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Easy Sudoku for 3/April/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
03/Apr/18 12:00 AM
Good Maen, good people.
03/Apr/18 12:00 AM
Nice try Plum.
03/Apr/18 12:00 AM
Good morning. The time change sequence now seems to be complete.

03/Apr/18 12:00 AM
We both missed it.
03/Apr/18 12:01 AM
03/Apr/18 12:02 AM
Hi, Joe! Nice to see you posting. Hi, Wolf. HalT should be along shortly. He was finishing up with yesterday.
03/Apr/18 12:02 AM
HalT, we're just tangled up and tumbling over each other's feet this morning.
03/Apr/18 12:03 AM
TftD: It's not important what you wear, it's how you take it off.

(I'll let you decide how you want to interpret that.)
03/Apr/18 12:04 AM
03/Apr/18 12:14 AM
Take off your coat.
03/Apr/18 12:21 AM
Tight LPOD / FPOD race guys. Fun to read! And then, And Then, along came Wolf. Thanks all Y'all.
03/Apr/18 12:39 AM
Good night one and all! 13!!
03/Apr/18 12:49 AM
03/Apr/18 1:05 AM
guys & Anne.
Sunny, but c-c-chilly.
For a moment I thought it was an all-guys morning and then I saw Anne's name!
Hope your day is filled with sunshine!
03/Apr/18 1:14 AM
Guess I need my glasses changed... and Plum!
03/Apr/18 1:15 AM
Good afternoon - lots of activity this morning; calmed down now that it's afternoon!
03/Apr/18 1:44 AM
03/Apr/18 1:52 AM
That squatter looks very comfortable. I guess the birds have lost their home.
03/Apr/18 3:14 AM
Good afternoon to all!
03/Apr/18 3:18 AM
Good afternoon all.
03/Apr/18 3:33 AM
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend
03/Apr/18 3:36 AM
I am really getting tired of rain. We have had excessive rain for over a week, last week the golf courses flooded.
03/Apr/18 4:03 AM
03/Apr/18 4:20 AM
Nice photo, comfortable looking squatter
03/Apr/18 5:25 AM
Retirement is a wonderful thing except I don't get here as often as I would like.
03/Apr/18 8:42 AM
Hello, look who's popping in ... and not just the squirrel in today's photo. Hi, Lizzy, Vao88, Darwen Jim and Neil ... and Denny and ... well, hi, everyone!
03/Apr/18 9:41 AM
The squirrel is so happy that someone built a house the perfect size!
03/Apr/18 10:12 AM
1:58 Good morning all!
Hello Lizzie! Nice to see you.
03/Apr/18 10:45 AM
A jumbo number of responders this week. Eleven to be exact, and there were very few who disagreed with the answers I'd chosen. The exceptional eleven were Peter, Rage,Kathy, Sarah, Joyce, Snowbird, Judy, Arachnid, Devil or Angel, Plum and Anne. Well done everyone.
Astronaut - SPACE TRAVELLER More...
03/Apr/18 5:26 PM
1:39. Good evening everyone. Hi Lizzy!
03/Apr/18 6:38 PM
Today is 203 consecutive days of 10k steps. Certainly has helped in loosing 10kg since September.
03/Apr/18 7:47 PM
Cheers and goodnight
03/Apr/18 10:49 PM
Lizzy - That's great! Good for you!!
03/Apr/18 11:46 PM
This later calendar change time encourages a mid morning cuppa. Too bad the Easter candy is holding out (despite my best efforts). It's terribly convenient with a cuppa while waiting for midnight in Brisbane.
03/Apr/18 11:53 PM
I admit, I'm a hoarder. I took my little bag of spiced gumdrops that I got just for myself and asked myself where I should put them to keep them for myself so no one else will see them and eat them before I get to them. Ah-ha, thought I. In my desk drawer. I opened the drawer and there, under a folder, lay a half full bag of spice flavored jellybeans from last year.
03/Apr/18 11:59 PM
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