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Easy Sudoku for 29/November/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
phrs. Breakfast of champion cats!
29/Nov/11 12:00 AM
Good Maen, everyone!
29/Nov/11 12:00 AM
Probably can leave home today!
29/Nov/11 12:01 AM
(Love 'em!)
29/Nov/11 12:02 AM
We had a cat that would catch a chipmunk every day.
We called them his 'One-a-Day Vitamins'!
29/Nov/11 12:21 AM
Are we alone again?
29/Nov/11 12:21 AM
Hahaha! Love it Kayo!
Good Maen all...morning Shiela and Kayo...
29/Nov/11 12:39 AM
Shiela - groan ...you could rival our transient jokester who most recently visited us as "Tom" - hehehe
29/Nov/11 12:42 AM
Good morning all. Hope everyone had a nice Holiday
29/Nov/11 12:43 AM
2:04 Good evening one and all!
That's a very colourful sight.
29/Nov/11 12:43 AM
I was looking after three and a half year old grandson this morning and said something about his Mother being out. I was immediately told that he didn't have a Mother, only girls have mothers, boys have Mums.
29/Nov/11 12:45 AM
Can I do it?
29/Nov/11 12:45 AM
29/Nov/11 12:45 AM
Those gentle giants are gorgeous! My favorite kind of horse.
29/Nov/11 12:46 AM
Congrats, Anne! Glad I didn't spoil it for you!
29/Nov/11 12:47 AM
No big deal, Vici, but thanks all the same.
29/Nov/11 12:49 AM
Good morning. The eating frenzy of Thanksgiving is over. The turkey has been reduced to soup, and the last house guest goes home today.
29/Nov/11 12:55 AM
all. On our way home. It's gonna be a LONG day. Should be there in about 11 hours.
29/Nov/11 1:06 AM
29/Nov/11 1:09 AM
29/Nov/11 1:14 AM
I thought changeover was at 8AM my time. Must be at 7
29/Nov/11 1:14 AM
I started doing the puzzle, heard mooing. Looked up, saw cows. No worries, they had yellow tags, not ours. We went out and shooed them toward home.
29/Nov/11 1:16 AM
I got 22 without trying!
29/Nov/11 1:16 AM
I got up eary to sew, I should do so!
29/Nov/11 1:17 AM
Good Maen, good people. Thanks for the birthday greetings and wishes for Faun. We got her the big box board game of Carcassonne with many extensions. We've played several times. It's a good interactive family strategy game.
29/Nov/11 1:27 AM
4 horse power (less the weight of 3 peeps and a load of booze).
29/Nov/11 2:40 AM
Good morning people of the world.
29/Nov/11 2:41 AM
Cyber Monday.

My kind of shopping, even jumped back into my jammies so I can enjoy it more.
29/Nov/11 2:42 AM
Magnificent picture of a team of Clydesdales doing what they do best. No 4 horsepower engine could possibly do what they do.
29/Nov/11 2:52 AM
I love that avatar, Karen!
29/Nov/11 2:54 AM
Well, the events to save the Christmas tree has begun. Thing II is at the moment standing on the couch and stretching to take mid-decorations down. Until just a few seconds ago, I thought all the glass balls were already broken.
29/Nov/11 3:12 AM
Thanks Heidi. He gets a little annoying with all his moving, there is a plan once I save the tree, to put up a slower one.
29/Nov/11 3:16 AM
all. A busy but very rainy here today. I wonder if those horses can run faster than the one on my page?
I did get a few more replies to my survey and will post them soon as soon as I can shake loose from other duties. btw, HalT, your "secret" shall remain forever safe with me.
29/Nov/11 3:24 AM
I cannot believe all this talk of Christmas trees - it is still November as far as I know.
Christmas used to be on December 24th/25th.
29/Nov/11 3:32 AM
Awww, Captain J, you should tell, we are all friendly and would never hold whatever secret HalT has against him... sort of.
29/Nov/11 3:32 AM
GannieMo, the Christmas tree is supposed to go up the day after Thanksgiving. Ours didn't, it went up when I was trying to get ready for Thanksgiving, but Santa Mike insisted.
29/Nov/11 3:35 AM

The answer to yesterday's puzzle: germane (Germany) You can change one letter in each word and create a country's name. France, Spain, Chile, Cuba, and Peru.

Winners Grumblebum, lonewoof, Peter, and Mr. Cee will be able More...
29/Nov/11 4:06 AM
HI all! Oh hello Batwoman. I see you are back and on form. I did try to get everyone to send their answers to your inbox but they all suffer from sleeplessness so didn't quite read the instructions carefully! The guilty parties are Meg, lone, Capt J, Peter, Anne and Mr C. They are all too kind!
29/Nov/11 4:28 AM
One for today...answers to the "London's Calling" inbox please!!
Can you complete this grid of letters? Each line is a valid 5 letter word with its first and last letters missing. The missing letters form a word when read downwards and the same word appears both at the start and at the end. What is the missing word?


29/Nov/11 4:30 AM
Are you stopping here?
29/Nov/11 4:35 AM
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