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Easy Sudoku for 29/August/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everyone, just dropping by to say hello before heading off to bed.
29/Aug/14 12:00 AM
29/Aug/14 12:00 AM
friends! Chris...
Sunny and mild with low humidity!
A perfect summer day!
29/Aug/14 12:00 AM
And HalT, too!
29/Aug/14 12:01 AM
Hi and good night Shiela and HalT.
29/Aug/14 12:02 AM
Hi Sheila, night Chris.
29/Aug/14 12:05 AM
We sound a bit like the Walton's, don't we!
29/Aug/14 12:09 AM
(Saving 'Good Luck' for Shosho!)
29/Aug/14 12:10 AM
Hi Deb.
29/Aug/14 12:15 AM
See if you can figure out the words in this 'pyramid' using the hints given below. Each new word contains the same letters as the previous word, plus a new letter. Order need not be preserved.

1) Twenty-fourth letter of the English alphabet
2) Fourteenth letter of the Greek More...
29/Aug/14 12:16 AM
When you are grumbling in my general direction later, I ask that you remember what letter I was one.
29/Aug/14 12:17 AM
one = on
29/Aug/14 12:18 AM
G'day mates.
Here's today's daffynition:
testicle — freeze up on an exam
And here's today's factoid:
Two planes collided in Australia in 1940, remained joined, and were landed safely with no lives lost.
29/Aug/14 12:33 AM
Talk about test anxiety!
29/Aug/14 12:44 AM
and Hi, Deb for today's picture
Kayo's daffynition was easier to understand than summer=abacus until a couple of you gave the explanation
Now on to Serena's challenge for today...
29/Aug/14 12:52 AM
Good one Keith.
I went out to lunch with a friend. Should not have had a cup of coffee!
Anyway I have done the puzzles, including Serena's so see if I can now get some sleep.
29/Aug/14 12:53 AM
I PMed Deb the other day but I do not think she posted afterwards.
29/Aug/14 12:56 AM
29/Aug/14 1:03 AM
Thanks, Shiela!!! Here's flying your way!!!
29/Aug/14 1:04 AM
Oh Keith!!!
29/Aug/14 1:04 AM

Hi Deb (again!)
29/Aug/14 1:23 AM
29/Aug/14 1:39 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: CHEMIST

MINI + M = MINIM (and the like) *Except for Hal

This lovely hand painted wall hanging
29/Aug/14 1:45 AM
Phew! I waited and waited, Keith. I ALMOST stepped on you!
29/Aug/14 1:46 AM
That should be, ''continued good health, I have placed....''
29/Aug/14 1:49 AM
Thank you for waiting. I was out for a walk, so could easily have missed it.
29/Aug/14 1:54 AM
Oh, Kathy, your witty comments are better for my mental health than even your puzzles!
29/Aug/14 2:34 AM
, y'all! Well, the deed is done, new refrigerator purchased, delivery scheduled next Wednesday.

Dottie, you were wondering if we were buying a new fridge because we were ready for a new one? We wanted to hold off for our kitchen redux; Silverguy bought this fridge in More...
29/Aug/14 3:18 AM
Structurally, though, the shelves in the door have been cracking throughout the years. The final straw came on Sunday, somewhat amusing though it spelled the end. I was getting bagged lettuce out of the crisper as Silverteen and I were making lunch for our Scout roadtrip to a waterpark. A 2' More...
29/Aug/14 3:18 AM
In self-preservation mode, I jumped. I either hit the bottom shelf on the way up or down, but it shattered shearing completely off the door. The door then would no longer seal properly. Handyman Silverguy attempted to cobble a shelf during the day, but discovered that the molded plastic door unit with the shelves is actually part of the door structure. Piece no longer made, of course.
29/Aug/14 3:19 AM
We're holding it together with duct tape and a board propped between the kitchen island and the door keeps it sealed overnight and while at work. We shared that with the sales lady... she laughed thinking we were kidding. She has NO idea...!
29/Aug/14 3:20 AM
That's one way to get a new fridge.
29/Aug/14 3:21 AM
Grrrr, Hal! I would LIKE to be very angry with you ... and for good reason! ... but I am laughing too hard! That is hilarious!

BTW, Hal doesn't look that good ... even with a bag over his head ... snicker ...
29/Aug/14 3:47 AM
Ba moui Ba. Take a picture S'gal.
29/Aug/14 3:49 AM
Oops, missed it by that much.
Sorry Judy. I just couldn't resist.
29/Aug/14 3:51 AM

Maybe I can help get to the bottom of the page.......
29/Aug/14 4:38 AM

Nothing exciting happening here.....
29/Aug/14 4:38 AM

Work at the beginning of the week can be very slow and boring
29/Aug/14 4:39 AM

But look out Friday and Saturday nights
29/Aug/14 4:39 AM

Hardly have time for a cold cup of tea.....
That should do it.......over we go
29/Aug/14 4:40 AM
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