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Easy Sudoku for 29/August/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good day to try out my new prescription sunglasses!
Hope you get to use yours, too!
29/Aug/19 12:00 AM
29/Aug/19 12:00 AM
29/Aug/19 12:01 AM
Aah, a new number one! Congrats Shiela.
29/Aug/19 12:01 AM
Hi, Denny! Nice race!
29/Aug/19 12:01 AM
Wearing a boot, I can only win races on my computer!
29/Aug/19 12:03 AM
29/Aug/19 12:38 AM
For Shosho! Hope you have a wonderful day!
29/Aug/19 12:39 AM
1:52. 'Morning, all!
29/Aug/19 12:46 AM
Shiela - Still on for your trip?
29/Aug/19 12:49 AM
A cheerful good morning to all.
29/Aug/19 1:40 AM
29/Aug/19 1:59 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
29/Aug/19 1:59 AM
Thank you, Shiela!!!! Here's flying your way!!!
29/Aug/19 2:00 AM
I went to my Polynesian dance instructor's hoe yesterday for a first view of the dvd made of our performance last June. Ack!!! I have a lot to learn still!
29/Aug/19 2:02 AM
But on the amazing side I did Hawaiian dances in a public performance three times this year. Twice in Los Angeles and once in Kauai!
29/Aug/19 2:03 AM
Denny - at this point, I plan to go. Not sure if it's the wisest choice or not. I have about 3 weeks more to heal before the trip. Will make final decision in a week.
29/Aug/19 2:29 AM
29/Aug/19 4:57 AM
Red cedar is a great wood for construction. Love the scent of it too!
29/Aug/19 5:33 AM
Morning all,the start of Kate's new home. Not sure if they have got the Internet problem sorted yet.
29/Aug/19 6:27 AM
Just waitin' for Keith...
29/Aug/19 9:10 AM
Keith, oh Keith, KEITH, get here. GET HERE....NOW!
29/Aug/19 9:14 AM
He he!
29/Aug/19 9:16 AM
2:04 Good morning all.

29/Aug/19 9:41 AM
Keith might still be getting beach sand out of his nether regions ...
29/Aug/19 2:47 PM
1:56, with fat fingers today. Good evening everyone.
29/Aug/19 5:31 PM
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