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Easy Sudoku for 26/March/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good night all.
26/Mar/20 12:16 AM

Night Anne and all that follow.
26/Mar/20 12:18 AM
Hope you have sunshine, too!
26/Mar/20 12:50 AM
You know your son loves you when:
He sends you a thermometer during a pandemic - because all you have is a 'baby thermometer' from when he was a baby!
(And you know where that's supposed to go!)
26/Mar/20 12:56 AM
Probably should have used this 'Smilie'!!!
26/Mar/20 12:57 AM
Mr Cee, Shiela & all who follow!! Good nite Anne.
26/Mar/20 1:28 AM
26/Mar/20 2:11 AM
Good Maen, good people. Remember the embarrassing customer service session I had a few days ago? Well, now it’s their turn. Their tech has fumbled and they will have a 2-3 week delay. However, we’re already scheduled to be live tomorrow. Somehow. That’s what I’ve got to figure today.
26/Mar/20 2:47 AM
26/Mar/20 3:08 AM
Is anyone else struggling with Wombat's puzzle?? It has officially kicked my arse!
26/Mar/20 4:43 AM
Go goanna! Kate.
26/Mar/20 4:47 AM
Thank you, Judy!! I am totally stuck! I can get so far up and down then NOTHING works toward the middle.
26/Mar/20 5:06 AM
Oh, sorry.

26/Mar/20 5:15 AM
Thank You, Judy & Kathy - I came hoping there might have been an 'Ooops, adjustment' but just knowing that my roadblock might be similar to yours gives me hope!
26/Mar/20 5:23 AM
Morning all. Funny Shiela. ~~ I'm happy that I like the inside of my house.
26/Mar/20 5:42 AM
26/Mar/20 6:14 AM
26/Mar/20 6:21 AM
Morning all,today is the first day of staying at home not that I have been anywhere except the Dr's last Monday because of my flu. Bill is the one that has been getting the supplies we needed.
26/Mar/20 7:29 AM
1:41. Good morning everyone.

I'm still trying to warm up, I froze on this morning's run!
26/Mar/20 8:36 AM
Judy, kathy, Joyce I'm stuck too. I have the middle, I think, and all the rest bar the two either side of the middle.
26/Mar/20 8:41 AM
Well bugger me, would you look where we are.......
26/Mar/20 8:41 AM
26/Mar/20 8:42 AM
I waited Keith but not for long......
26/Mar/20 8:42 AM
Hope all is well with everybody, especially Tom. have a meeting with a specialist today via Skype....modern medicine, eh!
26/Mar/20 8:46 AM
Well the virus got to the usual participants this weeks along with confusion re my posting. Five responses, Kathy, Judy, Wombat, Mr Cee and Joyce. As Mr Grace would say 'you've all done very well'
Alfred Nobel
Fragrant Harbour
(Gus) More...
26/Mar/20 9:45 AM
The termite mound of work has been disbanded, most of us working from home.
26/Mar/20 9:45 AM
Thanks goodness!! I'm stuck in the middle too. Can we cheat via pm and outfox the old bugger? No, I suppose not but 3 missing for me is unusual. He will be sitting back giggling in to this Milo right now
26/Mar/20 9:49 AM
Hi Puzzlers, I have checked the puzzle and I don't think there are any mistakes except that I should have added (two words) QUICK SKETCHING and CRIMSON SPAGHETTI. Both of them are last resort alternatives, so you may have to dig deep to find them (digging deep is not a hint. Why don't you send me what you have done and I'll fill in the gaps. Sorry for any anxiety.
26/Mar/20 9:54 AM
Good maEn
Wonderful day for a walk.
I sliced my finger on Sunday attempting to cook, but seems to be on the up swing tonight. Thankful for healing - hard to wash your hand with a Bandage on your little finger. It is an art !
Take care folks
26/Mar/20 10:55 AM
I am off work til 4/13 - fitness center closed. May be in the labor pool for hospital work- been 3 years since I retired from that - have to see what I would be offered.
26/Mar/20 10:57 AM
Puzzlers ... helpful hint ... An asterisk is used to represent the space between the two words!
26/Mar/20 11:17 AM
I'm not giggling in my Milo, but I'll be off to have a cup of coffee in a minute. See message above for my suggested solution. I do think you could solve it if you got your heads together. One person has all but one and a half correct responses.
26/Mar/20 11:21 AM
I must say that even as the editor, I had trouble with some of Wombat's middle ones, so I was not able to help with those clues.
26/Mar/20 1:02 PM
I have the potential benefit of earlier versions of the clues, along with the ones that appeared yesterday, which still don't help. When we get the answers, we can all suggest better clues! Group editing may result in perfection.
26/Mar/20 1:12 PM
Your penultimate post should have offered a drink to us long suffering solvers Sarah
Having benefited from your editorial skills if you couldn't solve then it doesn't give me much confidence for me to complete
So, the drinks are on Sarah and I'll have a large but very cold Shapiro
26/Mar/20 1:26 PM
I'll join you.
26/Mar/20 4:22 PM
Wherever there is a free shout
You can bet he'll be about
26/Mar/20 4:34 PM
Mate, I've got five foot pockets and three foot arms. Works for me!
26/Mar/20 4:46 PM

Got a few but yeah I am out on Wombats clues.
26/Mar/20 8:11 PM
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