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Easy Sudoku for 27/January/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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27/Jan/19 12:00 AM
Thought I'd jump in first today, have a great day
27/Jan/19 12:01 AM
I tried a melatonin in the middle of the night and slept in till 7:01 this morning! (=12:01).
27/Jan/19 12:06 AM
2:07 Good night all.
27/Jan/19 12:13 AM
Rage and Wolf! Nighty night, Anne.
I have melatonin ''in case of emergency'', too, Wolf. It works well for me.

We have a plumber showing up in a little while. One slow running toilet and while he's here he can look at my More...
27/Jan/19 12:54 AM
2:20. Morning all!
27/Jan/19 1:53 AM
Yippee! Hope you have sunshine, too!
27/Jan/19 2:13 AM
for Shosho!
27/Jan/19 2:14 AM
Do they taste like normal strawberries?
27/Jan/19 2:35 AM
I have had sleep problems for several years and my doctor suggested taking Melatonin. (Because beta-blocker blood pressure meds - which I take - can deplete natural Melatonin.) My pharmacist told me that it takes about 2 weeks for Melatonin to work properly. So, I took it regularly for about a More...
27/Jan/19 2:42 AM
27/Jan/19 2:51 AM
Good Morning,
27/Jan/19 3:11 AM
Thankful I have never had problems sleeping.
27/Jan/19 3:11 AM
Everybody!! What? Wolf lost first!
27/Jan/19 3:31 AM
27/Jan/19 3:43 AM
I'm flabbergasted that Wolf was able to take care of essentials and post 5 minutes after awakening!
27/Jan/19 4:08 AM
Unusual strawberries! Mine are a different shape, and grow on plants close to the ground.
27/Jan/19 5:45 AM
Morning all, I'm watching the golf in Judy territory, Torrey Pines, San Diego.
27/Jan/19 5:46 AM
Jacalmi, these strawberry trees are a native of Western Europe and Mediterranean countries.
27/Jan/19 5:57 AM
Arbutus unedo, the strawberry tree, is an evergreen shrub or small tree in the familyEricaceae, native to the Mediterranean region and western Europe north to western France and Ireland. Due to its presence in southwest and northwest Ireland, it is known as either 'Irish strawberry tree', or cain More...
27/Jan/19 6:16 AM
🙋🏼good mAen ⛄️🌨🌤🌬doing the rounds
27/Jan/19 6:47 AM
27/Jan/19 7:00 AM

I dedicate that last post to Keith!!!
27/Jan/19 7:00 AM
And thank you, Shiela!! Here's flying your way!
27/Jan/19 7:01 AM
Late start on computer due to computer problem but I got the security issue taken care!
27/Jan/19 7:02 AM
27/Jan/19 7:05 AM
Even later start for me - howdy to all!
27/Jan/19 7:10 AM
Don't forget - Wombat posted a poozle - it's a fun one too!
27/Jan/19 7:11 AM
Thx for remembering, shosho. I've been busy and haven't had much time for Sudoku lately. I've done everything required to get ready for starting radiation. It is scheduled to start on the llth.
27/Jan/19 8:17 AM
1:45. Good morning everyone. I've just cooled down after my long Sunday morning run - I set out to do 28km but got a little carried away and ended up with a little over 31km!
27/Jan/19 10:19 AM
Didja get lost on the way back, Chris?
27/Jan/19 12:50 PM
Nearly beer-o-clock.
27/Jan/19 1:29 PM
I'll have a Cascade please barman.

The drinks are on me folks so step up and name your poison!
27/Jan/19 1:31 PM
Is an hour 'fashionably late'? If there's anything left on the bar, I'll have a Canadian Whiskey & Tonic - squeeze of lime, if you please...

27/Jan/19 2:31 PM
27/Jan/19 2:44 PM
Here are a few more geriatric jokes:
11. No one is so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm. (Henry David Thoreau)
12. We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. (George Bernard Shaw)
13. Age is not how old you are but how many years of fun you’ve More...
27/Jan/19 4:15 PM
And another one Wombat.

16. Geriatrics tend to post the same thing more than once. (beehive)

16. Geriatrics tend to post the same thing more than once. (beehive)
27/Jan/19 5:02 PM
Oh yeah,Beehive gotya a beauty Wombat
27/Jan/19 10:08 PM
I've got a job to do before I go to bed...
27/Jan/19 11:43 PM
Can you guess what it is?
27/Jan/19 11:44 PM
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