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Easy Sudoku for 27/March/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day/nite all..
27/Mar/08 12:00 AM
Good morning all! Not as chilly this morning, 34*F, but we're supposed to get snow! Still waiting for Spring here!
27/Mar/08 12:01 AM
Nice morning today.
27/Mar/08 12:02 AM
Nice evening here!
27/Mar/08 12:02 AM
all - It is raining out - still dark of course. Since everyone has had problems with rain lately - my U-tube is to brighten your thoughts on rain - be a child again:

GENE KELLY - "SINGING IN THE RAIN" (the dance sceen from the movie)

27/Mar/08 12:06 AM
First time in a long time have been able to solve 1 to 9 so good
27/Mar/08 12:08 AM
Cleo looks like she can purr.
27/Mar/08 12:08 AM
Good Maen, appy, Stella, Dorothea, Broni, Eve...
We've got sunshine this morning! And it's supposed to be sunny all day! Yippee!!
27/Mar/08 12:20 AM
Oh, Dorthea! I gave you an extra "O"! Sorry!
27/Mar/08 12:22 AM
Gossip is like a photograph. It starts with a negative, then is developed and enlarged.
27/Mar/08 12:24 AM
Shiela - It's OK. My mother named me after her nurse, but when I married a William and had Charles,Crystal and Celeste, my father call us his seven (C's)
27/Mar/08 12:29 AM
Forgot to say our last name has seven letters as well.

27/Mar/08 12:30 AM
Hi hi...good morning Appy, Stella, Dorothea, Broni, Eve and Shiela, we have sunshine today and it is great for my mood.Have a great day/night all.
27/Mar/08 12:32 AM
hi shiela...
27/Mar/08 12:32 AM
well I know its old and you might have seen it before, but just cant help putting it again..
What is the difference between a cat and a comma?
One means pause at the end of a clause, and the other means claws at the end of paws...

27/Mar/08 12:42 AM
Ooh Purrfect Appy that one made mee-ow
27/Mar/08 12:48 AM
and if a kitty is fed only with condensed milk, will it become a Bonsai kitten??
27/Mar/08 12:49 AM
Appy, as a cat lover, loved it!
27/Mar/08 12:50 AM
ah! Mo..if the cat is French, will it prefer only chocolate mousse for the desert???
27/Mar/08 12:50 AM
oh shiela, do you happen to use a catacomb to comb your cat??
27/Mar/08 12:54 AM

My cat's whiskers are twitching!
How many of these do you have?!? I have been sending these on to my niece in Papua as soon as you post them! When got I one, I sent it on. Then another came, I sent that one on, and then another! Should I wait a bit and send a whole collection?
27/Mar/08 1:01 AM
Hello Everyone. You know, when it rains, it pours. Had to pick up my girl from school yesterday. She's still sick and very mad at me for not letting her go to school. She's very worried that she's gonna miss something important....
27/Mar/08 1:02 AM
....I got an email from my mom this morning. My gramma (who will be 90 next week) decided to go out to the bars last night with all her little old lady friends and fell on some ice, breaking her ankle in 2 places. Say a prayer for her. Surgery at noon today (about 3hrs from now).....
27/Mar/08 1:02 AM
...and did I mention that the plumber had to come out again yesterday?? The last time it costed a bundle and he found nothing wrong. This time, I made him stay until it was fixed. Can't wait to see the bill on that one.
27/Mar/08 1:03 AM
2:05 good evening all.
Had a good run around at badminton tonight. I had to throw my old bath pillow out the other week so my daughter treated me to a new one, Oh, what luxury, to lay back in the and soak my weary muscles after running around the badminton court. I think I must be getting old!
27/Mar/08 1:08 AM
Appy: You are really on form today. More! More!
27/Mar/08 1:09 AM
So sorry for your troubles, Angie. Our prayers for your grandma. Lovely that she was still able to do such things at age 90, but very sorry that she was rewarded with that! Not fair!
27/Mar/08 1:09 AM
Gotta get going! This is addicting! Meant to leave 15 minutes ago!
27/Mar/08 1:13 AM
ok you guys asked for it...
try stopping me now...
27/Mar/08 1:14 AM
shiela hang on..just for you..some more.
27/Mar/08 1:14 AM
you wanna have some mittens, no worries, just feed your cat a ball of yarn...
27/Mar/08 1:15 AM
Sunny greetings from SW FL.

Angie - will be remembering your cool granny today in my prayers!
27/Mar/08 1:16 AM
and dont worry much when your feline friend swallows a dime, for your money is safe in the kitty..
27/Mar/08 1:17 AM
3:07 So slow must be tired. Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

Some mornings it just doesn't seem worth it to gnaw through the leather straps.
27/Mar/08 1:21 AM
90..did I read it right??..OH Boy!!!
Angie, if she can venture out such things I am sure she will come outa it perfectly alright..very best wishes for her..
27/Mar/08 1:22 AM
Angie I hope your gramma's surgery goes well xx
27/Mar/08 1:22 AM
Angie, hope your gramma's surgery goes well & she has good strong bones to help in the healing. Sounds like she keeps very active for a 90 year old - good for her .
appy - just saw that Ford has sold their Jaguar & Land Rover divisions to Tata Motors of India!
27/Mar/08 1:23 AM
André - our words almost exactly alike! Are there any signs of spring in your area yet?
27/Mar/08 1:25 AM
Cleo looks very regal indeed, but then, so do most cats. Mine have perfected the look (or should I say "purr-fected?")
A sunny day here, with last night's rain taking most of the snow banks with it.
Angie, a prayer is going out for your grandma, and I hope this setback doesn't stop her from continuing to live life to the fullest. Good for her! Let her know we're rooting for her.
27/Mar/08 1:27 AM
yes Kathy, but right now,auto sector analyst feels,if Tata Motors takes the acquisitions on its balance sheet it will be a negative for the stock.The company will have to focus on how to turn them into profit making brands.And its gonna be tough with present economic situation.
27/Mar/08 1:32 AM
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