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Easy Sudoku for 30/March/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day/nite all..
30/Mar/08 12:00 AM
Broni what was in the last part that you got booted off?
30/Mar/08 12:01 AM
For those of us in France and UK remember we move to summer time tonight and lose an hour.
30/Mar/08 12:02 AM
ALL - Updated my U-tube, a little soft-shoe:


30/Mar/08 12:02 AM
Morning sudokuland! Was enjoying reading the Darwin Awards, cannot believe some of those, on my.
30/Mar/08 12:02 AM
Looks like it is you and me, Appy and I must go help my other half pack
30/Mar/08 12:03 AM
MizTricia I'm still waiting for number 1
30/Mar/08 12:03 AM
sorry, forgot to leave my chair on Sudokuaholicis page. I put up my SUN cause we do not have any sunshine again today.
30/Mar/08 12:04 AM
Freedom of Speech - on the Internet may be Dead!

You may have heard about the Dutch Movie "Fitna", being released on the internet yesterday. It was up for about 12 hours, before being pulled. This is what happened:

"Following threats to our staff of a very serious More...
30/Mar/08 12:05 AM
3:36; Good Maen everyone. I'm not a big fan of dressing up dogs, but that was a cute picture.
30/Mar/08 12:05 AM
Grannie Mo, I did not get that far, noticed the time and clicked over. I think I was just starting to read Hom=norable Mention. So, Bronie got booted about something in the number 1 Darwin awards?? this must be good then!
30/Mar/08 12:05 AM
Is it too cold Dog?
Good mAen to all of you.
30/Mar/08 12:05 AM
Yes MizT I've asked for it to be sent to me privately I just can't go away not knowing the rest
30/Mar/08 12:07 AM
Miz T - At this time in the morn - we don't have any sun.
30/Mar/08 12:07 AM
Good morning all! A few inches of snow still on the ground from yesterday's storm and it is too cold to melt. It is supposed to warm up slowly, so we should get spring-like weather by the end of next week! Have a great day everyone!
30/Mar/08 12:08 AM
EVE, yes, it is a bit early for you to have sunshine. I will share my sun avatar with you, too!
30/Mar/08 12:08 AM
I hope you all have an amazing day, where ever you may be in this most wonderful world of ours.
30/Mar/08 12:09 AM
HI to Appy, Serena, Stella, Wagdy, and anyone else who snuck in a post while I was typing hehehe
30/Mar/08 12:10 AM
Good Morning I posted a pictured of my eldest belly dancing. Needed this one to go with her sisters.
30/Mar/08 12:10 AM
repost from yesterday's last page!

Hey Angie, would luv a sarcastic comment! Can you please tell them I cannot post, thanks Broni
30/Mar/08 12:10 AM
We actually have sun this morning. It's only 17 degrees but sunny. I'll take what I can get.
30/Mar/08 12:14 AM
Angie, I don't understand. I always thought all your comments were sincere and meant exactly what they said. I think I'm now disillusioned!!
30/Mar/08 12:16 AM
SERENA, actually I will take my 62 F and overcast instead of your 17 and sunny and I will stop complaining!
30/Mar/08 12:18 AM
comment no 1 for you Broni!

If you ever become a mother, can I have one of the puppies?
- Charles Pierce

30/Mar/08 12:19 AM
Comment no. 2

I feel so miserable without you, it's almost like having you here.
- Stephen Bishop

30/Mar/08 12:20 AM
No. 3

When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other.
- Eric Hoffer
30/Mar/08 12:23 AM
I wish we were better strangers.
I'll always cherish the original misconception I had of you.
- Unknown

30/Mar/08 12:24 AM
Good Maen to everyone around the world!

30/Mar/08 12:25 AM
When ideas fail, words come in very handy. - Goethe
30/Mar/08 12:25 AM
MizTricia1 - It made it up to 18 while we were typing. We are supposed to see a balmy 30 today. Then tomorrow is the start of a heat wave. 39 followed by 41.
30/Mar/08 12:29 AM
Serena, be careful, those temps are soaring! would not want you to get over heated you know!
30/Mar/08 12:33 AM
MizT - with a few sun beams streaming off that smilie - you would have a very bright sun - send some this way. Snow tires legally have to be removed by April 1st. But with the weather forcasted for this weekend, they said they won't be ticketing until after the 5th.
30/Mar/08 12:45 AM
Maen all - Wow! A little after the change over and I'm all the way down on the page... So much for trying to be first I guess I'll have to get going a little faster if I want to be at the top
30/Mar/08 1:07 AM
Broni, thank you so much. I will never look at an elephant the same way again.
30/Mar/08 1:10 AM
And as for Bungie Jumpers I've always thought they had something missing ! ! ! from their lives now he truly has.
30/Mar/08 1:11 AM
Grannie Mo: When you look at a friendly elephant, always look at its front end. If the elephant is bad-tempered and you do need to look at it, you are advised to examine its rear end, but in that case be careful something nasty does not land on your head
30/Mar/08 1:19 AM
Marriages don't last long these days. Wives are for cooking and they are quickly eaten
30/Mar/08 1:23 AM
Morning all......time this little bean hit the sack.....so late!!
This is one gorgeous dog - our Jess has a friend not unlike this called 'Meg'.
Night all, see you a bit later in the morning.
30/Mar/08 1:25 AM
Oh Rayray...haven't run into you for a while...I'm too tired to stop and chat now. Hope we bump into each other again soon. Glad you like my rose. MizT gifted me this avatar...I'm really lashing out and even looking for smilies!
30/Mar/08 1:29 AM
Oooh shall I go for it?
30/Mar/08 1:50 AM
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