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Easy Sudoku for 3/May/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Good Maen, all!
03/May/19 12:00 AM
I was surprised in 1942 when I went to Missouri, a Southern slave state, in the winter and found all that snow and ice.
03/May/19 12:12 AM
Early!! Up so early for dental appt. Ugh!
03/May/19 12:25 AM
Wolf, Denny and all to follow!

Snow in Missouri is not unusual. Especially the northern part.

Sorry for the reason for your early rising, Denny. Good luck.
03/May/19 1:02 AM
I don't think Angie drops by anymore, but just in case....
03/May/19 1:03 AM
03/May/19 1:07 AM
so close , , ,
03/May/19 1:08 AM
03/May/19 1:08 AM
03/May/19 1:35 AM
03/May/19 1:50 AM
03/May/19 2:40 AM
03/May/19 2:41 AM
03/May/19 3:04 AM
Good mAen, good people. I've been working on my business course for the last 4+ hours. I need a break so here I am.
03/May/19 3:54 AM
Tomorrow I do my ministry work then more homework. Oh, and I have a multi-stop, two week long business trip to the West Coast to plan in the next couple weeks as well. And a vehicle to get repaired and on the road.
03/May/19 3:57 AM
And somewhere in there I want to set up some planters for container gardening. I need lots of spinach and beans and tomatoes and herbs and etc. That's what I need. I'll end up with far fewer than I can use just because I won't be able to put in the required time and effort and space.
03/May/19 4:01 AM
03/May/19 4:27 AM
Interesting winter photo
03/May/19 4:59 AM
Lovely Winter photo. I love Winter, but this year it's lasted long enough!
03/May/19 5:20 AM
1:32. Good morning everyone.
03/May/19 5:48 AM
OH, I'm just hoping that winter scene remains only in photographs now for the next 7 months...….. please, please!
03/May/19 6:00 AM
Morning all,the only snow I want to see is in photos like this one.
03/May/19 6:19 AM
That last post was for Keith !
03/May/19 6:20 AM
Angie and Ramnivas .🎂🎂
03/May/19 6:22 AM
2:06. Good Afternoon, all. Heading to Palm Springs for an outdoor wedding this weekend. Forecast is for a 97F high. Perhaps a black suit is not my best choice for this one...l
03/May/19 7:03 AM
2:01 Good morning all. It feels as cold as it looks in the photo here this morning.
03/May/19 8:49 AM
Rain glorious rain. After months of only sporadic rain we have had nice steady rain overnight. Not the sort of summer storms that used to wash out the newly planted lawn, but gentle steady stuff. It will also keep the frosts away for a bit longer and that is good too.
Send her down Hughie.
03/May/19 10:01 AM
Of course that phrase sent me directly to Mr. Google:

Send 'er down, Hughie!, sometimes Send her down, Hughie! or Send it down, Hughie!, is an idiomatic Australian phrase uttered in response to the onset of rain.
It was in very common usage in the early 20th century, but is less common More...
03/May/19 11:37 AM
The only Hughie I know about is Huey, one of Donald Duck's nephew triplets.
03/May/19 12:30 PM
Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck
03/May/19 12:56 PM
......and the grandnephews of Scrooge McDuck
03/May/19 12:58 PM
It's nearly time & I'm thirsty...
03/May/19 2:19 PM
Barkeep, a round or five for the house...
03/May/19 2:19 PM
Geez, I hate drinking by myself...
03/May/19 3:20 PM
Thx Amelia.
03/May/19 3:42 PM
Joyce I know there are all sorts of explanations for any common phrase, but it was explained to me that it evolved from Jupiter Pluvius, but I think your explanation is more logical
03/May/19 4:02 PM
Jupiter Pluvius was the king of the Roman gods with special responsibility for the sky and thunder, so there is a connection there.
03/May/19 4:05 PM
Hal I did know a Hughie, real name Hugh, but invariably referred to as Hughie. I was an old Bushie and an returned service man from WWI.
He was gassed during the European Phase of the war. I boarded with he and his wife Rosie in 1953 - 54 when I was on my first posting. I learned a lot about rural activities during that time.
03/May/19 4:12 PM
Their was little more than a shack but quite comfortable. It was built from the offcuts of commercial timber at the local mill and was of unequal width but otherwise square. But is was green, and as green timber does it shrank and left gaps. These were papered over with magazines, mainly the Women's weekly.
03/May/19 4:17 PM
As it shrank further and the paper split, another layer was pasted over it, and it was quite effective. That's a CP and the EOPage1.
I'd better finish before a lurker jumps in.
03/May/19 4:21 PM
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