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Easy Sudoku for 29/September/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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29/Sep/11 12:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
29/Sep/11 12:00 AM
Good Maen, all!
29/Sep/11 12:00 AM
'mornin Karen.
29/Sep/11 12:01 AM
And Jane.
29/Sep/11 12:01 AM
Hi, Hal & Karen! Fancy meeting you here.
29/Sep/11 12:01 AM
National Good Nieghbor Day.
and according to the radio
Strawberry Cream Pie Day.
29/Sep/11 12:01 AM
Karen - have you been able to access FB this morning?
29/Sep/11 12:02 AM
Eve will be happy to hear it's Strawberry Cream Pie Day!
29/Sep/11 12:02 AM
Yes, Jane, been chatting for the past half hour.
29/Sep/11 12:06 AM
from So. Oregon - looks to be another beautiful day.

Looks like Joey is hiding, or she had lost her pal.
29/Sep/11 12:06 AM
Mr. Cee is advancing in age, today.
Hope you enjoy your advancement.
29/Sep/11 12:08 AM
Anyone for a piece of Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie?
29/Sep/11 12:08 AM
Aha! There she is! It's a lovely day for a piece of strawberry pie!
29/Sep/11 12:09 AM
Good morning to all.
29/Sep/11 12:18 AM
Did someone mention pie? Where???

Oh. Pardon me. everyone!
29/Sep/11 12:26 AM
Good morning, Kathy! Have you had trouble accessing FB today? Karen hasn't, but I can't. This is the message I'm getting:
Account Temporarily Unavailable

"Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes."

Any suggestions? (Maybe I'm being banned from the site. Eeek!)
29/Sep/11 12:30 AM
I might be here at the right time again.
29/Sep/11 12:33 AM
and a happy new day to all. Gpa and I went fishing for the second time in 6 months yesterday. Between the floods of Spring and the heat of summer we just didn't get out on the boat. We didn't catch any fish but certainly enjoyed the beauty of the Cumberland River and the beauty of fall in Middle Tennessee.
29/Sep/11 12:33 AM
A CP would do it.
29/Sep/11 12:33 AM
Or not.
29/Sep/11 12:33 AM
29/Sep/11 12:33 AM
Are we racing?
29/Sep/11 12:33 AM
Keith won. Now I can do the puzzle.
29/Sep/11 12:34 AM
I haven't been to fb yet, Jane. I'll give it a try now.
29/Sep/11 12:39 AM
Jane, I just went to my facebook page. I didn't have a problem. I guess you will just have to try again later.
29/Sep/11 12:41 AM
Phantom, thanks for your vote of confidence. I will tell TM he needs to double my salary. Calves are out already this morning. Weaning is noisy. And we are finding all the holes in our fences. You would think he had done this before. I need to leave in a few to take him to town to get the semi with the hay bales weighed. (He sold some of his hay to a farmer in Oklahoma)
29/Sep/11 12:41 AM
I was OK on FB.
29/Sep/11 12:41 AM
Mmmmmmm... Pie.
29/Sep/11 12:45 AM
Poor Sarah Beth. And Tin Man. Once the calves and cows learn that they can use brute force and ignorance to get back together, you have a nightmare. They will keep busting out. You may have to either load them straight on the trailer and sell them still bawling, or load them on the trailer and More...
29/Sep/11 12:52 AM
Got it!
There were 2 correct answers and one great (but wrong) guess. The correct answer is that it is the equivalent to a hole on a green in golf. Around the world, in public parks, Disc (or Frisbee) golf courses have been set up. Each More...
29/Sep/11 1:00 AM
Geeze, Keith. I thought it was a wine glass with a "dribble" feature. Waste not, want not, and all that....
29/Sep/11 1:05 AM
I've been allowed back on Facebook. Whew!
29/Sep/11 1:10 AM
Keith - I should have answered, but I was otherwise engaged. We have those on St. Simons in Gascoigne Park!
29/Sep/11 1:11 AM
Still not getting e-mail notifications for FB messages, however. But I can live with that.
29/Sep/11 1:13 AM
Jane - did you check out the cartoon I posted in my Gallery.
29/Sep/11 1:23 AM
I got a notice that FB has turned off the e-mail feature. You have to unclick that function in order to get regular FB e-mail notification. I purposely unclicked the Sudoku Friends e-mail notification because I was getting like 85 in my mail. We are a gabby lot! lol
29/Sep/11 1:26 AM
Love it, Eve! Oh, how I wish we had a Trader Joe's here. Shortly after we left Richmond (VA), one opened! I'll have to start haranguing the TJ website again. They do have one in the Atlanta area, so maybe there's a chance....
29/Sep/11 1:26 AM
maen, all Y'all.

Pull up a stump n grab a cup.

29/Sep/11 1:29 AM
29/Sep/11 1:30 AM
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