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Easy Sudoku for 27/August/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen everyone!
27/Aug/09 12:00 AM
27/Aug/09 12:02 AM
Nice doggy! Looks very stately.
27/Aug/09 12:02 AM
Hi, Girls!

That's the cutest little beer keg I've seen in a while!
27/Aug/09 12:04 AM
"Does this harness make me look fat?"
27/Aug/09 12:05 AM
Bruce has got you in a harness, Kathy??
27/Aug/09 12:11 AM
Fast puzzle today... got a PR.
(Still slower than most of you, though!)
27/Aug/09 12:12 AM
Judy! (Think she'll post photos?)
27/Aug/09 12:13 AM
I have semi-recovered from the math trauma of yesterday. I will NOT be sucked in again, Glenn!

The answer to my, actually do-able offering, was
Every row describes the preceeding row as though it were in writing. For example:
1 = one one
11 = two ones
21 = one two, More...
27/Aug/09 12:15 AM
2:18 9/13 Battle Creek Michigan Sudokufest a/k/a JaneJam News: We're still aiming for 5p sit down for everyone attending. Many are planning on arriving around 5p. If there are those who want to gather earlier because they'll have to leave after dinner due to kids and/or Monday a.m. jobs, we can More...
27/Aug/09 12:18 AM
Wait. The buckle is stuck....

Before Glenn gets here and ruins my day, I am going to sneak this in.

Add one straight line to make this true.
20 10 5 = 4.40

More numbers, Judy!

Answers to my recoveringplease!
27/Aug/09 12:22 AM
2:18 This is a face only an owner can love. The 28th is my dog's 4th birthday. I don't think anyone's told her yet she's not a puppy anymore. We've told her at various times that she stinks, that she's a dumb dog, that she's got to stay inside, that she's a good dog and that she's got to More...
27/Aug/09 12:23 AM
Must put on my formal rhinestone studded harness and go out to lunch with friends!
27/Aug/09 12:26 AM
Here is the solution to yesterday's puzzle:

Each letter in the given sum represents a different digit (0-9). Figure out which letter represents which digit so that the given addition is correct. No number is written with 0 as its first digit.

A B C D A A - 7 1 9 0 7 7

+ E More...
27/Aug/09 12:29 AM
Here is today's puzzle:

Six sudoku players, whose names are Fiona Floozy, Rayray Smith, Andre Amorous, Mama Cita, Kathy Baltimore, and Canuk Greg were in an elevator together. Suddenly, the lights went out. When the lights came back on, Fiona Floozy was found stabbed. Other detectives have More...
27/Aug/09 12:29 AM
I don't think any dog can look sadder than a Pug.
27/Aug/09 12:29 AM
Heidi, a bloodhound or Basset (?) hound may be next in line.
27/Aug/09 12:39 AM
We are getting much needed rain today.
27/Aug/09 12:40 AM
A rather pugnacious subject in today's picture!
27/Aug/09 12:42 AM
The Basset and bloodhound can get the eyes, but with the Pug it's the whole face.
27/Aug/09 12:44 AM
27/Aug/09 12:45 AM
27/Aug/09 12:46 AM
Hefty, hefty, hefty.
27/Aug/09 12:46 AM
Glad I made your day, Keith.
27/Aug/09 12:48 AM
Yes, there's our Judy, dragging Kathy's dirty secrets out!
Looks like that dog in the photo could use a friend ...
27/Aug/09 12:50 AM
27/Aug/09 12:59 AM
I'm impressed at how quickly Heidi was the first person to solve the puzzle!

27/Aug/09 1:00 AM
Andre is the second to get the answer!

27/Aug/09 1:10 AM
Hmmm - this one may have been too easy...

Yesterday there were only three correct answers the whole day!

Just wait until tomorrow...

27/Aug/09 1:11 AM
Good morning to all. I saw the movie Julie and Julia yesterday. Having watched Julia Child on TV as a young cook, I really enjoyed the movie! Hope everyone has a fabulous day, wherever you are.
27/Aug/09 1:18 AM
2:18 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day (pre-chocolate):

May the sun shine all day long, everything go right and nothing wrong. May those you love bring love back to you, and may all the wishes you wish come true!
27/Aug/09 1:25 AM
Thought for the Day (post-chocolate):

27/Aug/09 1:26 AM
Linda, Meryl Streep was fantastic, wasn't she? Amazing way she could make you believe it was Julia up there on the screen! Body language, voice, phrasing of words...
27/Aug/09 1:28 AM
Good afternoon.
27/Aug/09 2:28 AM
1:33 Maen! Cute doggy!
27/Aug/09 2:41 AM
Good afternoon to all! "Oh, what is the matter with poor Puggy-Wug? Pet him and kiss him and give him a hug. Run and fetch him a suitable drug. Wrap him up tenderly all in a rug. That is the way to cure Puggy-Wug." (Winston Churchill to his daughter when her dog was sick.)
27/Aug/09 3:00 AM
Very slow puzzle for me. Wonder if it would go
faster if I do it over?
Cloudy day here, looks like rain.
Glad I got out on the bike (trike)early while sun was still shining.
27/Aug/09 3:03 AM
Glad to hear the good reviews on Julie and Julia. I am looking forward to seeing it.
27/Aug/09 3:05 AM
The following short quiz consists of 4 questions and will tell you whether you are qualified to be a "professional." The questions are NOT that difficult.

1. How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator?

The correct answer is: Open the refrigerator put in the giraffe and More...
27/Aug/09 3:06 AM
Might as well . .
27/Aug/09 3:35 AM
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