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Easy Sudoku for 3/December/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning everyone.
03/Dec/14 12:01 AM
Good Maen, Ted!!
03/Dec/14 12:07 AM
Hi, guys!
Looks like the Western US woke up before the Eastern US today!
03/Dec/14 1:06 AM
No sun and chilly today. Brrrr!
Still fighting the cold I got almost a month ago. Finally went to the doctor yesterday. Hopefully I'll start to get better soon! It's not horrible, but it keeps me from doing things I want to do.
03/Dec/14 1:10 AM
all. Beautiful day here. Sunshine. 63*F.
03/Dec/14 1:48 AM
Since I was feeling like death warmed over yesterday (worst migraine I have had in MANY years), I just now sent an answer to yesterday's puzzle! We will see if my brain has recovered. HatT - it is a beautiful day in Aggieland, also!
03/Dec/14 2:03 AM

I'm jealous. It's raining here.
03/Dec/14 2:06 AM
It's Tuesday! Poozle time!

What word comes next in this sequence:

one three five four ==?==

Answers to my ''Can I count on that?'' inbox, please.
03/Dec/14 2:13 AM
another sunless day. We are supposed to make it above freezing today.
03/Dec/14 3:08 AM
I can handle the cold if the sun is out, makes it appear that it is not as cold.
03/Dec/14 3:09 AM
Good morning to all! Did they stain the floors to match the dog's colour, or get the dog to match the floors??
03/Dec/14 3:41 AM
03/Dec/14 3:45 AM
Cute dog to greet us today. I agree Greg, he sure does match that floor.
03/Dec/14 3:48 AM
03/Dec/14 3:58 AM
Yea!!! It's raining outside!!! And I'm inside nice and toasty warm!
03/Dec/14 4:00 AM
Wonder if the farmers market is going on at the park? Shall I brave the elements and buy some fresh fruits??? Well, after I finish my hot oatmeal cereal with fresh strawberries and hot coffee! Maybe it'll lighten up a bit later!
03/Dec/14 4:01 AM
We're getting drizzle here today. We've gotten a respectable amount of rain so far this year, but still worry about drought.
03/Dec/14 4:06 AM
My computer seems to be responding a bit faster today.
03/Dec/14 4:07 AM
Jack be nimble.
03/Dec/14 4:07 AM
Jack be quick.
03/Dec/14 4:08 AM
Jack jumped ...
03/Dec/14 4:08 AM
03/Dec/14 4:08 AM
Jack be nimble ...
Jack be quick ...
Jack jumped over
the candlestick!

Great b***s of fire!

Sorry ... and oldie but goodie!
03/Dec/14 4:12 AM
Jack wasn't nimble or quick considering that it took six posts over two minutes to burn his great b*lls!
03/Dec/14 5:26 AM
Morning all,cute little dog.
Lol Judy and HalT.
03/Dec/14 5:37 AM
03/Dec/14 5:38 AM
At least the shed dog hair won't show up on the floor!
03/Dec/14 6:24 AM
Ack! It's wet and cold out there!!! And fewer people maybe one or two customers per stall. And the gaps where those stalls not present! At least my favorite stalls were there! I salute the brave souls who dared the inclement weather!
03/Dec/14 6:27 AM
Anybody else smell Bar-B-Que?
03/Dec/14 6:29 AM
03/Dec/14 6:54 AM
good morning. Heading off to a Christmas lunch for my quilt group. Putting my faith in the weather forecast. Which says it will be hot. But it's quite cool just now. I am dressed for the hot. Cya later.
03/Dec/14 9:21 AM
A bit of cloud about but still quite humid. Shiela, like you I am fighting off some bronchitis. Not much fun when it is hot.
03/Dec/14 11:26 AM
My kookaburras seem to be giving up on me. I have only had one the last couple of days when it was 3 or 4 before that. I must admit I have not been going into the back yard as much now that the pup has gone home.
03/Dec/14 11:28 AM
Today's daffynition:- Pilot — What you do with wood after you cut and split it.

Today's factoid:- There are twice as many kangaroos in Australia as there are people. The kangaroo population is estimated at about 40 million.
03/Dec/14 1:31 PM
Got a good workout today. The last leaves of Autumn have been raked/mulched. I may have to rake some pine needles later, but the major work has been done.
Until next Spring, that is.
03/Dec/14 1:45 PM
Anyone want to race for the page change? I'll wait for a few minutes for an answer.
03/Dec/14 1:49 PM
Well, three is a few, so I shall continue.
03/Dec/14 1:53 PM
No, wait. According to Kathy, three is five.
03/Dec/14 1:55 PM
But I digress. It's time.
03/Dec/14 1:56 PM
03/Dec/14 1:57 PM
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