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Easy Sudoku for 28/March/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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2:11 Good night all.
28/Mar/20 12:19 AM
Sunshine for everyone else!
28/Mar/20 12:21 AM
I can't wait to hear the 'Spring Peepers'!
28/Mar/20 12:26 AM
(Backwards works nicely on today's Easy.)
28/Mar/20 12:28 AM
Shiela & all to follow!! Nite, nite Anne!
28/Mar/20 12:54 AM
Good Night, Anne!
28/Mar/20 12:57 AM
28/Mar/20 1:27 AM
I didn't know that frogs ate ping-pong balls.?
28/Mar/20 1:29 AM
28/Mar/20 1:40 AM
He asked for it, Batty!
28/Mar/20 1:42 AM
File this under''Overdue things to do when you're under house arrest''....
I just finished cleaning out the fire place. Shoveling out the ashes and vacumming it out isn't so bad. Cleaning the glass doors is the pits. Soooo much soot. Using precious paper towels was very stressful. I pretty much sobbed after each tear-off.
28/Mar/20 1:50 AM
That he did, Judy. I was going to suggest a hammer.
28/Mar/20 1:51 AM
28/Mar/20 1:52 AM
28/Mar/20 2:12 AM
Well, Kathy, pretty much out here, fireplaces are decorative feature if there is one. My parents had one in their house. Mainly it was used to look pretty and was the time-out place for the naughty cats!
28/Mar/20 2:13 AM
Good Maen
Hope I find you coping well and enjoying the day.
I have ventured back into the kitchen- having cut deeply into my little finger on Sunday in attempt to feed my family. I elected that is was everyone for themselves and got meals that you just need to warm up. I believe I will be the only member of my family who will survive at this point. Made boiled eggs today for egg salad.
28/Mar/20 2:23 AM
Love that my room is my shecave
28/Mar/20 2:23 AM
I was telling my
husband how sad it
was that students were
having to go through
this their senior year.
He replied, ''In
1964 - 70, many kids
took their senior trip to
Vietnam.'' ''At least
these kids are home.''

This does put things in
a different perspective.

Be sure & thank a vet!
28/Mar/20 3:31 AM
that, DoA. Perspective, indeed.
28/Mar/20 3:36 AM
Morning. I've just shoveled the ashes too. Never once in my live have I considered following that with a vacuum. Our fireplace doors are long gone ... shortly after the building inspector left, they left as well.
28/Mar/20 3:42 AM
28/Mar/20 3:43 AM
28/Mar/20 3:43 AM
You have a husband, DoA??

Thank you for your service, DoA!
28/Mar/20 4:06 AM
Thanks, Judy.

Can't tell you what I really think. I'm still 'in the closet'.
28/Mar/20 4:14 AM
Time to do the dishes.

and have another cup of coffee.
28/Mar/20 4:16 AM
28/Mar/20 5:05 AM
Safety Competition
A police officer pulled over a driver and informed him that, because he was wearing his seat belt, he had just won $1,000 in a safety competition. “What are you going to do with the prize money?” the officer asked. The man responded, “I guess I’ll go to driving school and get More...
28/Mar/20 5:38 AM
good one, D or A!!!
28/Mar/20 5:43 AM
28/Mar/20 6:20 AM
Morning all,cute frog.
DorA ,very funny!
Hubby reckons that at the end of this stay at home there will be a few divorces .😂😂
28/Mar/20 7:08 AM
Love frogs! This one is preparing to Gallumph!
28/Mar/20 7:38 AM
Oh, I'm of the opinion that we need a good laugh everyday - it is good for your morale! The mere act of smiling can lift your mood, lower stress, boost your immune system and possibly even prolong your life.

Thanks, DoA - that was an important addition to today's comments - plus it was very very funny too!
28/Mar/20 7:53 AM
I'm still asking about The Phantom - did he say he'd be gone for a while or is this another of his disappearing acts?
28/Mar/20 7:54 AM
Yes, Amelia. In China, there were lots of divorces after SARS, and a similar rise is expected now. I'm sure other countries will experience the same stay-at-home effect.
28/Mar/20 8:54 AM
In my mind, gallumping happens on land, and is akin to a heavy footed waddle. When a frog's throat swells up like that, I expect to hear a resounding, ''Ribbit.''
28/Mar/20 9:05 AM
1:41. Good morning everyone.

Finally getting my distances back up a bit after injuring my right knee a few weeks ago–a nice easy 14km before breakfast (and Sudoku of course) this morning.
28/Mar/20 9:32 AM
Good maEn, good people. With temps between 32-44F still forecast I can’t clean out my fireplace/wood stoves. I’d start seeds but there’s no sunlight forecast for a while either.
28/Mar/20 10:23 AM
Here is today's puzzle foryour consideration
This is a 1&2 quiz. __is for the first two letters of the answer.

__UCIrregular rising and falling in number or amount
__LCWho was the imaginary love of Don Quixote?
__ASWhat is the name of the fictional More...
28/Mar/20 11:19 AM
Someone's mother has four sons, North, South and East. What is the name of her fourth son?
28/Mar/20 11:30 AM
28/Mar/20 12:02 PM
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