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Easy Sudoku for 26/May/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, all!
26/May/19 12:00 AM
26/May/19 12:02 AM
Didn't go for a run because of family gathering.
26/May/19 12:14 AM
2:00. Nice time, Darren Jim. Good Morning, everyone!
26/May/19 12:28 AM

Shiela, Dave, and Cake Lady!
A lot of celebrating going on today and tomorrow!
26/May/19 12:42 AM
, Dave! Hope you and Linda are well!
26/May/19 12:48 AM
26/May/19 1:23 AM
26/May/19 1:28 AM
2:35 Good time for a slow-be like me!!
26/May/19 1:42 AM
Yep - Here's your Day 2 celebratory wishes for a grand b-day, Shiela!

26/May/19 2:13 AM
Happy Birthday, Cake Lady (you need to visit more often!) You might forget that THIS is the 'official' date because we are so slow here in the states! Such fun - you get to do this twice!

26/May/19 2:16 AM
Wonder which state Dave is celebrating his bday ...is it time to have wandered back to Oregon? Here is today's greeting:

……….and then there's tomorrow!
26/May/19 2:19 AM
1:58 Good early morning all.

Just in time to grab number 13!
26/May/19 2:53 AM
Just finished Wombat's poozle. There are some doozies in there.
Give it a try and see how you do!
26/May/19 2:57 AM
Morning. Nice to see Anne get her #.
26/May/19 3:58 AM
Morning all,great photo .
Wombat's poozle was a brain teaser this week but I got there in the end.
26/May/19 6:36 AM
Cake Lady
Hope you both enjoy your two day birthdays.
26/May/19 6:39 AM
Dave. Fond memories of our meet ups.
26/May/19 6:50 AM
A tad early, but I'll have my eagle Avatar on display until Memorial Day comes around on the 27th.
26/May/19 7:02 AM
And, since I'm here ...
26/May/19 7:03 AM
26/May/19 7:03 AM
26/May/19 7:03 AM
Lovely photo
26/May/19 7:52 AM
Love your eagle avatar, Keith!
26/May/19 8:03 AM
Good mAen
Planted some flowers today and got a spot for some future plants. Son prepared our bird feeders and set up a feeding station for his squirrel. Squirrel came and did his own planting in MY spot
26/May/19 9:52 AM
Dave and Cake Lady!
26/May/19 3:41 PM
1:36. That's about the time I wanted to do for the race (half marathon, and obviously hours:minutes!) I had this morning but my legs had other ideas - I faded to about 1:42.

Good afternoon everyone.
26/May/19 3:52 PM
Thanks, Liz. I put a larger version of it in my gallery if you are interested in seeing it in more detail.
26/May/19 5:04 PM
Thats one good looklng eagle Keith

Looks like he should be an Avenger...

'' Haliaeetus Man''
26/May/19 7:17 PM
thanks for the birthday wishes from Oregon.
27/May/19 2:37 PM
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