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Easy Sudoku for 27/November/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hello sudokuland. I hope everybody is well.
27/Nov/16 12:03 AM
🌻good Maen to one and all - little break in getting ready to go - we do a service project Sunday morning on my girl's weekend - Linus blanket- very easy to do and you can chat as you go - got my scissors ready to go and fabric is from last year when I couldn't decide pony or trains theme - so trains it will be this year ! Always gotta do my horses first!!
27/Nov/16 12:15 AM
27/Nov/16 12:45 AM
Good morning. Are the topsiders still recovering from Thanksgiving and black Friday shopping?
For those who have followed Laura, my grand daughter, on the parent's page there is an early photo taken by her Mother on the parent's page today but I have just posted a photo taken yesterday when she was bridesmaid to her cousin. How quickly they grow up.
27/Nov/16 12:46 AM
Yes, Laura is all grown up, June ... but she is still as pretty as ever!
27/Nov/16 12:53 AM
Happy Saturday!
Woohoo, Judy's in the house! Look time no see
27/Nov/16 12:56 AM
1:34. Hi everyone.
27/Nov/16 1:01 AM
Hi, Aileen! Batten down the hatches! The rain is coming!
27/Nov/16 1:30 AM
Thanks to all for the friendly welcome back last week!
27/Nov/16 2:54 AM
to a cold November morning in OK
27/Nov/16 3:39 AM
Mymare, I have had a fitbit for 2 months and love it. I think I walk more since I can see just how many steps - miles I go in a day.
27/Nov/16 3:41 AM
27/Nov/16 4:22 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne!
27/Nov/16 4:24 AM
Hi, Sue! I've had my fitbit for over a year. Been upgraded by my son. Started with a gray one and son got me a thinner purple one for Christmas last year. Four days a week I run and complete over 10,000 steps. Two days I'll try to walk to that goal but not quite there, 8-9,000 steps. And Sunday, forget it! I am as lazy as they get on that day!
27/Nov/16 4:27 AM
Hmmm, one more for a CP!!!
27/Nov/16 4:28 AM
Yay! CP!!
27/Nov/16 4:28 AM
My memory of Laura is as a toddler helping me feed the birds when I visited June and Ken in 2009. What a lovely young lady she has grown up to be.
27/Nov/16 5:02 AM
Morning all, I think pooch has been out in the rain. lol
Another busy day ahead better get moving.
27/Nov/16 5:47 AM
Good afternoon to all! Sad looking dog. I guess it knows that it smells bad.
27/Nov/16 6:31 AM
Another of more to come mild days here. The snow we have had so far is disappearing.
27/Nov/16 6:33 AM
Guess I'll go for it....
27/Nov/16 6:33 AM
For Keith.....
27/Nov/16 6:34 AM
And a CP to boot!
27/Nov/16 6:34 AM

27/Nov/16 7:26 AM
I'll take that Beavertail!
27/Nov/16 8:33 AM
Not a bad consolation prize for Keith, Greg!
27/Nov/16 9:02 AM
Most of our snow is also gone... but the damp weather that is doing it is less desirable than a snowy day!
27/Nov/16 9:03 AM
Cheers to all for a delightful rest of your day -
27/Nov/16 9:04 AM
Wombat has a puzzle available - it's an interesting one!
27/Nov/16 9:05 AM
Off to the treadmill - CP & toddles.....
27/Nov/16 9:06 AM

Well back from Lake Cootharaba yesterday and off to Blackbutt (QLD) today.
27/Nov/16 10:02 AM

Nice sultry day here in Sourh East Queensland.
27/Nov/16 10:04 AM
1:45 Good morning one and all!
27/Nov/16 12:08 PM
Wouldn't the juxtaposition of nice and sultry constitute an oxymoron. I think warm and dry is ideal weather.
27/Nov/16 1:16 PM
Sharon, I am at only 5,000 steps. I am still working on getting back in shape after having the broken foot for 6 months.
27/Nov/16 2:28 PM
Thank you to all who commented on my photo of Laura. Both here and on my page. Many Sudoku people who have been to a 'gathering' at my home met Laura when she was younger. Life is not easy for her without her mother.
27/Nov/16 9:48 PM
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