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Easy Sudoku for 3/June/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Sorry, World!

I'm glad we had such a nice visit to Australia and New Zealand.
You speak English and aren't crazy. We may want to stay longer!
03/Jun/17 12:00 AM
03/Jun/17 12:03 AM
03/Jun/17 12:49 AM
Our 56th... in about 14 hours.
03/Jun/17 12:52 AM
Wow, Hal! Congratulations! That is longer than I have been alive!
03/Jun/17 12:58 AM
Sunny & mild.
Hope you all have sunshine in your day!
03/Jun/17 1:08 AM
WARNING! Don't follow the link Denny left, yesterday, unless you want another serious ''timewaster'' in your life. Who knew there could be so many options for jig saw puzzles? All kinds of shapes & number of pieces...

Thanks, Denny, I think............
03/Jun/17 1:18 AM
The hound has an appointment with the doggy dentist, so off I go.
03/Jun/17 1:20 AM
(For Shosho!)
03/Jun/17 1:20 AM
Nope! Looks like D or A's dog got Shosho's luck!
(Probably a good thing!)
03/Jun/17 1:23 AM
Hal, in less than 14 hours, to you and Barbara....
03/Jun/17 1:44 AM
wow! Happy Anniversary, Hal & Barbara!
(Now I know what the '56' referred to!)
03/Jun/17 1:56 AM
I meant to write 'WOW!'
(That number deserves capital letters, Hal!)
03/Jun/17 1:57 AM
Hal & Barbara
03/Jun/17 2:17 AM
this just proves that Barbara is really a Saint.
03/Jun/17 2:18 AM
03/Jun/17 2:19 AM
Wood floors being installed, yesterday the old tile came out, what a mess that was, is.
03/Jun/17 2:21 AM
WOW! is right! 56 years! Well, it is not longer than I have been around but it is a very impressive time!
03/Jun/17 2:21 AM
Not to worry, Shiela! I'll send both you and DoA flying your way!!!
03/Jun/17 2:22 AM
Rest time is over, back to work.
03/Jun/17 2:22 AM
Congratulations Hal and Barbara!

56 years and no one has been spindled or mutilated...that we know of...what an accomplishment!

Happy Anniversary...and many more!
03/Jun/17 2:22 AM
Oh Keith!!!
03/Jun/17 2:23 AM
! But Cake Lady pushed me!!! (Not that I'm trying to cast off blame, but I'm innocent, I tell ya!!!)
03/Jun/17 2:24 AM
Nice pic!

Hal & Barbara, those flowers are for you!
03/Jun/17 2:34 AM
Sorry shosho & Keith.
03/Jun/17 2:35 AM

Happy 56th Anniversary, Hal and Barbara
03/Jun/17 3:40 AM
Congratulations Hal and Barbara and many more to come ,hopefully.
03/Jun/17 4:08 AM
Am I out of the ''naughty corner'', yet?
03/Jun/17 5:51 AM
But the comment just isn't the same without the smarmy language...
03/Jun/17 6:05 AM
Morning all, lovely Hippeastrums.
Happy 56th Anniversary Barbara and Hal .💞🍾🎉
03/Jun/17 6:08 AM
DoA , now you have me wondering what you said !😂
03/Jun/17 6:12 AM
1:30. Good morning everyone.

Happy anniversary in about 9 hrs Hal!
03/Jun/17 6:16 AM

This week's Saturday poozle is 1&3 poozle,
I will work through the alphabet giving you the first and third letters of a word and a clue as to what the word is. I will also give you the rest of the word in random order, and the second letter of the word, in alphabetical order. More...
03/Jun/17 8:22 AM
Congratulations to Hal and Barbara. There isn't far to go to 60.
03/Jun/17 8:25 AM
I'd better do a round up of the ECCO puzzles. I was not nearly as populat as the VM and Spoonerism one. Three people posted, Kathy, Peter and myself.
Five people did the US States one. Cake Lady, Kathy, Sarah, Plum and Peter. The answers were, Nevada, Alaska, Arizona and Alabama.
Four More...
03/Jun/17 10:23 AM
Kathy's Fruit and vegetable ECCO poozle attracted six, Cake Lady, Judy, Sarah, Peter, Plum and myself. The answers were avocado, okra, Apple Inc., eggplant and tangerine.
03/Jun/17 10:36 AM
Peter posted 2, Tasmanian Cities, and he reported four successes, but didn't name them. I know that Sarah and I were two of them, I'm sure I could have a good guess at the other two.
03/Jun/17 10:41 AM
Peter's second ECCO was about Australian slang. Four successful respondents were Judy, Kathy, Amelia and myself. My answers were drongo, ocker, ridgey didge,earbashing, galah, hooroo, oldies, shout, tinny and yobbo. I'm sorry it didn't catch on.
Oh, that's a CP + 1.
03/Jun/17 10:51 AM
Congratulations Hal and Barbara.

I think Barbara would have to be one patient woman.
03/Jun/17 11:06 AM
Thank you Peter for pushing me to the bottom of page one.
03/Jun/17 11:18 AM
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