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Easy Sudoku for 28/September/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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28/Sep/16 12:00 AM
Good morning all!
28/Sep/16 12:03 AM
...and thank you, Keith, for your succinct candidate views - I heartily agree!
28/Sep/16 12:05 AM
from beautiful cool OK
28/Sep/16 12:22 AM
Concerning the debates....perhaps if there were some type of penalty for constant interruption that nonsense would stop. It was ridiculous.
28/Sep/16 12:43 AM
And, a more forceful moderator would be welcome, too.
28/Sep/16 12:45 AM
Poozle time!

Solve these linguistic equations. Example: 3P=6 (3 pair equals 6)

1. HH + MH at 12 = N or M
2. A + N + AF + MC + CG = AF
3. A + E were in the G of E
4. MFL + SP are both M
5. N + P + SM = S of CC
6. 2 = H are BTO
7. 1 = GTDA
8. 3 = W from the G in a B

Answers to my ‘’Haven’t done these in a while’’ inbox, please.

28/Sep/16 12:46 AM
28/Sep/16 12:56 AM
A smooth 1->9 puzzle with a Key West 'surprise'!
28/Sep/16 1:07 AM
Shutting off someone's mike during the debate might have eliminated some of the interruptions ... (or aversion therapy, like a small electric jolt? )
28/Sep/16 1:51 AM
Good Morning.
28/Sep/16 2:46 AM
I can see the great debate was enjoyed by all.
28/Sep/16 2:48 AM
Mr P and I had to vote yesterday in the Canberra election. It will be held while we are away. Yesterday was the first opportunity to vote early.
28/Sep/16 2:50 AM
Don't forget voting is compulsory here in Oz.
28/Sep/16 2:51 AM
I'm off to check out other pages and my email. Will try to post a little while I'm away, wherever there is wifi.
28/Sep/16 2:55 AM
Wish we could make election a compulsory item here in the States!
28/Sep/16 2:57 AM
Just trying this out. Had forgotten password!
28/Sep/16 3:31 AM
28/Sep/16 3:36 AM
& everybody else, too.
28/Sep/16 3:36 AM
How close we are.
28/Sep/16 3:37 AM
28/Sep/16 3:37 AM
28/Sep/16 3:37 AM
Good afternoon to all!
28/Sep/16 5:37 AM

I'm afraid this year it is a vote for the least objectionable candidate. Too bad the debate did not include the Libertarian and Green Parties. It would be nice to know their platforms and maybe we could totally ignore Hillary and the Donald.
28/Sep/16 6:26 AM
I may not be around much for the next 10 days. Leaving tomorrow morning for Boston. We will meet my three brothers and their spouses for our biennial reunion.

We will have dinner with Kathy (MD) and Sarah in Maryland tomorrow night.
28/Sep/16 6:46 AM
ALL of you?????
28/Sep/16 6:48 AM
Morning all,a family out for a walk. Thanks Sue !
28/Sep/16 6:52 AM
Did some yard work - so just resting up now with a treat of doing a puzzle - enjoy the work but it is work ! Gotta work on my endurance and mobility.
28/Sep/16 7:07 AM
Aaah, no Judy. Barbara and I are driving to Boston. Our stop tomorrow night will be in Maryland, not too far from Kathy. She (and hubby) and Sarah will meet us for dinner.

Any more questions, dear??

28/Sep/16 7:20 AM
Have fun on your trip
28/Sep/16 7:27 AM
I was hungry- so started dinner early. Have a class tonight. However, as I was putting my meal in the oven I remember the pumpkin Oreo hidden over the fridge - not hungry now and wondering why dinner is ready .?
28/Sep/16 7:29 AM
Have fun Hal & Barbara!
28/Sep/16 7:32 AM
Mymare, shame you didn't find the cookies BEFORE you started preparing the meal...you wouldn't have needed to do that much work!
28/Sep/16 7:35 AM
1:30. Good morning everyone.
28/Sep/16 7:57 AM
Twelve hours since the last post.
28/Sep/16 7:56 PM
...and a few more hours too! Have a grand day which is already in progress here!
28/Sep/16 11:54 PM
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