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Easy Sudoku for 26/April/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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2:12 Maen!
26/Apr/07 12:03 AM
ha!who is this nameless greeting me?/that too first on the page??anyway,hi Brackets!
G'day/nite to everybody out there..its nice sunny but not warm....a pleasant 14c this morning..
26/Apr/07 12:08 AM
Good Maen Raining today
26/Apr/07 12:08 AM
2:52 Hello everyone. Just home from badminton and some hard games. I thought I was Michelangelo this afternoon painting the Sistine Chapel, but I'm sure he didn't get paint on his face from a paint roller. I think I'll go back to a good old brush to paint with.
26/Apr/07 12:08 AM
Good Wednesday Maen, all!

Off to work I go...
26/Apr/07 12:09 AM
Good Maen,

Rain is here but much needed - have a good day
26/Apr/07 12:09 AM
Good afternoon every body ,nice picture .
26/Apr/07 12:10 AM
Hi all. Have a great day.
26/Apr/07 12:10 AM
Ah the Christmas fairies.
26/Apr/07 12:11 AM
Good Maen all,

looks like a loving couple.
26/Apr/07 12:12 AM
2:33! I must have brains today!
26/Apr/07 12:21 AM
Good Morning everyone. Who are our mystery men? It is always nice to put a face to a name.

Have a great day!
26/Apr/07 12:30 AM
2:40, Maen, it's sunny, 65F and headed to 74F, but last night we had vicious thunderstorms and a few tornados. I'm okay where I live but there are houses without roofs and some without walls.
26/Apr/07 12:30 AM
Mery Christmas to both of You.
26/Apr/07 12:37 AM
Gee, beehive, you've certainly changed in looks since I last saw you!! But I wouldn't know what Baz looks like unless he is the cane toad in the video I sent you.
26/Apr/07 12:38 AM
I don't know about feeling gay, but the guy in front is feeling the other guys a$$. Don we now our gay aparel, fa la la, la la la, la la la.
26/Apr/07 12:45 AM
Bill/Texas - Glad to hear you are okay.
26/Apr/07 12:48 AM
bill, glad you are ok, did the tornado do any dammage to your property? good Maen everyone. hope you all are well and happy today. sunny day here in utah
26/Apr/07 12:59 AM
Hmmmm...nice tree.

Beautiful day in my little part of Maryland. Sunny, 70 degrees.
26/Apr/07 1:05 AM
Morning all! Sunny and cool today. Thanks for all of the advice/sympathy regarding the gruelling college choice process. I would like to advise my son to go to St. John's because I think it is a better school. But as he is paying for his own college education, I don't want to tell him where to More...
26/Apr/07 1:06 AM
Bill/TX -You are so funny!!! HAHAHAHA!

Glad you are ok. I'm from Wichita Falls, and we know about those tornados!
26/Apr/07 1:11 AM
Rain, rain, go away, come back in August
26/Apr/07 1:18 AM
All - Thanks for your concern, yes, my home is fine, but I heard on the way to work that a tornado was spotted about 2 or 3 miles from my house yesterday afternoon, and some areas had 6 to 10 inches of rain. [] from oz, as to Jethro Tull music I've been more compared to Aqualung. lol
26/Apr/07 1:37 AM
Drop by my page to see Gus after our severe weather last night!
26/Apr/07 1:49 AM
With spring fever this time of year I have changed my youtube to 'Redneck Yacht Club' by Craig Morgan. A perfect fit for our area. See it all the time during the summer! Enjoy
26/Apr/07 1:51 AM
[], oh leave Bill alone. Do you know the difference between all the rememberance/holidays of the world? I doubt it very much.

At least he give a first name, instead of a symbol.
26/Apr/07 1:51 AM
26/Apr/07 1:51 AM
Oh, JAMIE! Gus must have a headache!

I hope the guys in the photo are just kidding around.

Be nice, G ...
26/Apr/07 1:58 AM
Aren't we full of ourself today? Little do you know about the US. Before and during Memorial Day, I've heard people say that very same thing. Not saying that I approve, but it is done.

By the way, you remind me of Baz.
26/Apr/07 2:01 AM
As I said little do you know. That is my first name.

As for name calling, small minds reach up for small 'insults.'
26/Apr/07 2:08 AM
Hi Keith, how ya been?

26/Apr/07 2:11 AM
Is it our fault that your new agencies can't find anything else to report about? While your shooing the kangaroos, I'll shoo the cows. Hate all those steaming piles.
26/Apr/07 2:15 AM
2:09. Easy puzzle today. Well, according to the rest of the world, these two guys must be from San Francisco. Everybody there is gay, don't you know!
26/Apr/07 2:20 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice looking couple in the photo. Belated Merry Christmas to you gents!
26/Apr/07 2:20 AM
Looks like BJ is loaded for cow. While you two are dealing with the animals, I will boil up so lutefisk!
26/Apr/07 2:20 AM
Came off to have my sick computer doctored and just can't seem to work up the energy to go back to the office. Amazing how eagerly I'm looking forward to retirement in a little over a year!
26/Apr/07 2:23 AM
Re: comments, you must be referring to our sweet, loveable, always complimentary Greg in Oz, as I would hate to be called Brackets!
26/Apr/07 2:25 AM
Now, your just getting tiresome. As for oil, could care less. Don't you know that people in Ohio get around in horse and buggies?
26/Apr/07 2:25 AM
Hey [Brackets],you must have stayed on all night/day!
26/Apr/07 2:27 AM
Okay, Orange Bloosom Special on my page to compliment LK's great song. Redneck and country day! Yeehaw!
26/Apr/07 2:30 AM
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