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Easy Sudoku for 26/April/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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26/Apr/17 12:00 AM
Good Maen, good people. The question is ... Was that really HalT or was it another HalT ghost post? Maybe it was a ghost and it scared everyone away which is why no one else has posted yet this morning? I'm not afraid of ghost posts. Or HalTs.
26/Apr/17 12:15 AM
Ghosty & Plum! And everyone!
Not sunny here today.
Hope your day is!
26/Apr/17 12:19 AM
Easy solves easily today with ascending evens then odds (2, 4, 6, 8, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9).
26/Apr/17 12:22 AM
Peter, I posted the poem 'In Waters Deep' on two Navy pages, you wouldn't believe the response it has garnered. Thanks for submitting it.
26/Apr/17 12:23 AM
It was really me, Plum.
26/Apr/17 12:30 AM

It is a lovely poem. Thanks from me, too, Peter.
26/Apr/17 12:30 AM

I collect gold coins. Today, hubby asked, 'How many gold coins do you have?'
I replied, 'If I divide the coins into two unequal numbers, then 32 times the difference between the two numbers equals the difference between the squares of the two numbers.'
Not surprisingly, More...
26/Apr/17 12:32 AM
This is really me, too; Good day to all!
26/Apr/17 1:06 AM
Lunch break on the bedroom redo. Since the drywall is coming down anyway, Skye has 20 glorious minutes to draw on her bedroom walls with SHARPIE MARKERS. She's been waiting her entire life to be able to do this with impunity. I wish I could give her more time, but, then again, I don't want her to get TOO used to it.
26/Apr/17 1:23 AM
Happy Tuesday!
Book Club is meeting later this morning,then off to work.
26/Apr/17 1:46 AM
Crisp, overcast morning here.
26/Apr/17 1:47 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
26/Apr/17 1:48 AM
We put on a pandora music station and all got into the graffiti groove. The result? Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is why we don't draw on the walls!
26/Apr/17 1:49 AM
[Yet the inner child is unsurprisingly smug.]
26/Apr/17 1:53 AM
What fun for Skye, Plum!
I drew a whole illustrated history on my pantry wall before they put the new cabinets in. I had the carpenters sign, the designer sign, grand-children sign, with dates the house was built, who built it, who renovated it and I even had a pantry fountain drawn where More...
26/Apr/17 2:23 AM
26/Apr/17 4:22 AM
Lovely sunrise photo , Kate.
26/Apr/17 4:23 AM
Good morning.
26/Apr/17 4:26 AM
Woke up and just had to get up.
26/Apr/17 4:27 AM
Could be due to mild anxiety lest I should sleep in.
26/Apr/17 4:28 AM
My morning starts with a 0700 physio visit, then there';s a blood test followed by the dentist and quilt group gathering at 1100. There will be some breaks in there, but I am already exhausted as I think of that schedule.
26/Apr/17 4:32 AM
The afternoon will be spent packing the caravan,, we are heading down the coast tomorrow for a few days - there's no internet sssss, so I'll have withdrawal symptoms until we get home next week.
26/Apr/17 4:37 AM
OOPS, ran over 22 without knowing it. Sorry, Keith - didn't do it deliberately this time.
26/Apr/17 4:39 AM
A very big Good Morning to all
26/Apr/17 8:14 AM
1:59 Good morning one and all!

Thank you, Shosho.
26/Apr/17 10:14 AM
CP was not fooling around - no ambling, strolling, or even gallumping - a full-out RUN-OVER with an apology!
26/Apr/17 11:32 AM
Thanks, Plum - that was fun to see how patterns emerge & then follow them; liked it!!
26/Apr/17 11:39 AM
Jeb, it is a very poignant poem and relates well to navy folk.

Families don't always get a headstone to visit.

26/Apr/17 11:39 AM
Wow, Peter; that's a truth I'd never before pondered!
26/Apr/17 11:41 AM
Night all.
26/Apr/17 12:32 PM
Plum, post a photo of the wall if you took any.
26/Apr/17 1:48 PM
Peter, you may have seen it, a recent news item with video showing a WW II USS Arizona veteran's ashes being taken below to join his shipmates.
26/Apr/17 2:45 PM
Hi Folks, Not so many poozlers this time, only seven and two of those had a little lapse. The answers I expected were:
ACHING -.-.-.-.-.- More...
26/Apr/17 3:14 PM
As a proponent of the no headstone contingent, I'll comment that the freedom of not having to maintain a burial site is significant. We are transient beings. A headstone doesn't change that, it merely postpones the inevitable. We can ''Never Forget'' without a headstone, or, for that matter, cemeteries in general.
26/Apr/17 4:59 PM
Good evening, lovely photo ,Kate.
Reading through the comments and realised I hadn't done Wombats poozle . Found the printed paper under Tuesdays mail.
26/Apr/17 6:15 PM
1:49, with a silly error. Good night everyone.
26/Apr/17 10:43 PM
Another day here- have a good one!
26/Apr/17 11:36 PM
By this time tomorrow we'll be riding the train to NYC for a son-visit
26/Apr/17 11:38 PM
Why not? BOTP
26/Apr/17 11:39 PM
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