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Easy Sudoku for 27/October/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
n. The self-sustaining collection of yes-men and sycophants who orbit around sports stars, celebrities, and various executives.
27/Oct/11 12:00 AM
27/Oct/11 12:00 AM
27/Oct/11 12:00 AM
2nd again!
27/Oct/11 12:00 AM
Hello, everyone!
I'm B-AAACK!!!
27/Oct/11 12:01 AM
27/Oct/11 12:01 AM
Home late, winding down, think I will go and find my place of slumber. Goodnight!
27/Oct/11 12:02 AM
Was very lovely hosting my German and Welsh sister-city friends, but I've missed my Sudoku buddies!
27/Oct/11 12:02 AM
WB, Shiela and Hi, Dorthea.
27/Oct/11 12:02 AM
And I've probably forgotten how to do the puzzles!
27/Oct/11 12:03 AM
Good night, CP!!! Sweet dreams!
27/Oct/11 12:04 AM
Wow! Maybe I should be gone longer!!!
Puzzle went faster than my regular times!
27/Oct/11 12:16 AM
2:09 Good evening one and all!
27/Oct/11 12:16 AM
Ha, I got the 13 too.
27/Oct/11 12:17 AM
Just out of curiosity, we seem to see hundreds of photos of Wendy's and Eileen's, but we never seem to see them commenting on the site. Or is it that I just haven't noticed them.
27/Oct/11 12:18 AM
I think you are correct in your observation, Anne.
27/Oct/11 12:25 AM
How are you, Shiela, after all your hostessing for your visitors?
27/Oct/11 12:29 AM
2.44 stupid iPad thingy! No, no introduction needed
27/Oct/11 12:31 AM
I'm waiting for the gutter man. He's supposed to fix the damage the fallen tree did to the gutters when the German sister-city girls were here in September. We were so busy touring with the two groups that we postponed the work until both sets of visitors left. So far, he's 1 hour late.
27/Oct/11 12:31 AM
I'm doing well, Anne... Just vegging out at this point! And doing laundry - sheets, towels, etc.
27/Oct/11 12:33 AM
27/Oct/11 12:33 AM
27/Oct/11 12:33 AM
Yippee!!! 22 on my first day back!
27/Oct/11 12:34 AM
There's always plenty to do when visitors have left. Enjoy the rest.

Just about time I went to bed but I haven't turned my electric blanket on yet so will have to get into a cold bed. Brrrrrr!!
27/Oct/11 12:36 AM

27/Oct/11 12:37 AM
Looks like everyone snook out of here when Queen Anne went to sleep.
27/Oct/11 1:14 AM
Good Maen friends!
Back from visiting my friend in Grants Pass, Oregon...thought of you, Eve.
We had a great time visiting.
The highlight for me was a tour of a wildlife rehab and sanctuary. I wish I had a ton of money to send them to help their cause.
27/Oct/11 1:25 AM
Gail - can't believe you actually posted a time from Sudoku on your iPad. I will play it on mine, but not own up to the time it takes me!!!
27/Oct/11 1:26 AM
Anne, you got our mutual lucky number today... That is what I get for being lying in bed too long this morning! Just couldn't seem to rouse myself after a busy day yesterday.
27/Oct/11 1:28 AM
Eileen - I've loved enjoying your Egyptian trip with you - wonderful photos!
27/Oct/11 1:28 AM
HI all! Hello Sheila, welcome back to the land of nod! Yesterday's puzzle only had a couple of takers, well done to my side-kick and Captain J who got all the ex words:
ex press
ex change
ex plain
ex tent
ex termination
27/Oct/11 1:29 AM
Here's today's one - answers to the Mickey and Minnie inbox please!
I'm the smallest of my kind, no doubt about that;
Compared to my brothers, I seem like a rat.

A blue face have I, a blue face, you know;
It's awfully cold here, with poisonous snow.

My name came from a god, a god with great might;
Although you know of me, I'm way out of your sight.

What am I?
27/Oct/11 1:31 AM
Oops, I forgot my manners and just started talking. Good Maen, everyone.

Welcome home, Vici. Gail, I've not tried the puzzle on my iPad. I think your time is great - iPad or not.
27/Oct/11 1:32 AM
baking today, of course, pumpkin is involved
27/Oct/11 1:51 AM

I don't remember seeing Wendy or Eileen posts, either, Anne. I hope they are aware of how much we enjoy their photos.

Easy one today, Fiona.
27/Oct/11 2:07 AM
27/Oct/11 2:49 AM
Three cats at the vets this morning. I was able to get the feral cat in the crate with TM's help. He did manage to sink his teeth into the base of my right thumb, even through leather gloves. I was planning on seeing the Dr about my poision ivy today anyway.
27/Oct/11 2:51 AM
To answer Phantom's question, we are putting the cats out of the kitten business.
27/Oct/11 2:52 AM
I did not sleep well last night. I itched, and that kept me from going into a deep sleep. Tm spent the night in the recliner...he is afraid of the rash. He got up during the night, ran water and fed the dog. It rained, complete with thunder and lightening. And our cats have figured out how to ring the doorbell. They did that in the middle of the night.
27/Oct/11 2:55 AM
It is so close, I might as well.....
27/Oct/11 2:55 AM
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