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Easy Sudoku for 28/January/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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no: 1 again!
take that Jaz!
Good Maen to all!
Happy Birthday Wolffie!
Oops - 3:17 - PB again! And with the silly laptop mouse pad!!!!! I'd love to know who the picture is of!
nice smile
3:28 Good maen everyone. Have a lovely weekend.
4:21 - A nice smiling face - and its Friday, Good Way to start the day! Good MAEN every one.
Goos maen all; it's snowing here in the west of France!
Also good maen to all
3:52 very slow
2:12 good morning and fantastic weekend to all!
to Beehive from Gero
Hello Greg
I will look forward to coming down and watching the table tennis and meeting you. Until then,
Regards, Anne
Good Maen all!
2:39 where is she? some sort of lab? or metal shop?
3:33 - slow this morning. Good MAEN, all. She looks busy!
4:18 not my fastest
Good MAEN and TGIF to all!
3:17 TGIF everyone (it's just Friday morning here)
3:17, not the best, but ok.
Happy Maen to all, I get to start my weekend early. No work this Friday, and my kid has no school. Good day to catch a movie.
on to medium
forgot to put the timer on - but was slow anyway so maybe a good thing.
Good maen to all.
I can see 3 squirrels in the garden fighting with some fat birds over some crumbs.
Life in miniature!
Good MAEN everyone
Good M,A,E,N to all.
Censor sorry if my jokes offended that was never the intention they were a bit of fun once again sorry xxx hope im forgiven
Do we know who was who at the party? I suspect Eric and Glory Boy were actually a couple of regular ladies, but I could be wrong...
Yvette I liked your jokes!
Warmed me up in the London cold
Quite easy today
Yvette you are the joke
Thanks Fraz but as Censor says there are youngies who join and could be set a bad example. I will endevour to censor myself from now on but will hope that folks will tell me if they are not happy!!!!
Of course some will make infantile comments but what the heck its all good!!!!
Yvette here is a joke: Why did Yvette cross the road? To get better jokes and a tummy tuck
Yvette.....that idiot who is pretending to be other people has just posted as me....please ignore him on comments and in the chat room..he seems to be just a bored little boy with no friends to play with...
Deb, dont blame your bad judgement on other people
3.15 Probably avg for me. I have a 2.04 under my belt. I think I'll tackle all four puzzles today. My kids get out early today and are home on Monday too. But we don't have anything cool planned.
I would say that the post from Mary from Oregon is this pathetic little boy as well...
Hey Deb while these folk are being like this with me they are leaving others alone. Yesterday was the same maybe schools out!!!
Yvette, I did not post that comment.
People need to stop posting under others names.
Yvette I did not see your joke. so no comment on it. You have a great maen
however, i must admit that i am a pathetic cow
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