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Easy Sudoku for 3/December/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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GoodMaen, all!
03/Dec/18 12:01 AM
2:09 Good night all.
03/Dec/18 12:28 AM
1:50. 'Morning, Wolf, Anne, everyone.
03/Dec/18 1:09 AM
2.15. Doesn't look like a swamp!!!
03/Dec/18 2:37 AM
03/Dec/18 2:58 AM
I love Aussie place names. Whitsundays.
03/Dec/18 3:00 AM
03/Dec/18 3:08 AM
When we visited Australia, I was delighted with the names. I remember one, ''Tom Ugly'', I think it was near Sydney. I'm sure there is a story behind each one.
03/Dec/18 3:18 AM
03/Dec/18 3:44 AM
Paradise California was more like 'The Other Place'.
03/Dec/18 3:47 AM
Thinking of you Plum - hope each day the pain eases!
03/Dec/18 3:52 AM
Sunny! (Have to type quickly... who knows how long it will last!!!)
Enjoy your day!
03/Dec/18 3:56 AM

Wendy, thank you for another beautiful photo!
03/Dec/18 3:59 AM
03/Dec/18 5:04 AM
Morning all,great memories of our visit to Airlie Beach.
Managed to get Wombat's poozle done last night. It didn't help that I had deleted a set of letters at the bottom that I hadn't used.
03/Dec/18 5:56 AM
Wendy for a lovely photo of a beautiful place.Don't see a swamp there, though.
03/Dec/18 7:07 AM
Tom Ugly's bridge is indeed in Sydney, providing a crossing over the Georges' River.

A bit of info on Tom Ugly.

And who was Tom Ugly? Well, if the local mythology is correct, he was actually a very early resident named Tom Huxley, who wasn't particularly ugly. He just had a surname the local Aborigines had trouble pronouncing.

Hence Tom Ugly.
03/Dec/18 8:08 AM
C'mon Keith! Get yer bum into gear and get here.......Your number awaits you.
03/Dec/18 8:10 AM
everybody! hummmm, if I try for a CP I might trample on Keith's number. Maybe I should wait.
03/Dec/18 9:31 AM
Well since my last post Tara and I have walked Howrah Beach in the wind and a few showers......Still no Keith?
03/Dec/18 9:50 AM
I hope he's OK.
03/Dec/18 9:51 AM
I'll just pounce on it in his honour......Pounce!
03/Dec/18 9:52 AM
Had to do it, Rage is hangin' ot for a VB.
03/Dec/18 9:53 AM
Onwards and upwards.......
03/Dec/18 9:54 AM
Peter, Sounds like a nasty day. I'm assuming that Tara had her foul weather gear on.
03/Dec/18 10:33 AM
Nah, not too bad DoA. Wind has dropped but a bit of rain around and as for Tara, she doesn't seem to care what the weather is like as long as she gets her morning walk and gets to meet up with Sarah at the garage. She gets treats there.
03/Dec/18 11:07 AM
Kathy, To add to Peter's info about Tom Ugly as a name there is also a Tom Ugly Point. The first school I taught at was Bonang, about 100km from Orbost, the local 'big City', on a very windy and sparsely populated gravel road. The names of the creeks it crossed included Dead Calf Creek, Dead Bull More...
03/Dec/18 11:20 AM
The Bonang locals linked certain places to events that happened there, such as Uncle Harry's Corner, because he had a car accident there. As there were so few cross streets, they needed to name places so they knew what people were talking about.
03/Dec/18 11:24 AM
Good maEn, good people. Sorta bored but all the naps tend to break up the tedium of life on the couch. Pain is pretty much under control and I'm really grateful for canned chicken broth because I can't swallow anything heavier yet. Thanks for all your support and well wishes.
03/Dec/18 12:40 PM
1:35. Good evening everyone.
03/Dec/18 7:34 PM
It's been a slow evening, so I'll rush things to a close...
03/Dec/18 11:55 PM
You can get it digging a hole
You can get it rushing to a close
Matter of fact I got it now...
03/Dec/18 11:56 PM
An ice cold VB ahhhh
03/Dec/18 11:58 PM
And a...
03/Dec/18 11:59 PM
CP yeah
03/Dec/18 11:59 PM
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