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Easy Sudoku for 26/September/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Is it time? Are we there yet?
26/Sep/12 12:00 AM
G'day mates,here's today's daffynition:
IMPREGNABLE: A woman whose memory of labor is still vivid.

..And here's today's factoid:
To avoid being trapped in a burning bilding, Hans Christian Anderson always carried

a rope.

Jane, my heart goes out to you and Jaime at this difficult time. You both are in my

26/Sep/12 12:00 AM
Maybe we'll will today... sun goes in and out.
26/Sep/12 12:00 AM
26/Sep/12 12:00 AM
HI all! Oh I like today's picture on the banner better than yesterday's.
26/Sep/12 12:00 AM
OOOooo, new day, new picture in the banner..
26/Sep/12 12:01 AM
HalT...hope the wrist mends soon.
26/Sep/12 12:01 AM
maen, all Y'all
26/Sep/12 12:01 AM
26/Sep/12 12:03 AM
Does anyone have a different home page? Mine has a different heading at the top.
26/Sep/12 12:05 AM
Off to read the rest of yesterdays comments.
26/Sep/12 12:05 AM
Gath made an appearance, yesterday, to inform us of some changes to the site. (25/Sep/12 5:53 PM)

Thanks, Gath, for the updates and for letting us know...

Karen, and others, if you haven't 'figured it out' yet, if you click on your name (in the top right corner, just to the left of More...
26/Sep/12 12:13 AM
OK, let's try something new...we keep being told that the end of the world is coming up, in a couple of month's time in fact, so maybe we should be getting ourselves ready. You have to prepare a bag of goodies to take with you, wherever that may turn out to be,and the first thing you have to put in More...
26/Sep/12 12:14 AM
We had a double rainbow a little while back. I couldn't get a good picture of it though.
26/Sep/12 12:16 AM
Good Maen friends.
Haven't been here for about a week.
Glad I came back in time to find out about Jane and Jamie. Hugs to you both.
26/Sep/12 12:23 AM
Fiona -
Fun, fun...thank you.
I would pick Byron Katie. I have seen her in person and find her outlook on life uplifting and would be blessed to have her positive and loving support through a difficult time.
Byron Katie wrote 'Loving What Is'
I would have picked the Dahli Lama, but I think I could understand Byron Katie better
26/Sep/12 12:26 AM
Good morning people of the world.
26/Sep/12 12:28 AM
Serena - lucky you! They are quite remarkable. Glad you captured this one, Kate.
I zipped through the puzzle today going backwards from 9 to 1!
26/Sep/12 12:29 AM
Math Story Telling Day
26/Sep/12 12:29 AM
WOW... 1st page post... wonders will never cease... greetings all
26/Sep/12 12:29 AM
I haven't been here for the past week either, I don't think, so I'm in a bit of shock over the sad news about Jaime and Jane. I need to go look at posts over the past few days.
26/Sep/12 12:31 AM
Thanks Jerry for your information. After I posted, I had to get little people dressed and push them out the door, so have not had a chance to play around and see what the new page could do. Doubt it seriously, I would have figured out to click on my name.
26/Sep/12 12:31 AM
Give me a minute or two, Fiona. As I read your post, I made mental notes of who I wanted, now let me figure out who would be most deserving of the privilege to be with me.
26/Sep/12 12:33 AM
Oh, you know, I would not have waited.
26/Sep/12 12:34 AM
Hmmmmm... no more search bar. Drat. I used it all the time. Does this mean that Gath might be working on the avatar and smilie problem?
26/Sep/12 12:35 AM
Oh Fiona.. what fun this may turn out to be.. my back is aching and I feel the need for a massage so I am going to select a good friend who has magic hands and gives a very good massage..it is so hard to massage ones own back! I'm sure I could also return the favour if need arises... :)
26/Sep/12 12:40 AM
G'nite all. Have a good day topsiders.
26/Sep/12 12:42 AM
Jane.... I don't have a way with words, and cannot find the right ones to express my heartbreak over Jaime and your sad situation. I wish I could be there to give you a heartfelt hug and a shoulder to cry on. ((((( HUGS )))))
26/Sep/12 12:42 AM
Mr. Cee, I have no problem reading upside down, it is the upright, plain English, I have difficulty with.
Good try though.
26/Sep/12 12:45 AM
My choice, Larry Ellison.
Easy on the eyes and rich.
26/Sep/12 12:56 AM
26/Sep/12 1:00 AM
I am thinking about who my one person would be. I have some friends who have been friends for a number of years. I have some new friends that I would like to get to know better. Even though he can be a big pain in the tookus, if he is not focused on crop production (or lack thereof) or money (or More...
26/Sep/12 1:08 AM
The 'electric inspector' just left. I can now start back filling the trenches. HooRah!!!!!!!
26/Sep/12 1:10 AM
I want someone nice to look at, kind, great at massage, a beautiful voice, nice legs and butt, only problem you won't let me have all 5 and I can't think of one man with all these qualities in one package ! I'll keep thinking
26/Sep/12 1:10 AM
I just caught up on yesterday's posts.

Jane, my heart breaks for you and Jaime. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope it is some small comfort to know that many people around the world are keeping you both close to their hearts.
26/Sep/12 1:11 AM
Sarah Beth, I had to go with a stranger. No family members, which none came to mind, well except for my Things, but they go where I go, unless I loose them. Couple of hundred people in here came to mind, but then I choose one, I was afraid, I may hurt someones feelings.
So decided, on someone More...
26/Sep/12 1:31 AM
Strange, how I did not think to put a woman in my bag.
26/Sep/12 1:31 AM
The Person to keep me company...

For me, this has to be somebody knowledgeable and intelligent (eg, a University Lecturer), female, good-looking, and from the UK so she knows how to use the English language correctly.
26/Sep/12 1:33 AM
That would be AWESOME.
26/Sep/12 1:33 AM
Planning another family weekend get away. Asked Thing II where she would like to go and her response was to the zoo and went out the door. Wonder if she is waiting for me at the car?
26/Sep/12 1:33 AM
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