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Easy Sudoku for 26/June/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world........
26/Jun/15 12:00 AM

and if its not may it be on the improve soon!
26/Jun/15 12:00 AM
26/Jun/15 12:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
26/Jun/15 12:07 AM
Still in party mode here. Love June's all month celebration.
Though on M's day, K had a drama queen melt down. Which at one point had to cancel her birthday, because she was making everyone miserable.
26/Jun/15 12:13 AM
Now in thinking, not clearly, one would think K's b-day should come first and if things went as planned it would have, but M had other plans, so by date, M's birthday is first. K wants to change it and highly dislikes it when I tell her that her day does come first.
26/Jun/15 12:16 AM
Of course, I got, 'Whatcha talking about, Mom!' So I told her that her birthday was first because it happened in 2006, then came M's in 2009. From the rants I clearly did not help the situation. The drama queen did not ruin the day for her sister. Two days later she is still talking about the best day ever.
26/Jun/15 12:18 AM
Have you ever had one of those evenings where by 7 PM you could crawl into bed and just fall right to sleep? Well, I did, but unfortunately I did not crawl into bed till after 12 AM. Got all comfy and was on my way to dreamland, when all of a sudden the voices in my head decided it was time to have More...
26/Jun/15 12:24 AM
Then at 3:48, a little voice came from beside me and said, 'Mommy, I am scared.' The girl is not scared, she just believes that is the magic word to crawl into my bed. She had Daddy sleeping with her, which she had woken him up to tell him to go get in his bed, so she could come join us. Again, I More...
26/Jun/15 12:27 AM
To our vacationing friend.

Anyone know when or if she is going to return?
26/Jun/15 12:28 AM
Thought the other half of the house was going to become presentable after Man went to work, but he just informed me that he is not going in today. OH joy. Two days in a row, yesterday because he needed to go from night shift mode, today, because they do not have a truck for him. He is still filling in for all the vacationers. Guess no one is vacationing today.
26/Jun/15 12:30 AM

Am I glad Im not trying to raise kids now!!!

Grandchildren you can give back when/if you get tired of them.
26/Jun/15 12:55 AM
Someone looks excited.
26/Jun/15 1:04 AM
Oh, Lizzy parenthood is nothing what I thought it would be. I so love their personalities, even though there are times they can be really trying. And it is good for them that they came into our lives when we were at such advanced ages, because I do not think I would have had my sense of humor when we had planned children, in our 20's.
26/Jun/15 1:04 AM
Excuse me for a moment while I rant, because no one is listening to me here.

No. No. NO. Yes, the bathroom is on the list to be painted, but finish the living room first.

Now, we can resume our normal chatter.
26/Jun/15 1:07 AM
Beginning with 'ae', add letters from the given pool to create an eight-letter word which means 'to appraise or value'. Do not rearrange the letters as you go. In this teaser, you will add two letters in the last step.

Pool: M T T S I E

1) AE
2) _ _ _
3) _ _ _ _
4) _ _ _ _ _
5) _ _ _ _ _ _
6) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Answers to my ‘AEIOU’’ inbox please.
26/Jun/15 1:08 AM
Hubby's parents are currently visiting and playing the borrow and return children game. Right now they have the oldest.
26/Jun/15 1:09 AM
People don't listen here either. I get told that they didn't know about something that I told them about several times. I've started prefacing my statements with ''I know you are going to forget about this but''.
26/Jun/15 1:11 AM
Oh, since I have a reader and one reading trainee, I have started writing down what I have said or asked them, along with the time or times that I ask. Thinking seriously of doing the same to Man.
26/Jun/15 1:32 AM
For clarification, I wasn't talking about the kids.
26/Jun/15 1:35 AM
Now that a lump has left my bed, the thought of a midmorning nap has crossed my mind. One would think after 6 mugs of coffee, I would be swinging from the ceiling fans, but one would think wrong. Unfortunately, the bathroom Man is painting is our bathroom. It is a small area, so maybe it will not More...
26/Jun/15 1:36 AM
Is he awake, yet?
26/Jun/15 1:37 AM
Hehehe, I put them all in the same category, since many times I cannot tell the difference.
26/Jun/15 1:38 AM
Serena is correct. It's not just kids that don't listen. If someone here has a hubby that does....I envy you. I can't count the times I have heard, ''You never told me that''. The good news is I can convince him that I told him something when I actually didn't. That works well occasionally.
26/Jun/15 1:39 AM
I have a calendar on the fridge that I write events on. Other than me, would you like to guess who in this house looks at it?
26/Jun/15 1:42 AM
Wow! Fiona is turning oooooollllldddddeeeeerrrrr today. Awesome.

So is Gladys.
Have a great day, ladies.
26/Jun/15 1:43 AM
I have an open date book. I understand Serena.
26/Jun/15 1:45 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle:
1. Cleopatra
2. Pectoral
3. Polecat
4. Locate
5. Cleat
6. Teal
7. Ale
8. El
9. E
10. ME
11. Elm
12. Mole
13. Motel
14. Motley
15. Ptolemy

Winners From, BYOM, Hal, Lizzy(13), Joyce(13), Serena(hubby got easy More...
26/Jun/15 1:48 AM
, y'all - just turned afternoon here. Will pay the church's bills shortly, then head on home.
26/Jun/15 2:15 AM
Serena, I like how you preface requests from other adult residents of the homestead .
26/Jun/15 2:16 AM
I keep a running list of needed grocery items on the fridge. I TELL them, 'I won't remember if you tell me we're out of something, write it on the list.' It's taking a few years. They're starting to get the hang of it, though we'll still go days without bread for sandwiches only to have someone More...
26/Jun/15 2:20 AM
I've kept a set of scoops in the same drawer for, hmmm, probably 10 years now. Even though I ask, tell, and beg for them to go in Drawer X, there's no telling where I'll find them. I think Silverguy's finally starting to understand that he wouldn't like it if his tools weren't in the right spots, please do the same for me.
26/Jun/15 2:25 AM
Now if I can teach the residents the meaning of the word 'nest', as in 'nesting the pots and pans' or 'nest the storage containers.' The tendency is to stack perilously until they fall over on the person who needs one - which is usually me.
26/Jun/15 2:26 AM
I love it when they can't find things because they are put away were they belong. Why would any sane person think to look for something were it goes?
26/Jun/15 2:29 AM
Pretty and happy girl today.
26/Jun/15 2:29 AM
26/Jun/15 2:30 AM
, Fiona! I hope your day is AWESOME!
26/Jun/15 2:49 AM
Fiona! ... now, would you be willing to share some of the many cakes you're getting?!
26/Jun/15 3:09 AM

can it be so?
26/Jun/15 3:13 AM

26/Jun/15 3:13 AM
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