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Easy Sudoku for 26/April/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning everyone.
26/Apr/13 12:00 AM
G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
yawn — An honest opinion openly expressed.

...and here's today's factoid:
We know it’s involuntary because we do it even before we are born. Research shows that 11-week-old fetuses yawn. (I wonder how many of you will yawn shortly after reading More...
26/Apr/13 12:00 AM
26/Apr/13 12:00 AM
Good Morning all.
26/Apr/13 12:01 AM
Hello friends!
Love both your daffynition and factoid, Kayo (didn't yawn, though)
Glad you were able to attend such a wonderful event.
26/Apr/13 12:01 AM
OOOOWWWW - lucked into #5!
26/Apr/13 12:02 AM
1:58. Good night all.
26/Apr/13 12:02 AM
I love that daffynition, Kayo!!!
26/Apr/13 12:02 AM
People we know?
26/Apr/13 12:03 AM
Good morning.
26/Apr/13 12:03 AM
Speaking of yawning, I'm not completely over the 'flu yet, so it's back to bed for me.
26/Apr/13 12:04 AM
Just a few moments to drop in.
26/Apr/13 12:04 AM
Sweet photo - sweet smiles!
26/Apr/13 12:05 AM
Didn't yawn when I read the daffynition, Kayo.
26/Apr/13 12:05 AM
But I did when I started to type this post.
26/Apr/13 12:06 AM
I have an excuse though, don't know about anyone else.
26/Apr/13 12:06 AM
Now I can't stop yawning.
26/Apr/13 12:07 AM
Just helping Keith get his number - bye.
26/Apr/13 12:07 AM
Good morning people of the world.
26/Apr/13 12:21 AM
World Penguin Day
Hair Stylist's Appreciation Day
26/Apr/13 12:22 AM
You have lost your mind, if you think I will wait.
It is my self appointed duty, to keep moving forward.
26/Apr/13 12:24 AM
Hello 22.
26/Apr/13 12:25 AM

I seem to have stumped everyone with yesterday's poozle. Well, except for that dastardly poozler, Mr. Cee.

All the words in group A and the word SHORTS can be preceded by an adjective that represents a country. Irish More...
26/Apr/13 12:29 AM
Good Morning all.
26/Apr/13 12:30 AM
Where has Keith been lately anyways?
26/Apr/13 12:30 AM
Keith and Lynn are on the road...but they will be back in time to meet up with Kathy, Rob and me in SF on May 2nd!
26/Apr/13 12:34 AM
Speaking of food, Mr. Cee can wear his Bermudas as he enjoys a fantastic repast at the restaurant. At the conclusion of his meal, Chef Cal Amari will give a talk on a topic close to his More...
26/Apr/13 12:35 AM
Sunday, I picked up the newspaper, from our future home town. I am goig to have to get used to it again. Though, I am finding little differences, it feels strange. BTW, I am taking the time on Thursday, to look at the paper. Mainly, because, I have glass stuff to pack today and need it.
26/Apr/13 12:35 AM
I did come across an article, which as you all know, I avoid numbers with a passion, but these numbers to me, are shocking. These are just stastics for this county.
1.3% of adults are illiterate.
1 in 5, struggle with low literacy.
More than 20% of adults read below 5 grade level.

Those numbers make me ask why and how.
26/Apr/13 12:45 AM
I hated the newsprint left on my hands when I used newspaper for packing. I broke down and paid for packing paper. For some reason, I have an aversion to my hands being dirty. It's not an obsession, I just don't like it. No, I didn't make mud pies as a kid.
26/Apr/13 12:49 AM
Hubby used to get résumés he would read through before hiring. The composition, spelling, etc. were pitiful. These were highly educated people!
26/Apr/13 12:54 AM
I have been washing my hands a lot and wearing gloves.
I just do not understand why Man will not iron my newspapers before I read them.
26/Apr/13 12:56 AM
But, I digress.....

For today.....

A spoonerism is a transposition of initial sounds of two or more words (as in 'tons of soil' for 'sons of toil'). Armed with this definition, what is a spoonerism for a devastating forcible strike as opposed to a temporarily red-faced, large black bird?

Answers to the ''A spoonerism is not an eating utensil'' inbox, please.
26/Apr/13 12:56 AM
Oh, I do not like this newspaper, at all.
I leave the comics to the end, and this paper only has one of the three I read each week, and no Sunday coupons!
This is horrible.
26/Apr/13 12:59 AM
I could see these numbers when my mother was growing up. I am shocked, at times, at how much school may aunts and uncles missed and were excused. Out the 9 of them, there is one that is illiterate, but I did not know this till I was adult.
When I was in school, I do not remember my mother ever More...
26/Apr/13 1:11 AM
The shoulds are piling up again, yet, my body is not moving.
26/Apr/13 1:21 AM
I just realized, the 1-3 is next week. YIKES.
That is supposedly, our last weekend here, the weekend our stuff goes one way and we go to my stepdads. The weekend, stepdad has an estate sale going on. The weekend, that he is going away to say goodbye to his son. The weekend MIL, has some kind of plans.

I am really not looking forward to that weekend.
26/Apr/13 1:23 AM
But I look, and all priorities change.
26/Apr/13 1:24 AM
The child came in and asked for food.
And it is around that time, that wheee-ing woman will show up.
26/Apr/13 1:25 AM
Well, I was sure I was going to miss the first page.
No today - rainy.
Neighbor's cat care is not proving to be easy. Am going to have to call the owners and tell them that kitty is having her diarrhea problem. She's had it in the past, but owner was hoping it would not return. (Clean-up is not fun.) Bummer!
26/Apr/13 1:26 AM
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