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Easy Sudoku for 30/November/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day mates, here's today's medical daffynition:
Hippocampus - A medical school where even a hippo can pass

...and here's today's factoid:
The butterfly's taste buds are in its legs.
30/Nov/12 12:00 AM

One and All

30/Nov/12 12:00 AM
Good Maen all.
30/Nov/12 12:00 AM
Love the daffynition, Kayo. I think there are too many doctors nowadays who must have graduated from a hippocampus.
I knew that factoid!! I'm surprised, too. Usually I learn something new every day.
30/Nov/12 12:02 AM
30/Nov/12 12:02 AM
Not much traffic on that street.
30/Nov/12 12:05 AM
I've gotta go work with the cattle now. See ya later!
30/Nov/12 12:06 AM
Will need today.
30/Nov/12 12:11 AM
Good Maen all!
Glad my partner-in-five got it! Good one, Heidi.
I think I have a head cold...thought it was just an allergic reaction to all the construction dust in our house right now - but I'm feeling a bit lousier than that this morning. Bummer!
30/Nov/12 12:15 AM
Hope not, Vici!
Look at the bright side:
It's shorter to get rid of a cold than an allergy to construction dust.
30/Nov/12 12:21 AM
Church drcorating finally done! As chairperson, it took me 19 hours this year. That's with about 25 volunteers help.
30/Nov/12 12:25 AM
1:39 Good night one and all!
30/Nov/12 12:28 AM
Congrats Shiela - you should take a pic for us to see.
I like your positive reasoning...thanks for a reminder of the bright side. I should be through with this cold quickly cuz it doesn't seem as nasty as some I've had.
Annie - why didn't you stay to claim your throne?
30/Nov/12 12:31 AM
Good Maen! It is cool and foggy outside.
30/Nov/12 12:58 AM
Slow second half-hour - I am expecting kids in for help any time now.
30/Nov/12 12:58 AM
Night Anne.

Take lots of Mr. C, Vici.
30/Nov/12 1:02 AM
I always like an open road, but I enjoyed my puzzle picture this morning of a run on the beach ! off to bowling this morning - still in recovery from my back injury from 4 months ago - so just tossing the bowl down the lane - at least I know my marks - enjoy your day
30/Nov/12 1:31 AM
I keep waiting for somebody to move us along.
30/Nov/12 2:00 AM
Maybe it has to be me.
30/Nov/12 2:00 AM
There's an Orange down by Los Angeles.
30/Nov/12 2:00 AM
Doesn't look like that, though. Used to be orange orchards.
30/Nov/12 2:01 AM
30/Nov/12 2:01 AM
Good morning people of the world.
30/Nov/12 2:04 AM
Electronic Greetings Day

30/Nov/12 2:05 AM
Hello, Karen, Keith!
30/Nov/12 2:06 AM
Kids actually showed up, now it is time for my first class. Then on to the middle school - time to read them the riot act since I have been called on the carpet by a parent for my lack of classroom control.
30/Nov/12 2:07 AM
Good day all. Very easy puzzle today. No business meetings today, so I can finish decorating the house and then we will be all set for the holidays. Shopping is done and all is wrapped.
30/Nov/12 2:12 AM
Happy Thursday!
30/Nov/12 2:17 AM
Ahh jamie, right after government accountability, classroom control was the worst part of teaching. Lots of teaching was rewarding and enjoyable, but not those parts.
30/Nov/12 2:20 AM
30/Nov/12 2:29 AM
everybody. So did anyone besides me see Jupiter next to the moon last night?

Shiela, congrats on finishing your church decorating. I'm sure it's a good feeling to have it all done. Bet it looks beautiful. I agree with Vici - I'd love to see some pics.
30/Nov/12 2:31 AM
OH, Jamie, you get to talk to a parent like me. Though I have to admit, I don't think I have told her about it.
30/Nov/12 2:32 AM
I agree with you Kieth, I loved teaching, but would have enjoyed a whole lot more, if I could have left out the government and parents.
30/Nov/12 2:34 AM
Nancy, are you being a showoff? You are ready to sit back and enjoy the holiday!

I don't think I am ever going to have this place cleaned up after Man and the girls decorating. Wrapping has started and probably will not be finished until Dec. 24. Good thing, I am 99.9% positive, that MIL will not ask me to prepare anything for Christmas dinner, this year.
30/Nov/12 2:39 AM
Alas.... I am not able to post photos. No Flickr-type accounts.
30/Nov/12 2:40 AM
Good morning. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. We did our celebrating this morning. One of these days I'm going to realize that sugaring the kids up in the morning is not a good idea.
30/Nov/12 2:49 AM
My electronic greeting: everyone!

I'm curious, Karen. What grade(s?) did you teach?

I hope your cold comes and goes quickly, Vici. I was across the aisle from some guy who sneezed and coughed the entire flight from San Diego to More...
30/Nov/12 2:52 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: Quin does not like chocolate. Those with initials A - M do like chocolate.

Speaking of chocolate, winners Sarah Beth and Serena will be enjoying a weekend stay at the famed Tim Tam Spa where they will experience the most popular relaxation treatment More...
30/Nov/12 2:57 AM
Kathy, my main grade was second grade. Remember, I shared classrooms. My mentor teacher, did all the work, while I had the fun part of being with the children. I could only co-teach, because I am not certified, yet. Though, I am sure I am certifiable.

Hoping your hubby was kidding too.
30/Nov/12 3:01 AM
I'm still in shock that anyone would not like chocolate. My half-sister was allergic to it but she still liked it.
30/Nov/12 3:01 AM
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