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Easy Sudoku for 30/June/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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30/Jun/16 12:00 AM
Hi all!!
30/Jun/16 12:06 AM
I had to stay home to wait for a repair man. Good Maen to everyone, anyhow!
30/Jun/16 12:09 AM
What's the spike sticking up from the rock?
30/Jun/16 12:46 AM
I wondered the same thing, Bev.
30/Jun/16 1:04 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle: tortoise, marmoset, chipmunk, anteater. elephant

Speaking of elephants....winners Judy, Hal, Cake Lady, and Wombat receive the ''Who You Calling Dumbo? Crown''

30/Jun/16 1:08 AM
beautiful day in OK, wishing you a beautiful day also.
30/Jun/16 1:13 AM
And, for today......

500 at the beginning, 500 at the end,
5 in the middle is seen,
The first of all letters, the first of all figures
Take up their stations between,
String them together, and you will have met
A really, really old fellow, I bet

Answers to my ''1,005 is pretty old'' inbox, please.
30/Jun/16 1:18 AM
Good morning.
30/Jun/16 1:19 AM
How is everyone?
30/Jun/16 1:20 AM
-2C here (28F)
30/Jun/16 1:23 AM
Got a couple of answers for Kathy's puzzle yesterday. Didn't send them in, but got 'em.
30/Jun/16 1:24 AM
30/Jun/16 1:24 AM
Eyes want to close again. Why does that not happen when I'm supposed to be sleeping?

Over to you, Keith - that's all the help I'm giving you today.
30/Jun/16 1:28 AM
Oh, there you are!
30/Jun/16 1:28 AM

I bought a new stove yesterday. It will be delivered Friday. My brother said I could try the self-cleaning cycle after the baked beans overflow in the oven for our 4th of July picnic! I hope that doesn't happen!
30/Jun/16 1:45 AM
30/Jun/16 1:45 AM
I think I'm most looking forward to not burning or almost burning baked goods. That's been the big problem - that the oven temp was unreliable.
30/Jun/16 1:46 AM
Good night. Attempt #2.
30/Jun/16 3:12 AM
In time.
30/Jun/16 3:30 AM
30/Jun/16 3:31 AM
30/Jun/16 3:31 AM
CP, you tried to leave a couple of hours ago. Quicksand?
30/Jun/16 3:34 AM
30/Jun/16 3:34 AM
Lovely rock formation under a gorgeous blue sky.
30/Jun/16 3:38 AM
Strip club dance pole?
30/Jun/16 3:42 AM
And to think, there are people out there that never had the pleasure of cleaning an oven manually. What an absolute joy that used to be. I'm surprised we were all not permanently damaged from the oven cleaner fumes. Bless the person that invented the self-cleaning feature. He/she has my undying gratitude.
30/Jun/16 5:04 AM
If they are stripping there, Keith, it gives new meaning to the term ''back to nature''.
30/Jun/16 5:06 AM
Good answer Keith!
30/Jun/16 5:41 AM
Morning all, haha Keith trust a man to think of that.
Had a very excited granddaughter visited yesterday with her two boys Bridei and Torryn. We were surely missed.
30/Jun/16 7:07 AM
Morning all
30/Jun/16 11:06 AM
3:07 Sunny but chilly here today
30/Jun/16 12:05 PM
Oh look, beer o'clock!

Ba Muoi Ba
30/Jun/16 12:15 PM
'Beer o'clock.' I like that, Peter. It's almost as good as 'We shall drink no wine before its time... It's time.'
30/Jun/16 12:50 PM
Still on page one? Well, I'm not going for it. It's my bedtime. Night all.
30/Jun/16 12:55 PM
i agree, HalT. Still on page 1?
30/Jun/16 1:41 PM
Almost 12 hours since I first posted.
30/Jun/16 1:42 PM
Beer o'clock is at 5pm at our house, Peter.
30/Jun/16 1:49 PM
But then, it's 5pm somewhere in the world at any time.
30/Jun/16 1:50 PM
30/Jun/16 1:51 PM
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