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Easy Sudoku for 26/May/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
26/May/18 12:00 AM
Wolf & friends!
Great day for celebration! Celebrate life, everyone!
26/May/18 12:03 AM
It sounds like you're still celebrating your birthday, Shiela!
26/May/18 12:12 AM

I've been busy the last few days and haven't checked in regularly. It's funny how you can go weeks with nothing much going on then all of a sudden you're running around as though your hair is on fire.
26/May/18 12:26 AM
to Dave and Cake Lady, too!
Drop by and say hi if you get a chance.
26/May/18 12:29 AM
Kathy & Wolf!
I'm outa' breath!!!
26/May/18 12:33 AM
to Dave & Cake Lady. Hope you have a fun day celebrating, too, on your 'two-day' birthday!
26/May/18 12:36 AM
And here's for Shosho!
26/May/18 12:37 AM
Everybody!! More folks awake today compared to yesterday!
26/May/18 1:03 AM
26/May/18 1:19 AM
Dave and Cake Lady.
26/May/18 1:20 AM
D or A, Amelia, Snowbird, Hal, Keith, Wombat, Joyce, Anne, & Sarah for all my birthday wishes yesterday - it's so much fun checking in on the first day of one's 'two-day'. I have never seen any of you in person, but you all have become a special - and unique - a part of my life!
26/May/18 1:36 AM
Hi all. A happy ''two day'' to Shiela, and to Dave and Cake Lady. I've met Dave in person, twice ... very nice guy.
26/May/18 1:43 AM
26 MAY

This week's Saturday poozle is 1&4 poozle,
I will work through the alphabet giving you the first and fourth letters of a word and a clue as to what the word is. I will also give you the rest of the word in random order, and the second and third letters of the word, in More...
26/May/18 2:18 AM
Good afternoon all - birthday greetings to Shiela ...might as well keep the celebration going!

And also b-day wishes to Dave & Cake Lady - nice weekend to have a party!! Come visit us here sometime - have been missing you!
26/May/18 2:20 AM
I guess Kevin, in today's photo, must be a young man now!
26/May/18 2:52 AM
everyone from cloudy Southern Oregon

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes and special notes.

to Shiela and Cake Lady from NY.
26/May/18 2:54 AM
Happy Birthday, Dave and Cake Lady, and to all - one minute left in the morning here in Texas.
26/May/18 2:58 AM
all of my personal smilies are gone, I guess if you snooze,
you loose all your smiles
26/May/18 3:11 AM
Back in time.
26/May/18 3:38 AM
26/May/18 3:39 AM
26/May/18 3:39 AM
Happy birthday Shiela,Dave and Cake lady. 2.10.
26/May/18 4:24 AM
all and a to Dave and Cake Lady. I've been taking it easier the last few days as I have some sort of skin rash that's incredibly itchy. Not much sleep doesn't help either. The doctors saw a viral skin infection but I think they don't really know!
26/May/18 6:39 AM
That should have been 'say'. Darn auto correct!
26/May/18 6:41 AM
1:50. Good morning everyone.
26/May/18 7:01 AM
I thought I was up early (hospital called to say Dad won't take his medicine - can I come down and talk to him) but Wombat was certainly up with the night owls!! . Gives me a chance to do your puzzle old friend
26/May/18 8:06 AM
Morning all, hello Kevin, still a boy is Wadgy 's grandson.
26/May/18 8:15 AM
Would have been on here earlier but out power went off, all good now.
26/May/18 8:16 AM
Dave and Cake Lady.
Shiela can enjoy another day of celebration.
26/May/18 8:20 AM
Good maEn, good people. It doesn't seem as if I've missed much more than a day or two but suddenly everyone's a year older! Shiela, Dave, Cake Lady and Jane(?) Best wishes for you now and in the upcoming year.
26/May/18 9:01 AM
Wagdy needs to do this puzzle today!
26/May/18 9:23 AM
Just in time for Fat Tire.
26/May/18 9:24 AM
Snowbird, 'saw' works just fine, even if you did mean 'say' - they said it because they saw it.
26/May/18 9:25 AM
… 'a' Fat Tire.
26/May/18 9:27 AM
On other hand, if they 'saw' a viral skin infection, does that mean they cut it off.
26/May/18 9:32 AM
That reminds me of today's TftD: On the other hand...

are different fingers.
26/May/18 9:36 AM
26/May/18 10:39 AM
Golly. I missed my own 10th anniversary of becoming Sudokuland's Plum. I was planning to make a bit of a deal about it. Oh, well. I joined May 23rd, 2008. So many of you were here before me. That kind of staying power is rare online friendship!
26/May/18 10:41 AM
End of page 1??
26/May/18 12:35 PM
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