1:59 AM
My apologies to some, but in the spirit of fairness....IT'S MATH MONDAY!

The number of girls who do wear a watch
is double the number who don't.
But the number of boys who do not wear a watch
is double the number who do.

If I tell you the number of girls in my class
is More...
26/Feb/13 2:15 AM
Kathy, this is a repeat but I don't remember who posted it. I'm all for solving it again though.
26/Feb/13 2:25 AM
26/Feb/13 2:30 AM
Technicolor yawn. Doh! I totally forgot to submit my answers. I missed a couple of the others, too, I will admit.
26/Feb/13 2:32 AM
The weather guessers must have been using the wrong scale or missed a decimal point. We have only gotten about 1.2'' so far, not the 12 '' we were supposed to get. It may not be over yet.
26/Feb/13 2:35 AM
26/Feb/13 2:35 AM
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