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Easy Sudoku for 26/June/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates, here's today's daffynition:
Counterfeiters: npl. Workers who install kitchen cabinets.

...And here's today's factoid:
Someone paid $14,000 USD for the bra Marilyn Monroe wore in 'Some Like It Hot'.
26/Jun/12 12:00 AM
26/Jun/12 12:00 AM
26/Jun/12 12:00 AM
Happy looking ducks!
26/Jun/12 12:01 AM
Will need today.
Gorgeous outside today... 65F now and 75F later.
26/Jun/12 12:01 AM
Love 'em both, Kayo!!!
26/Jun/12 12:01 AM
Good day, Kayo.

Got my blue Maen again. If you've never clicked on a blue one, try it.
26/Jun/12 12:01 AM
26/Jun/12 12:02 AM
26/Jun/12 12:09 AM
Make a wish and blow!
26/Jun/12 12:10 AM
I was just thinking Mallards must be world wide, but not so. They aren't in South America or Africa, or most of Australia.
26/Jun/12 12:12 AM
Peter's right, we best all do this:

26/Jun/12 12:12 AM
Good Maen friends!
Hope everyone had a nice weekend.
26/Jun/12 12:33 AM
Gotta love ducks!
26/Jun/12 12:36 AM

Aw, I'm sorry to hear of Lonesome George's demise. There is a photo of him on my page and an explanation as to how he got his name. Sad times in Galapagos. Well, the ladies won't much care, they have Super Diego, but I think we should have a moment of silence........thank you.
26/Jun/12 1:05 AM
In honor of Fiona's birthday, I have baked a cake. Let me just light the candles..... OOPS!
Call 911! Stand back, everyone!
Make room!
26/Jun/12 1:15 AM
Whew! Disaster averted!

Sorry. The cake seems to have self immolated. Have a fairy cake, Fiona.
26/Jun/12 1:20 AM
HI all! I just have, Kathy - had a fairy cake - there were some left over after the 150 I made for Carla's birthday!
26/Jun/12 1:23 AM
Duties first - the answer to the other day's riddle was coca cola and the coca cola kids were Eve, HalT, Heidi, Pam, Keith, Kathy and Mr Cee.
26/Jun/12 1:26 AM
Happy Birthday, Fiona!
26/Jun/12 1:29 AM
Was about to post the answer to yesterday's picture puzzle, but first...
26/Jun/12 1:29 AM
26/Jun/12 1:29 AM
There were lots of correct answers to yesterday's Picture Puzzle. The item was a skate key, and Captain J posted this as his reply: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ml1696pN-yE

Since all the correct answers came from the States, I suspect that the street skates we used here in days of yore More...
26/Jun/12 1:33 AM
Here's today's one - answers to the obvious inbox please!
Old as the dinosaurs am I.
A vampire by nature,
Killing thousands during my time.
I have no wings,
But can jump very high.
Tell me oh tell me,
What am I?
26/Jun/12 1:33 AM
Many thanks for your good wishes; not a big birthday just yet but into a big year!
26/Jun/12 1:35 AM
Let me just squeeze in here....

The answers to yesterday's WORD poozle: 1. effigy 2. Saturn, 3. russet 4. stubby, 5. mentor, 6. deface

job by winners, Keith, HalT, Grass-hopper, Shiela, Peter, Margo, Jane, and Karen (who gets More...
26/Jun/12 1:38 AM
Thought you all might enjoy reading Jane's answer....

'An EFFIGY of my previous car, a '94 SATURN (RUSSET in color and STUBBY in appearance), lies in repose. Its replacement, the regal Envoy, once considered the former car's MENTOR, now graces the carport, the rear end toward the back More...
26/Jun/12 1:45 AM
26/Jun/12 1:50 AM
Now, that's really 'going the extra mile.'
26/Jun/12 1:50 AM
Ok! PICTURE PUZZLE #5 has been posted in my gallery. This is going to be a difficult one for most of you, so here are two hints: 1) the item is quite small (a couple of inches long; 2) if you are as lazy as I am, you have a chance of solving it. Good luck!
26/Jun/12 1:56 AM
Happy Monday!
Fiona: ...and many more...
26/Jun/12 2:34 AM
Wimbledon Update: Isner and Falla about to start a new set. Fifth, of course. I think when Isner plays, they should just start his matches at 2 sets all.
26/Jun/12 3:21 AM
Isner lost. Rats!
26/Jun/12 4:04 AM
Good afternoon people of the world.
26/Jun/12 4:15 AM
Color TV Day
Log Cabin Day
26/Jun/12 4:16 AM
HOly Moses! Fiona is turning old....

I mean Fiona is advancing in age, hope you have a wonderful day.
26/Jun/12 4:18 AM
Tricia is celebrating 25 years today, with Mr. Tricia.
I know she enjoyed a nice out this weekend, but not sure if anything is planned for today.
26/Jun/12 4:19 AM
Went to the doctor this morning, thinking I was just 10 minutes late, turned out I was two days early.
26/Jun/12 4:20 AM
Went to the home store and I was able to enjoy the paint section and get Plan A and Plan B samples, for each of the rooms. I got more plans for the FPA, because Man wants white cabinets, and I don't, so I got a variety of nice shades of yellow to persaude him differently.
26/Jun/12 4:23 AM
Bye-bye page 1.
26/Jun/12 4:24 AM
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