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Easy Sudoku for 27/August/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Good Maen
...and the x's have it!
Since we've hit on the issue of sports, why not begin our topic today by sharing our favorite sports, teams, sporting events or any interesting story we might have about why we are so loyal to that sport or team.
My first time I am commenting..2:55
Good Maen to all! Nice beach. Have a great day!
College football! UM fan. Love football season and miss going to the games. Somehow watching them on TV is not the same. Do not mind the heat, or the rowdy fans, CANNOT stand a smoker on the bleachers. When hubby and I started talking about getting married, and trying to set a date, the only thing More...
pette From tampa: Welcome to Sudokuland.
Oh No! A Tampa Buccaneer! and I bet a Gator fan!
NAL: You say that you are rabid UM fans ... U of MICHIGAN, right????? Tee hee!

BERT: Yes, OSU is highly rated, and U of M isn't even in most preseason lists at all. Maybe gonna be a long season. Kathy and I will help each other through it!
Hi So glad it is Saturday!! I made it through parent night and my night class starting.
I have lots to do today but just wanted to say hi! I am not a sports fan so no comment there--does Nascar count? Nal, everything up this way is orange and blue!
We bought the new---new used truck and guess what---it would not start this morning. My husband is not too happy.
Judy From San Diego: Yeah! Right! and I don't speak with an accent. ja ja ja ja (laughing in Spanish)
Yes, BERT, this site is usually pretty quiet over the Aussie weekend. Things must really be hopping in Australia on Saturday and Sunday! Party on, Cousins! LOL
Living in Gainesville, home of the National Champion Gator basketball team, my favorite sport is any one the Gators are involved in.
College baseball - Texas A&M. Over the last few years I have almost become disenchanted with almost all sports, even college, because of the expense of attending games. Sports have increasingly become for the very well off to attend.
Good maeN
NAL: Are we talking a Cuban accent here, or that funny Florida drawl?? LOL
Off to become productive (ha ha - I hope). Back much later in the day.
KIM: 'Little' brother married a Jax gal. The first time I went to her parent's house I thought I had died and gone to H E double hockey sticks. The WHOLE family room is orange and blue - I was waiting for them to tell me they had a pet gator! Lovely family, though. Love them dearly.
BILL: This is the time of year I can not stand the Oaks Mall-----blue and orange that is the only colors in the Mall with the new students coming in I guess they figure to cash in on new clothes buying. but it gets a little old to me. How about the blue and orange cars and houses? Do you have those too?
JUDY: Both! That's why hubby and I get along so well. He cannot understand a word I say. lol
1:59 - I broke the two minute barrier!

Bill from Gainesville - my older daughter just started her freshman year as a Gator! I love the campus up there, but hate the Gainesville traffic!!
Nal, go to Gainesville sometime. You can see all sorts of items in orange and blue---houses, cars, trucks, pets, people, really strange.
Kim--come to a Gator football game and see orange and blue Winnebagos. I once saw an orange and blue helicopter that deposited the owners on the baseball field.
Glenn--I was Director of Admissions before I retired to do Soduku full time. Great town, terrible roads.
Good Maen everyone...
I am a 49er faithful. For those who do not know. The 49ers are a American Football team in San Francisco CA. They are as old as dirt and were a dynasty in the 80s when my wife and I married. They are not doing so good now but will come back. I love to follow golf, both the men and women, and I am an avid golfer.
NAL: Ah, the key to a successful marriage ... selective hearing! :)
LOL. The first time I went to see daughter at Athens, I thought I was having a vision problem. I had never seen so much Red, White and/or Black since I left communist Cuba 4ty some years ago(remember I was in diapers) UGA was having their first football game of the season! Now...those are fans...and those are some parties! (Maybe that's why she chose the school for her Ph.D.?)
Gainesville traffic is worse than St. Pete traffic and they have a lot less people. There is ALWAYS construction and the lights are not timed right so it is always stop and go, hate it when I have to go there--but we don't have a mall in Old Town or doctors or -------- and so on. But then we don't have any traffic either! I should go there on my tractor, wouldn't that send some people off?
Nal, does your brother still 'barrack' for OSU?
Kim, Nascar DEFINITELY counts!
Judy, knowing that Kathy and you are avid Wolverines fans sparks the rivalry between us. Now, it will be fun for me to watch the college scores a little closer this season. Good luck to all!
DAVE: My son grew up worshipping Joe Montana and wearing the red and gold of the 49'ers. He even has a football in a glass case hand-signed by Montana, compliments of a school administrator here that was one of his high school coaches. Last few years have been a little grim, for sure, but the 49'ers will rebound! We try very hard to be Charger fans ... difficult at times!
I need to get busy, have a great day all of you sudokians!!
Love, Kim
DAVE: Hubby is a golfer - and racquetball player - and (used to be) softball player...that's why his 'honey-do' list is three miles long.
KIM: What's wrong with the truck?
BERT If Nascar counts then count me in---love to watch fast cars and tractors and horses. Oh does that count-- horse racing? Ok, maybe I am a sports fan. Just not into football or basketball or golf.
Mud Bogging and tractor pulls? They count?
bert: He will always be a buckeye...much to his wife distress. You can imagine how 'lively' it gets down here when they visit during football season!
Chess tournaments?
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