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Easy Sudoku for 3/September/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Maen, he IS the walrus
03/Sep/18 12:06 AM
2:07 Good night all!
03/Sep/18 12:06 AM
2:03. Good Morning!
03/Sep/18 12:11 AM
03/Sep/18 12:15 AM
03/Sep/18 12:49 AM
Good morning

03/Sep/18 12:53 AM
Got to shut down and start packing to go home. We have had a lovely weekend.
03/Sep/18 12:56 AM
Everybody!! Hope for more later?!
03/Sep/18 1:39 AM
Just squeezing in a Good Morning - cloudy, dreary, drizzly, and the end of summer, made even more obvious with this morning's removal of the docks & floats ...lake-play is done!

03/Sep/18 1:59 AM
All that's missing in that picture is Keith...
03/Sep/18 2:20 AM
Goo goo g'joob!
03/Sep/18 2:45 AM
Mr. Walrus all dressed for the occasion!
03/Sep/18 3:35 AM
Good one, DoA!
03/Sep/18 5:00 AM
03/Sep/18 5:36 AM
1:22. Good morning everyone.
03/Sep/18 6:16 AM
Morning all, I was thinking the same thing DoA.
03/Sep/18 6:30 AM
I think that's my hat.
03/Sep/18 6:38 AM
Good one DoA!
03/Sep/18 7:13 AM
Yeah, good one DOA. (But I thought that WAS Keith.)
03/Sep/18 7:44 AM
Speaking of Keith...
03/Sep/18 7:45 AM
… it's time.
03/Sep/18 7:45 AM
03/Sep/18 8:35 AM
Thx Hal.
03/Sep/18 8:36 AM
I'm not that long in the tooth.
03/Sep/18 8:37 AM
I have a photo of my 3 oldest grandies sitting with this walrus on the middle one's 3rd birthday. She turned 18 in May. Time flies. This is at Sea World Australia at Southport, Gold Coast.
From the spate of Queensland pictures, I think Joann must have paid us a visit and shared her holiday snaps.
03/Sep/18 8:41 AM
1:45 A bit quicker than last night.
03/Sep/18 2:01 PM
Hello everybody, internet has been down. Now smilies won't work. I worry what will happen if there was to be a global internet failure.
03/Sep/18 11:26 PM
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