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Easy Sudoku for 29/January/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Wolf must have slept in again
29/Jan/19 12:10 AM
1:57 Good night all.
29/Jan/19 12:30 AM
Rage, Anne & everyone!
Not sunny.
No snow yet... supposed to get 6 ' before noon. Haven't seen any yet, though!
Maybe Mother Nature wasn't told about the forecast???
29/Jan/19 1:16 AM
Rage and Shiela! 'Night, Anne.
29/Jan/19 1:22 AM
Is that 6 FEET, Shiela???
29/Jan/19 1:23 AM
I am loving the ''old age'' jokes.
One of my favorites.....

You know you're getting old when you can pinch an inch on your forehead.
29/Jan/19 1:29 AM
I am off to play cards in a while. We usually play every 2 weeks. Our schedule got all screwed up because of snow, then ice. It will be nice to see everyone. Lunch included doesn't hurt, either.
29/Jan/19 1:32 AM
Oh, what the heck.
29/Jan/19 1:33 AM
No, Kathy, that's inches!
(I forgot that those quotation marks used for inches turn into apostrophes on the site!)
29/Jan/19 1:43 AM
29/Jan/19 1:47 AM
I am enjoying the Old Age jokes, too! I hate for them to end, Wombat, so maybe I'll add a few ...

“Poor Old fool,” thought the well-dressed gentleman as he watched an old man fish in a puddle outside a pub. So he invited the old man inside for a drink. As they sipped their More...
29/Jan/19 1:51 AM
A week after John bought a bull, he complained to his friend, “All that bull does is eat grass. Won’t even look at a cow.”

“Take him to the vet,” his friend suggested.

The next week, John is much happier. “The vet gave him some pills, and the bull serviced all of my cows!” he told More...
29/Jan/19 1:54 AM
2:05. Got the 'stuck at over 2 minutes' blues. Good Morning, everyone!
29/Jan/19 2:27 AM
Actually, Rage, every Monday morning (in Dallas) I have a 7am (=12am in Australia) meeting off campus so I am not at my computer as I usually am.
29/Jan/19 2:46 AM
Everybody!! AND Wolf!
29/Jan/19 3:12 AM
You know you're getting old when the candles on your cake set off the smoke alarm.
29/Jan/19 3:23 AM
29/Jan/19 3:41 AM
Pinch an inch from your forehead??? Well, thank heavens, I'm nowhere near that point!!!
And I won't be putting any candles on my cake, who needs a cake that's half wax??
29/Jan/19 3:44 AM
The tough puzzle snaps back to here. I did the whole thing before I realized it was the same puzzle that I had just done a few minutes before by seeing the picture.
29/Jan/19 3:44 AM
29/Jan/19 4:09 AM
I think Shosho's 'Who need's a cake that's half wax?' should be on a birthday card with an illustration of a glass of wine!!!
29/Jan/19 4:19 AM
Here's to (22) you, Keith!
29/Jan/19 4:20 AM
Just missed it again, but thx for remembering, Shiela.
29/Jan/19 4:24 AM
Welllll.... It really started to snow!
It's crimping my style a bit. All the schools in the area are closed and we have a 'Winter Advisory'. Unfortunately I need to take a painting to the framer. I hate to wait until tomorrow, but I guess I'll have to.
29/Jan/19 4:26 AM
Wow! Little did I know you were dropping in so quickly, Keith!
29/Jan/19 4:27 AM
Lovely Day Lilies ,Wendy. I have them{in summer}too.
29/Jan/19 5:52 AM
Morning all, I have these day lilies too,Wendy.
29/Jan/19 6:06 AM
Beautiful yellow lillies
29/Jan/19 6:06 AM
Can't get tough today!
29/Jan/19 6:06 AM
That was a fast puzzle today, it took longer for my kettle to boil. Needed a coffee!
29/Jan/19 6:17 AM
29/Jan/19 6:36 AM
🙋🏼‍♀️❄️⛄️🌧🌧no school day - snowed all night - but not a heavy snow if you do it in patches- take care
29/Jan/19 6:49 AM
I did get my 10000 steps plus in before noon !
29/Jan/19 6:50 AM
Geez Mymare, that's along way to go for a beer!
29/Jan/19 9:05 AM
If you're on a pc like me, you don't get to see most of mymare's pretty smilies, just empty black boxes. If you can look at them on an Apple device, they come through.
29/Jan/19 9:43 AM
29/Jan/19 10:53 AM
An old bull joke for Judy: An old bull was sitting in the shade of a tree at the top of a hill overlooking a field where several cows were grazing. Bye and bye a young bull came up the hill. 'Old bull,lets run down this hill, jump over the fence and visit one of those cows.' The old bull More...
29/Jan/19 11:12 AM
Good to see you dropping by, vdV.
29/Jan/19 11:42 AM
Smart Bull, Jeb!
29/Jan/19 11:53 AM
29/Jan/19 12:09 PM
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