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Easy Sudoku for 27/March/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, puzzlers!
27/Mar/11 12:00 AM
Good Morn: Time to see what the puzzle brings up!
27/Mar/11 12:00 AM

Just a quick drop-in to post today's puzzle. I will be back this afternoon to post yesterday's winners and give an update on the search for the Competent Captain Care position!

27/Mar/11 12:04 AM
2:18 Good evening one and all.
27/Mar/11 12:06 AM
I thought they were carns - until I read marigolds.
27/Mar/11 12:06 AM
everyone. Check out the Aurora Lights on this link

27/Mar/11 12:06 AM
Here we go......

With thieves I consort,
with the vilest, in short.
I`m quite at my ease in depravity;
Yet all divines use me,
and savants cannot lose me.
For I am the center of gravity.
What am I?
Answers to the "Depravity is not so easy" inbox, please.
27/Mar/11 12:09 AM
Congrats to Jeanne #1
Tilt me hat - gud morn me queen Anne.
Kathy - ready to go early in the morn - a real winner.
fii - the borealis is always beautiful - hope to see one sometime.
27/Mar/11 12:09 AM
Hey Eve - you're doing a good summary there.
27/Mar/11 12:16 AM
Hello, everyone!
I was busy flattening out three of my paintings to be framed (they curl when painting) and time got away from me!
27/Mar/11 12:22 AM
Good Maen, early birds and not-so-early birds!
27/Mar/11 12:26 AM
good morning all
27/Mar/11 12:26 AM
I may as well take 13.
27/Mar/11 12:29 AM
There are more than 70 brushfires in Coastal Georgia. Fortunately for us, none are in our immediate county, but the counties surrounding us are suffering. Several homes have been lost. There is a reward of $25,000 for the arsonist who started one last week in McIntosh County (just north of us). I think three homes were burned in that fire.
27/Mar/11 12:29 AM
On that note I will say good night and head off to bed. A very warm night so it won't be very confortable trying to sleep tonight.
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzz
27/Mar/11 12:31 AM
Good night, Queen Anne!
27/Mar/11 12:33 AM
Enjoy the satin sheets.
27/Mar/11 12:34 AM
I've got my new running shoes on. Is anyone up to the challenge???
27/Mar/11 12:34 AM
27/Mar/11 12:34 AM
27/Mar/11 12:34 AM
27/Mar/11 12:34 AM
27/Mar/11 12:35 AM
Ta da!
27/Mar/11 12:35 AM
Just noticed a flippin ad - "Boots & T-shirt" (28) looks pretty good & local - wonder what he can do.
27/Mar/11 12:37 AM
The framers frown on curled paintings.
The 300 pound paper that I use is quite stiff and is hard to flatten out. So I wet the backs of the paintings slightly, put them on the counter in the kitchen, put a layer of paper towels on the back, then a piece of foam core larger than the painting, More...
27/Mar/11 12:37 AM
Wow! Looks as if people finally woke up to the new day!
... even if they are on the way to bed!
27/Mar/11 12:39 AM
Last year, I went to a "bachelor auction" for an oranization that saves injured and abused animals. Bid on one his services included (among other things) fixing your computer - I didn't make the top bid $600 (and he was not the highest) of the 16 bachelors auctioned that night. Some good money was made for the center and a lot of fun had by all.
27/Mar/11 12:48 AM
Good Maen friends!
Busy for a Sat/Sun morning.
Eve - I'm curious about your bachelor's "other" services hehehe! BTW - how is your computer running?
27/Mar/11 12:52 AM
Those must be some hearty marigolds!
27/Mar/11 12:55 AM
Maen all. Stay safe Jane, those fires can spread in a heartbeat. Hope they catch the arsonist and hang him by his 'you know what'. Honey says I'm going to get myself killed...last night I saw a driver toss a cigarette out his window. When we got to a red light I went up to the car and explained More...
27/Mar/11 1:15 AM
Speaking of bikriding, the wind looks calm this morning but it's only 25*...
27/Mar/11 1:17 AM
bike riding....way too early for typing on a Saturday morning...
27/Mar/11 1:18 AM
Good morning people of the world.
27/Mar/11 1:22 AM
It is Make Your Own Holiday Day.
27/Mar/11 1:23 AM
Yes Thinking of you in the fire zone. May you all stay safe. It makes it so doubly sad when someone has deliberately lit it.
27/Mar/11 1:23 AM
Grief, Shannon. Are you nuts?
Do you know how many not in a good way, crazy people are out there?

Good for you for standing up for what you believe.
27/Mar/11 1:25 AM
I ran Man over with my new tires. Darn Man has more lives than a cat. Of course, it was his fault, he is the one that opened the door before I put the vehicle in park I had come to a stop, though and he was openig the back door to get the girls, I thought I had my foot on the brake, while I reached More...
27/Mar/11 1:29 AM
Now what kind of holiday do I want to celebrate today?

Stay in bed day sounds great. Don't think the Things will go for that one.
27/Mar/11 1:31 AM
Annoy the People of the World Day.

Nay, I do that daily.
27/Mar/11 1:32 AM
How about...Topping the Page Day.
27/Mar/11 1:33 AM
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