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Easy Sudoku for 29/September/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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29/Sep/08 12:00 AM
I just hope these guys never gain a foothold in North America like the darned fire ants!
29/Sep/08 12:05 AM
Hi Sue
29/Sep/08 12:05 AM
and Jim
29/Sep/08 12:06 AM
29/Sep/08 12:09 AM
Good morning, Sue, Jim, Bean, and Jano!

29/Sep/08 12:11 AM
Jim, I am with you on the fire ants.
29/Sep/08 12:12 AM
Ah, Jim, are we having another conversation that started yesterday? Hmmm, guess I'll mosey on back to get what you just said.
29/Sep/08 12:13 AM
to Shelby

to Blossom
29/Sep/08 12:14 AM
Hope you both have a wonderful day
29/Sep/08 12:17 AM
Hope you all have an amazing day/night wherever you are
29/Sep/08 12:23 AM
Hi Shosho, Tami and Jano....
Not many contenders lining up at the start line...
Might have to toddle of to bed and leave you all to battle it out .... Vici is caught up and so you never know with this retarded start she might turn up in time to romp home and grab the winning flag
29/Sep/08 12:24 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Shelby!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !
29/Sep/08 12:24 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Blossom!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !
29/Sep/08 12:24 AM
Hi Angie...usual refrain..long time no see.
Hope you are keeping well despite being very busy.. All
29/Sep/08 12:25 AM
3:24 wasn't concentrating tonight. I think I must be tired as I had a long walk this afternoon pushing Bailey in his pram and sometimes running with it to keep up with Johnathan on his bike.

Nasty bull ants. You wouldn't want to be bitten by one of them.
29/Sep/08 12:27 AM
Well it's off to a workout for me. Hopefully my car repairs will be done today. Have already had to forewarn my son that I might not be able to go to his new home today as planned. Darn might even have to cancel the reservations at the Havana Mania restaurant. They have a Cuban band rocking tonight!
29/Sep/08 12:27 AM
Hey Bean
Yep, its been a long time between drinks and a chat.
Everything's fine here, hope all is well with you.
29/Sep/08 12:27 AM
Anne, is that what Jim is talking about above?
29/Sep/08 12:28 AM
Hey Angie, how you doing, girl? Any elaborate costumes? Those daughters of yours must keep you on your toes all the time!
29/Sep/08 12:29 AM
Can I be #22 for the first time???
29/Sep/08 12:29 AM
29/Sep/08 12:30 AM
Yup you made it Tami!
29/Sep/08 12:30 AM
3:27 Who hasn't gotten caught up watching ants at some point in their young lives?
29/Sep/08 12:31 AM
My first time. I feel honored.
Shosho, if you are not busy meet me in the chatroom.
29/Sep/08 12:31 AM
I once stepped in an ant pile, barefoot. They bite me like crazy.
29/Sep/08 12:32 AM
Hello Sharon - yes, the caption says they are bull ants and we have them here. Rather large and nasty ants. I have a nest of them out in my garden but I haven't seen them for awhile now. Hopefully they may have gone.
29/Sep/08 12:32 AM
That should have been "bit" not "bite"
29/Sep/08 12:32 AM
Maybe they're all off shooting the bull, Anne ...
29/Sep/08 12:33 AM
Hello Judy - a lot of "bull" flying around, is there!
Hope things are going well for you.

I think it's time I called it a day and went to bed to rest these weary old bones.
Good night all.
29/Sep/08 12:36 AM
Hi Shosho
Yep the girls are keeping me busy, and the costumes are nearly all done..have had to put them all on hold this week(costumes that is, not the girls), as I have a few special friends comming over here next weekend for a traditional Greek "lamb on the spit" lunch.
29/Sep/08 12:37 AM
please keep these ants outside.... If I found one of these guys in the house - my house would be clean
29/Sep/08 12:47 AM
I just watched the movie "the guru" after seeing it =- how can you not want to be in a bollywood dance scene ??? enjoy your new beginning
29/Sep/08 12:48 AM
Is 'lamb on the spit'

(a) Kebab
(b) a rotating sheep over an open fire
(c) a slice of lamb served on a bed of saliva
(b) A BBQ lamb picnic on a peninsula
29/Sep/08 12:49 AM
Rayray - it could be all of the above!
29/Sep/08 12:55 AM
Angie - Have you got room for one more??
29/Sep/08 12:55 AM
29/Sep/08 12:57 AM
Sure Jane, just let me know what time your plane arrives and I'll send someone out to pick you up
29/Sep/08 12:58 AM
Who's gonna flap their wings and fly this morning?
29/Sep/08 12:59 AM
29/Sep/08 1:01 AM
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