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Easy Sudoku for 30/March/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Today's tough puzzle seems tough enough, to me anyway. For that reason, I have decided to blog it.

The link is/will be available in the typical location:
Upper right column, under Check Out the Sudoku Blog.

Feel free to improve upon my work today. I suspect it is sub-par!

29/Mar/07 10:08 PM
30/Mar/07 12:01 AM
good Maen
30/Mar/07 12:02 AM
3rd wow from my dog tripper to ....
30/Mar/07 12:03 AM
Hey Tripper,
30/Mar/07 12:04 AM
3:05 Good evening everyone.
30/Mar/07 12:04 AM
Hola Amigos!! We are back from our three days in the Galapagos Islands. Had a wonderful time there & were able to get up close & personal with so many different kinds of wildlife. Got face to face with sea lions when we were snorkeling. One of them tried to eat Rob´s underwater camera! We have More...
30/Mar/07 12:04 AM
some of these types of pictures are sweet; others are a little unsettling. Not sure which
category this one is yet.
does anyone else agree? I'm a daily lurker but have not posted many times.
Maen to all.
30/Mar/07 12:05 AM
Mine were never that small!!
30/Mar/07 12:05 AM
2.56 Interesting baby photo
30/Mar/07 12:05 AM
Everyone, looks like a new day has just begun, hope you all have a great day/night where ever you are.

Mel from Perth, music lesson No. 2 now on youtube
all I can say is hey, 'I never promised you a Rose Garden'
Oh and BTW check out the fashion, what style and grace.
30/Mar/07 12:06 AM
2:16 Gorgeous sunny day here. Enjoy, wherever you are.
30/Mar/07 12:06 AM
Hi, ROB AND KATHY! We can't wait to see your photos! XO
30/Mar/07 12:07 AM
Billy - sorry I missed you yesterday - fell asleep before changeover. Congrats for finding the glovebox AND owners manual!! :) Good luck at the workshop.
30/Mar/07 12:07 AM
Sounds like a great trip, Kathy and Rob. Good for you.
30/Mar/07 12:10 AM
Ostrich egg?
30/Mar/07 12:17 AM
2:10 Maen! Cute little picture
30/Mar/07 12:17 AM

Another puzzle it took two times through the numbers to solve.
30/Mar/07 12:17 AM
30/Mar/07 12:20 AM
This looks like an Anne Geddes type picture. She is noted for taking baby pictures in unusual settings.
30/Mar/07 12:24 AM
The Aussies on this site are always making cracks about the Kiwis and their farm animals ... is that how this happened?? :)
30/Mar/07 12:25 AM
Those dang cowbirds don't care who's nest they steal.
30/Mar/07 12:25 AM
2:15, which came first the baby or the egg. I think I've seen a picture like this before used in advertisement pushing anti-abortion
30/Mar/07 12:26 AM
'Amazing Picture'
30/Mar/07 12:29 AM
Lizbaby4, it reminded me of her pictures too.
30/Mar/07 12:34 AM
Keith - you hiring at the moment? Tool kit = nail file, tweezers, cotton balls, mirror...have i forgotten anything?

bully express - thanks!
30/Mar/07 12:38 AM
This is a 'Mazipan Babe' made by genial fingers the size, I believe is half an adult finger. I saw one a few years ago, it was amazing. Still is.
May I ask Weezie 56 permission to paint yesterday's dog Tripper.
His eyes are 'grabbing'.. A lot of dogs are expressing above what human can, but there is rarely a camera to record it.
30/Mar/07 12:49 AM
That isn't a real baby is it?
30/Mar/07 12:54 AM
Antoinette from toronto:
Well actually no need to ask because the title was My Dog Tripper but it wasn't *my* dog!

i think i'll go back to lurking again
30/Mar/07 12:56 AM

Interesting. For more on Marzipan Babies, see:

30/Mar/07 1:01 AM
Great picture!
Just wonder, did they really put baby into this shell, or it is just great photoshop job?
30/Mar/07 1:02 AM
everyone...Sunny and cool in So. Oregon...
Off to golf this morning. Talk to you later. Anyone interested in golf, here is a cute one. If not, pass it on to the golfer you know...http://www.cincinnati.com/golf/golfquiz/html/brand.ht m
30/Mar/07 1:19 AM
seeing is believing Agnes.
30/Mar/07 1:22 AM
30/Mar/07 1:22 AM
Not a real baby. Marzipan or something else. I used to sculpt and did several infants similar to this. Mine were more animated and not as realistic as this. Talented artist did this one.
30/Mar/07 1:23 AM
Hi All,
I'm new to this site and have loved doing the puzzles and jigsaws.
The pic today is made by an artist named Camille Allen. Check out her web site www.camilleallen.com They are not made of marzipan, but polymer clay.
30/Mar/07 1:27 AM

Welcome Kathy! Jump in the water is fine. Lots of great folks on this site.

30/Mar/07 1:29 AM
Alas ... it is the Church Lady! 'Sup?
30/Mar/07 1:31 AM
Hey there HOB! I am being a good church lady and running copies of the newsletter to send out. Could use some help folding and taping, you up for it?
30/Mar/07 1:33 AM
I don't know, HYB ... paper cuts are SO painful!
30/Mar/07 1:34 AM
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