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Easy Sudoku for 27/January/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Busy for a few mornings trying to get a simple insertion sort program to work.
27/Jan/16 12:00 AM
Good morning.
27/Jan/16 12:01 AM
I just happened to wake at midnight.
27/Jan/16 12:02 AM
ut it's too early even for me, so I'm off back to bed. Cya later.
27/Jan/16 12:03 AM
27/Jan/16 12:17 AM
Was yesterday 'Australia Day'?
27/Jan/16 12:41 AM
Good morning to all! Is that a Christmas Advent calendar?
27/Jan/16 1:30 AM
Yes Wolf, yesterday was Australia Day.
27/Jan/16 1:31 AM
27/Jan/16 1:57 AM
Harry will be leaving the hospital tomorrow his 3 days are up. He will be transferred to a rehabilitation living facility. We have been told he will get the best rehab at Adams PARC. It depends how fast he heals how long he will have to stay.
27/Jan/16 2:01 AM
It is getting about time for me to go to my doctors appointment, I might be getting my boot off today. I will not get my hopes up it has only been 57 days since I broke it but 39 days since the surgery so 39 days or almost 6 weeks is the time line.
27/Jan/16 2:08 AM
Good luck, Sue.
27/Jan/16 2:54 AM
Got another 2 hours sleep.
27/Jan/16 2:55 AM
And read another few chapters of Cathy/Ontaio's latest book.
27/Jan/16 2:56 AM
I'm really hooked in to it. I'd read all day if I could.
27/Jan/16 2:58 AM
What am I talking about, that's what I did all yesterday between helping MR P repair some of the damage from the hail storm.
27/Jan/16 2:59 AM
Good morning. I have not bought Cathy's book yet as I know once I start I will need a day when I am able to keep reading.
Yes it was Australia Day yesterday. Lots of celebrations everywhere. We played lawn bowls. All dressed up in Aussie hats and shirts.
Like CP, I am now going back to bed.
27/Jan/16 3:04 AM
Happy Tuesday!
Book Club this morning is discussing 'The Astronaut Wives Club'
27/Jan/16 3:07 AM

Aileen - You should recommend one of Cathy's books for your book club.
27/Jan/16 3:12 AM
Stolen from a friend's webpage:-

I AM A SEENAGER (Senior Teenager)
I have everything that I wanted as a teenager, only 60 years later.
I don't have to go to school or work.
I get an allowance every month.
I have my own pad.
I don't have a curfew.
I have a driver's license More...
27/Jan/16 3:14 AM
27/Jan/16 3:16 AM
27/Jan/16 3:16 AM
Morning all, this pic has me baffled.
27/Jan/16 4:03 AM
Good luck Sue, hope it's good news for you.
Wishing Harry a speedy recovery.
27/Jan/16 4:09 AM
27/Jan/16 4:10 AM
I wish the government would make up its mind!!! Last year they told me that the health care insurance supplement I already had, paid by the government through my dad's survivor benefits would not do and that I had two choices for her supplement. After talks with the nursing home we finally got it More...
27/Jan/16 4:13 AM
Milne's militia out in force, occupying my #.
27/Jan/16 4:27 AM
27/Jan/16 4:33 AM
27/Jan/16 4:34 AM
I'd love to hear the rules for that game.
27/Jan/16 4:36 AM
... the one in the reward picture.
27/Jan/16 4:37 AM
4x4 Hard didn't work yesterday, and doesn't again today.
27/Jan/16 4:45 AM
FYI - For those of you interested, I plan to post a two day behead/curtail puzzle on Saturday (my time), Sunday morning (site time). I hope some of you will give it a try.
27/Jan/16 5:26 AM
Hello everyone! I will keep returning today to read all the clever comments on today's photo - Greg's advent calendar & Keith's game are quite humorous; me? I got nothing!!
27/Jan/16 6:24 AM
Just stopped in and it seems I have a few folks who are reading my book--you guys are the best. Much appreciated! Working on the next one, a departure from the series. Not much else to do on this soggy day.
Cheers, all!
27/Jan/16 6:41 AM
Cathy, could not get your first book but have read all the others except the last one and I have been too busy. I know once I start I will read till I have finished.
27/Jan/16 7:10 AM
Good morning all
27/Jan/16 7:17 AM
Some rain and thunderstorms across the north of Tas forecast for the next 3 days. May help with the fire fighting, but not much rain for the western wilderness areas. More firies arrived from NSW yesterday, some of whom are wilderness specialists.
27/Jan/16 7:20 AM
So fingers crossed for rain across our incredibly dry state. According to 'experts' this is the driest in 100 years!
27/Jan/16 7:21 AM
I'm going to spend some time today organising for the Tassie leg on Jane's trip to Oz. We start in Sydney 4 weeks on Friday!
27/Jan/16 7:23 AM
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