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Easy Sudoku for 27/May/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Now it's also tornadoes in Texas to join the rain.
27/May/15 12:01 AM
27/May/15 12:01 AM
Overcast today, but who cares...
...it was sunny on race day at the Indy 500!
Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes, friends!
27/May/15 12:02 AM
So sorry to hear of the bad storms in Texas. Tornados and floods are devestating things to go through. My heart goes out to all.
27/May/15 12:05 AM
I sure wouldn't want to be living near a river in parts of Texas. There have been a lot of evacuations. I don't understand people that refuse to evacuate, then pay a heavy price for their stubbornness. I hope all our Texas Sudoku members are able to remain safe.
27/May/15 12:31 AM
Time for a poozle!

Below you will find 15 well-known SEVEN letter words, with only their endings remaining. Can you determine the words?
27/May/15 12:34 AM
Maen, all. I feel accomplished today - I got the trash out on the curb.
27/May/15 1:13 AM
Good morning people of the world.
27/May/15 1:27 AM
To our dear friend.
27/May/15 1:28 AM
Had a little taste of Wolf's weather yesterday. We, sort of, have a mini wading pool in our backyard, though Man dug a trench or two, so not too bad. It was flooding our septic system, which causes problems. Otherwise, we are fine, though the surrounding areas are underwater. If this keeps up, my sister can forget the road trip and take a cruise down here.
27/May/15 1:31 AM
Had a dramatic/traumatic morning. We no longer have a Kinder. My baby is now considered a First Grader. (Excuse me, I need a tissue). Actually, I need the whole darn box this morning, just seeing those little people come into the cafeteria brought on the tears, then you add singing, awards, special awards and a slide show! The flooding was not from nature it was solely on me.
27/May/15 1:36 AM
This should help, if not, at least it will knock me out.
With some odds and ends and whatever pops up, I think I am ready for the next two weeks. Another awards ceremony, field day, sister coming, graduation and double b-day party, everything is coming along just fine. Or it will be once I get More...
27/May/15 1:43 AM
27/May/15 1:44 AM
I dedicate that last post to Queen Anne
27/May/15 1:45 AM
I have put MIL in the dog house again and threatened her with the worst nursing home facility. Yesterday, when she returned my girls, she also brought a dog, Sweetie. I have never seen or heard of this dog and I thought, MIL just wanted me to dog sit for the week. Which I could not believe she was More...
27/May/15 1:49 AM
Oh, and I recommend Pear bread. Pears are not my first, second or third choice in fruits, but the Pear bread was delicious. I made 12 mini loaves yesterday and had planned to take some around to the neighbors. They did not last to take to the neighbors. And there was a request for more. I know, shocker.
27/May/15 1:52 AM
Thank you, Karen!!! Here's flying your way!!! And judging from the weather side, you need it!!! Maybe these will help - and most of all
27/May/15 1:52 AM
And for the baby side -
27/May/15 1:53 AM
Oh, darling, I was going to get up and pretend to productive, but since you are here, would you like to try for that man's number?
27/May/15 1:53 AM
Gee, I've been backing down for him . . .
27/May/15 1:56 AM
But you offered the gauntlet and from that I can't back down.
27/May/15 1:56 AM
27/May/15 1:56 AM
Might want to keep those tissue handy. Eldest girl has her going into 4th grade ceremonies and then my nephew graduates HS and then there is the girl's birthday parties, there will be no water shortage this year from me. Oh, not to mention I finally get to meet a niece and nephew for the first More...
27/May/15 1:57 AM
Karen? Karen? Oh Kaaaarrreeeen!!!
27/May/15 1:57 AM
What happened to you, Karen?
27/May/15 1:58 AM
Well, darn it. Cannot see through these darn water works and the phone rings too. Though I did let that go to voice mail. I have my priorities, you know.
27/May/15 1:58 AM
Before I go off to pretend to be busy, has anyone had any contact with our new mommy?
I have PM-ed her and thought about calling her, but also do not want to disturb bonding and adjusting time.
27/May/15 2:02 AM
, y'all! Just a short check in. We were gone to the NC mountains for the weekend, and while I took my laptop, I ended up being disconnected by choice while there. It's nice to take an e-break every once in a while.
27/May/15 2:18 AM
Yes, I know that means I didn't post a weekend poozle. Consider it a respite .

I'll catch up on the sudokus... looks like I missed some interesting pics.
27/May/15 2:20 AM
27/May/15 2:31 AM
Good morning.
27/May/15 3:38 AM
Not sleeping again at 0300.
27/May/15 3:39 AM
So I have made a nice cup of tea and come to play here.
27/May/15 3:40 AM
Sorry to hear about all the bad weather over there.
27/May/15 3:41 AM
Hope everyone from here is safe.
27/May/15 3:41 AM
I'm sure they're wet though.
27/May/15 3:42 AM
Kassi above is a clecer dog.
27/May/15 3:43 AM
Looks to be still a puppy.
27/May/15 3:43 AM
Karen, I'd have rejected Sweetire too.
27/May/15 3:44 AM
And done serious harm to your MIL.
27/May/15 3:45 AM
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