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Easy Sudoku for 30/May/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen
30/May/10 12:00 AM
all - from beautiful So. Oregon.
30/May/10 12:00 AM
Krystie looks to be celebrating early.
30/May/10 12:05 AM
Good Morning, everyone!

Threatening rain at the start of the Memorial Day weekend.
30/May/10 12:11 AM

Read that we can expect an unusually large number of major hurricanes for the Atlantic coast this season (June 1-November). Get your emergency kits in order NOW, folks, and know where to go for relief.
30/May/10 12:18 AM
Greg and CynB noted that yesterday's riddle was a repeat from long ago. I didn't remember it, but that's no surprise, in my case, CRAFT strikes frequently.

The answer is: The story teller. He told no one, therefore, no one else could know about the incident. Only the murderer More...
30/May/10 12:22 AM
Happy Saturday!
30/May/10 12:22 AM
Hi all. Just finished the book I started last night. First the puzzle, then back to bed.
This time to sleep.
30/May/10 12:28 AM
It's going to be a pleasant weekend here. Warm and sunny.
30/May/10 12:36 AM

Guess the five-digit number using the following clues.

1. The second digit is a multiple of the first digit.
2. The third digit is the product of the first two digits.
3. All but one digit are even.
4. More...
30/May/10 12:40 AM
Good Maen friends.
Wishing everyone a peaceful and joyful Memorial Day weekend.
Sending out my deepest gratitude to our service women and men (both past and present) and prayers for all of their well being.
30/May/10 1:00 AM
Happy 18th Birthday, Krystie! Wondering if you are nearing 19 by now.
30/May/10 1:04 AM
everyone from sunny So Oregon
Sorry Kristie, I really messed up your puzzle this morning.
Look out Ma and Pa, the boys are going to be after your beautiful lassl.
30/May/10 1:08 AM
30/May/10 1:29 AM
Good maen to all in Sudoku Land
30/May/10 1:31 AM
Hi, Old Hickory.
30/May/10 1:33 AM
It is lovely today on Lake Murray(Where I live)
30/May/10 1:33 AM
Hello, glinda
30/May/10 1:34 AM
Good Morning to everyone. I agree with Dave! What a beautiful girl she is! Happy Birthday!

I have been busy making 4 rhubarb pies this morning.
30/May/10 1:35 AM
I love rhubarb pie

Old Hickory
30/May/10 1:38 AM
Some people add strawberries to the rhubarb
30/May/10 1:39 AM
Well I've got to go see if my neighbors need any help
30/May/10 1:40 AM
That is my second time to post # 22
30/May/10 1:41 AM
Sudokuland. I can't believe all my work and it looks like I haven't done a thing. I did sweat off 4# yesterday.
Memorial Day rememberances for those who have served, and those whom we remember.
30/May/10 1:53 AM
Hopefully, Krystie lives somewhere that the drinking age is not 21, as it is here ...
30/May/10 1:59 AM
Debby - send me your info and I will visit you someday! I LOVEEEEEEE rhubarb pie - actually, rhubarb anything.
Send Kathy an answer - hope my brain was working after coming home from school this morning. Got grades done, and I am free for almost three months. Headed for Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, and maybe Florida this summer.
30/May/10 2:19 AM
School's out! School's out! Monkeys let the teachers out!
You have a good summer coming up, Jamie! Are you taking the Little Woman?
30/May/10 2:24 AM
Absolutely - I don't think I am going anywhere by myself!
30/May/10 2:26 AM
Sounds cozy!
30/May/10 2:32 AM
Jamie! The whole summer ahead for your travels!
Your new wheels will be delivered shortly.....

Honk! Honk! (or oink, oink, as the case may be)

BTW, Witchy....where's your answer?
30/May/10 2:58 AM
Looks like quite the travel vehicle!
Had hoped to see a space shuttle launch AND see Florida Kathy, but the shuttle launch has been canceled and Kathy is headed north at the time we might be there! Any great ideas for us if we do go to Florida anyway?
30/May/10 3:14 AM
That has to be a slow moving vehicle! If the ears er wings should deploy, at speed, steering might be near impossible...
30/May/10 3:39 AM
30/May/10 3:39 AM
Jamie, in Fort Myers there is the Edison Museum and home. Henry Ford lived next door. We enjoyed that tour.
If you like baseball, the Minnesota Twins minor-league baseball team (Fort Myers Miracles) play in the Hammond Stadium.
There was a shell museum there. I can't remember the name of More...
30/May/10 3:49 AM
Scotsman at the Baseball Game:

A Scotsman moves to Canada and attends his first baseball game. The first batter approaches the batters' box, takes a few swings and then hits a double. Everyone is on their feet screaming "Run!!!" The next batter hits a single. The Scotsman More...
30/May/10 4:11 AM
Good afternoon to all! You're a cute lady Krystie. Enjoy a long life with little hardship if possible.
30/May/10 4:47 AM
Kathy, you know damn well that since you were the storyteller yesterday, you are the murderess. The things we find out on this site...
30/May/10 4:50 AM
Jamie, school's out! Are you going back again during the next year of your 'retirement'?
30/May/10 4:58 AM
Shhh, Greg! Everyone doesn't need to know!

The following announcements actually appeared in various church bulletins. (I've seen some of these, but some are new)

Don't let worry kill you -- let the church help.

Thursday night - Potluck supper. Prayer and More...
30/May/10 5:15 AM

Have been watching the 3 "baby" red tail hawks grow up in the Franklin Institute nesting box. They are getting very close to leaving the nest.

30/May/10 5:32 AM
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